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O Game Pass in November comes loaded with news for PC (Windows) Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. One of the additions is Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, which comes to the service along with EA Play, adding another huge batch of games to the Microsoft product line.

November’s Game Pass features Star Wars (Image: EA)

Game Pass

Game Pass is a subscription service available to all users who have an Xbox Live account. As long as the user keeps the subscription active, he still has access to the games. When games leave the catalog, it is not possible to continue playing even if you have already downloaded them.

The Game Pass is also available for Android devices, but only abroad. There is no forecast to arrive in Brazil.

Also follow free games that arrive on Nintendo Switch Online, Twitch Prime, PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold.

Game Pass: November games

See the full list and release date for each game:

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (Console only) – November 10

The story of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order takes place after Order 66, when the Jedi were purged by the Galactic Empire. In the game we live the story of Cal Kestis, a surviving Jedi on the run, who needs to disguise himself to survive. But everything goes wrong when he is forced to manifest his powers and use his lightsaber.

star wars jedi fallen order

EA Play (Console and PC) – November 10

The arrival of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to the market also opens EA Play as part of the Game Pass. Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox games are available for download, among titles like The Sims 4, Alice Madness Returns, Black, Star Wars Battlefront 2, among others.

EA Play (Console and PC) - November 10

Celeste (Console and PC) – November 5

Help Madeline survive her inner demons on her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain in this super compact platform game from the creators of TowerFall. Take on hundreds of hand-made challenges, discover devious secrets and piece together the mystery of the mountain.

Celeste (Console and PC) - November 5

Comanche (PC) – November 5

Comanche is a modern helicopter shooter set in the near future. You have the option to immerse yourself in the evolution of the single-player campaign and make a difference in a conflict of global proportions or compete with other Comanche players from around the world in explosive team-based multiplayer modes.

Comanche (PC) - November 5

Deep Rock Galactic (Console and PC) – November 5

A cooperative FPS for 1 to 4 players with tough space dwarfs, 100% destructible environments, procedurally generated caves and endless hordes of alien monsters.

Deep Rock Galactic (Console and PC) - November 5

Eastshade (Android, Console and PC) – November 5

You are a traveling painter, exploring the island of Eastshade. Capture the world on the screen using your artist’s easel. Talk to the inhabitants to learn about their lives. Make friends and help those in need.

Eastshade (Android, Console and PC) - November 5

Knights and Bikes (Console and PC) – November 5

Knights and Bikes is a hand-made action adventure for 1 or 2 players, set on a British island in the 1980s.

Knights and Bikes (Console and PC) - November 5

Ark: Survival Evolved: Explorer’s Edition (Console and PC) – November 17

Combining the basic game (now available with the Xbox Game Pass) with 3 huge expansion packs, Ark: Survival Evolved Explorer Edition is a definite way to get even more dinosaur action. Explorer’s Edition gives you access to the mega success Ark: Survival Evolved, as well as the Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction expansion packs, adding nearly 900 hours of gameplay. Each DLC is also available for individual download.

Ark: Survival Evolved: Explorer’s Edition (Console and PC) - November 17

Leave the catalog in November

For now, these are the games confirmed to leave the Game Pass in November. If you want, play or buy with 20% discount while there is still time:

Games that leave the catalog:

  • Darksiders 3 – November 15
  • Munchkin: Quacked Quest – November 15
  • The Talos Principle – November 15
  • Tracks: The Train Set Game – November 15

With information: Xbox.

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