November Netflix releases bring The Crown, Matrix and Christmas series

The Netflix releases for November. The streaming service remains the company of many people who continue to avoid crowds. Update “Minha Lista” with all the news in series and films – many already in the Christmas mood.

What’s New in Christmas Atmosphere 🎅🏼

Highlights include original news Netflix for those who like the Christmas atmosphere. The series House Ready for Christmas, An Uncommon Christmas and Christmas Sugar Rush: Season 2, and the movies A Christmas Invention, Christmas Chronicles: Part Two, Christmas Present Mission, The X of Christmas, Christmas with Dolly Parton and others. The complete trilogy of Matrix and the expected fourth season of The Crown; follow the list.

Netflix releases in November (Image: Cottonbro / Pexels)

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Netflix news and releases in November 📺

It is worth noting that these titles and the originals are highlights of Netflix for the month. Films and series are included every day in the catalog. See also releases that arrive on Amazon Prime Video, at the GloboPlay, Crunchyroll and Apple TV + on Tecnoblog.

The list of Netflix releases for November is organized by date and title: series, films, documentaries, children’s and anime. Netflix originals are marked with “*“.

Series (and Netflix Originals *)

(11/1/2020) The Good Detective – When doubts arise over a five-year-old murder conviction, a veteran detective joins a brilliant newcomer to uncover the secrets of the case in this successful South Korean series.

The Good Detective (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

The Good Detective (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(11/05/2020) Paranormal * – Set in Egypt in 1960, the series features a hematologist who is forced to put aside his skepticism when investigating supernatural facts and facing a ghost from the past.

Paranormal (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Paranormal (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(11/9/2020) Operation Ecstasy: Season 2 * – The boundaries between justice and revenge begin to blur when Kim’s hunt for illegal arms dealers puts Bob on a new secret and dangerous operation.

Operation Ecstasy - Season 2 (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Operation Ecstasy – Season 2 (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(10/11/2020) Dash & Lily * – A Christmas romance develops when cynical Dash and upbeat Lily exchange challenges, dreams and wishes in a notebook that they send each other across different parts of New York and discover they have more in common than they imagined. The series is based on the book The Challenge Notebook by Dash & Lily, by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, best-selling authors in the New York Times.

DASH & LILY (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

DASH & LILY (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(11/11/2020) A Queen is born * – The two drag queens stars Gloria Groove and Alexia Twister are in charge of the first original Brazilian reality show format for Netflix. In each episode, one or an aspiring drag queen or king will count on the help of these super godmothers to bring out their most glamorous, creative and daring side.

Illustrious presence is part of the team of experts to help each participant to discover their best performance. A Queen is Born is an inspiring series about freedom, dream fulfillment, dialogue, tolerance, fun and breathtaking shows.

(11/11/2020) The Liberator * – Based on the “Operation Avalanche” that took place in World War II, this series created by Jeb Stuart (Hard to Kill and The Fugitive) follows the Allied invasion of Italy and the history of the Thunderbirds regiment.

(11/13/2020) Midas’ Favorites * – In Madrid, a millionaire businessman is blackmailed just when the press is about to publish a compromising story: if he does not pay a large sum of money, the group called “Midas Favorites” will start killing random people at certain times and places until achieving that goal. How many deaths will he be able to endure?

Midas Favorites (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Midas Favorites (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(11/15/2020) The Crown: Season 4 * – In the 1980s, Elizabeth (Olivia Colman) clashes with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson), while Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) enters a tumultuous marriage to Lady Diana Spencer (Emma Corrin).

(11/17/2020) Unbelievable Esporte Clube * – In this documentary series, discover several sports competitions – some very bizarre – and meet the people who practice and follow these modalities.

Unbelievable Esporte Clube (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Unbelievable Esporte Clube (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(11/18/2020) House Ready for Christmas * – Known as Mr. Natal, interior designer Benjamin Bradley and his team of “elves” help families decorate their homes for Christmas.

(11/18/2020) The Taste of Daisies: Season 2 * – Outside of prison, Eva receives a request for help that leads her to infiltrate a nightclub linked to the sex trafficking of minors.

The taste of daisies - Season 2 (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

The taste of daisies – Season 2 (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(11/20/2020) Voices of Fire: New Voices of the Gospel * – This documentary series shows how the church attended by singer Pharrell Williams, in his hometown, forms the best gospel choir in the world with local talents previously unknown. Pastor Ezekiel Williams, a respected music genius in the region and Pharrell’s uncle, ventures out in search of the most varied talents.

(11/23/2020) Mars: Season 2 – Daedalus astronauts receive a new team on Mars, whose interests are not just scientific.

Mars - Season 2 (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Mars – Season 2 (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(11/27/2020) Christmas Sugar Rush: Season 2 * – This competition series challenges confectioners and confectioners to create special Christmas sweets that look festive and also delicious – all with the clock ticking!

(11/27/2020) An Uncommon Christmas * – At Christmas with the family, Bastian finds out that his ex is now dating his brother. But nothing is so bad that another secret cannot get worse. The three-part Christmas miniseries stars Luke Mockridge, one of Germany’s most popular comedians.

(11/27/2020) Virgin River: Season 2 * – Back in Virgin River, nurse Melinda Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) discovers that she needs to make peace with herself and the past to be able to feel at home in the city.

Movies (and Netflix Originals)

(01/11/2020) The Aviator – The eccentric genius Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio) revolutionizes the film and aviation industries with visionary ideas, but a mental illness threatens his empire. Directed by Martin Scorsese.

The Aviator (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

The Aviator (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(01/11/2020) A Gift Inn – A publicist inherits a great aunt’s inn in Alaska and goes there to sell it, but she meets a handsome lawyer and is surprised by life in the small town.

(02/11/2020) The House Fell: A Casino in the Neighborhood – Desperate when their daughter is accepted into a college that doesn’t fit the family budget, Scott (Will Farrell) and Kate Johansen (Amy Poehler) turn their home into a clandestine casino.

(11/05/2020) SpongeBob: The Incredible Rescue * – When the snail Gary is suddenly kidnapped, SpongeBob and Patrick set out on a very crazy rescue mission that takes them far beyond the Bikini Bottom.

(11/05/2020) Christmas Present Mission * – On a mission to close an air base and end the Christmas tradition of the place, a straight political advisor ends up falling in love with one of the pilots.

(12/11/2020) Jurassic World: Kingdom Threatened – Scientist Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and businesswoman Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) rush to save an island full of dinosaurs from a volcanic eruption.

(11/13/2020) Rosa and Momo * – On the Italian coast, a Jewish lady helps a young Muslim to find his family and his faith.

(11/13/2020) A Christmas Invention * – Life has lost its appeal for toy maker Jeronicus Jangle (Forest Whitaker) since he was betrayed by his apprentice (Keegan-Michael Key). But the arrival of his granddaughter (Madalen Mills) is about to change his destiny. With original soundtrack by John Legend, Philip Lawrence, Davy Nathan, Usher and Kiana Ledé.

A Christmas Invention (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

A Christmas Invention (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(11/15/2020) She dances, I dance – When providing community service to a famous art school, Tyler Gage (Channing Tatum) discovers a gift for dance when he meets a talented dancer from the academy.

(11/15/2020) Marshall: Equality and Justice – Thurgood Marshall’s biopic (Chadwick Boseman) highlights the fundamental work of the first black member of the US Supreme Court as a lawyer in the fight for civil rights.

(15/11/2020) The Sleep of Death – From the same director of The Curse of Bly Mansion, Mike Flanagan, the film tells the story of a couple who, shortly after the death of their own son, decide to adopt an 8-year-old boy and discover that he has strange and dangerous abilities.

The Sleep of Death (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

The Sleep of Death (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(11/15/2020) Storm: Raging Planet – When the weather-controlled satellite network suddenly breaks down, a scientist (Gerard Butler) needs to race against the clock to prevent a climate catastrophe on Earth.

(11/19/2020) The Princess and the Commoner – New Adventure * – Days before the coronation of Duchess Margaret (Vanessa Hudgens), Stacy, lookalike just like her, devises a plan to fix her friend’s love life. They just didn’t expect a third (identical) copy of Margaret to appear …

(11/20/2020) The X of Christmas * – On a mission to the North Pole to steal Santa Claus and his helpers, a little extraterrestrial ends up learning a few things about the Christmas spirit.

(11/22/2020) Christmas with Dolly Parton * – The joy of Christmas goes down the drain when an insensitive woman decides to sell her land in the city where she was born. Can anything change her mind?

(11/22/2020) Scott Pilgrim Against the World – The dreamer Ramona wins the heart of Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera), but he must fight her seven previous boyfriends and beat them in martial arts to win his love.

(11/24/2020) Once Upon a Dream * – A Yale law student returns to his hometown in Ohio to face family history and his own future. Starring Oscar nominees Amy Adams and Glenn Close.

(11/24/2020) Tomy’s Notebook * – Facing a terminal illness, a mother decides to use her unshakable optimism and sarcastic humor to ensure that her 2-year-old son does not forget her.

(11/25/2020) Chronicles of Christmas: Part Two * – Sarcastic Kate Pierce unexpectedly meets Santa when a mysterious troublemaker threatens to cancel Christmas … forever.

(11/26/2020) Mosul * – After being saved by an Iraqi rebel squad, a young police officer joins the group to fight Islamic State in a decimated city.

(11/27/2020) The Beast * – After his daughter is kidnapped, a retired military man goes after the kidnappers, but ends up becoming one of the criminal suspects in this Italian drama film.

(11/27/2020) Voices * – After the strange death of his son, Daniel hears a ghostly cry for help and decides to go after a specialist in the paranormal in this Spanish film.

Matrix: the complete trilogy

(11/1/2020) Matrix Revolutions – In the last film of the trilogy, Neo is trapped in a subway station, in an area between the Matrix and the world of machines.

Matrix Revolutions (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Matrix Revolutions (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(11/01/2020) Matrix Reloaded – Neo, Morpheus and Trinity must protect Zion, the last city still under human control, when it is discovered by the Matrix machines.

Matrix Reloaded (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Matrix Reloaded (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(11/1/2020) Matrix – A young programmer (Keanu Reeves) discovers an incredible conspiracy that surrounds the reality of all humanity and joins Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) in search of freedom.

Matrix (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Matrix (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

More Christmas movies

(01/11/2020) Custom Christmas – An architect will receive the family at Christmas and hires a decorator who ends up bringing much more than Christmas ornaments to his life.

(11/1/2020) Heidi’s Christmas – Heide (Emily Osment), an art gallery curator, relives passions when she returns to the city where she was born for the holidays and meets her boyfriend from school.

(01/11/2020) A Christmas of Discoveries – After all her plans go wrong, a doctor takes a job in a small town that keeps a Christmas secret and meets the man who can change her life.

(01/11/2020) Christmas Wish List – An author of children’s books is reluctant, but complies with the request of the sick grandmother: to help the mother with whom she is fighting to complete a list of Christmas chores.

Documentaries and Specials

(11/05/2020) Who Killed María Marta? * – Documentary series on the circumstances of the death of María Marta García Belsunce. One of the most relevant and controversial cases of the Argentine police.

(11/20/2020) The Origin of the Flavor * – With several typical dishes, the cuisine of the province of Gansu, in China, offers flavors as interesting and remarkable as the history of the region.

(11/23/2020) Shawn Mendes: In Wonder * – Accompanying his world tour, this documentary portrays the singer Shawn Mendes and his reflections on fame, career and relationships.

(11/27/2020) Dreaming and Dancing – The Chocolate Nutcracker * – This documentary accompanies the production of an annual musical theater show produced by Debbie Allen Dance Academy in Los Angeles.


(11/1/2020) Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures: Roberts Rocking! – From family parties to Christmas celebrations, Barbie’s adventures continue, bringing new challenges and a lot of excitement in the dream house and in many other places.

(10/11/2020) Luccas Neto in: The Treasure Map – When a greedy villain is watching Grandma’s farm, Luccas and Gi need to find an old family treasure to solve the situation.

(10/11/2020) Zé Coleta * – Hank is a 6 year old boy with a huge imagination and an even bigger best friend: a giant garbage truck that loves to honk around.

(11/17/2020) The Chefinho – Back to Business: Season 4 * – Chefinho finally commands everything and outlines an ambitious plan, but old and new enemies come together to try to take him down.

The Chefinho - Back to Business - Season 4 (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

The Chefinho – Back to Business – Season 4 (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(11/24/2020) Dragons: Rescue Team: Party Day in Huttsgalor * – The snow season marks the beginning of Odinyule, a Viking holiday. But bad weather can prevent everyone from celebrating … unless the Rescue Team can help.

(11/27/2020) Cory Carson and Christmas * – A snow removal machine strangely similar to Santa Claus broke in the yard. Now, Cory needs to save Christmas by helping the good old man to recover his memory.


(11/25/2020) Great Pretender: Season 2 * – After a series of successful strokes, Makoto leaves Laurent’s team. But the network of intrigues that unites them is much older than he imagines.

Great Pretender - Season 2 (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Great Pretender – Season 2 (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

So, what are you going to watch from the Netflix releases in November?

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