No Word Too Late, These 9 Celebrities Married in Their 30s Have an established and handsome couple – Basically it’s never too late to get married, because each person has a predetermined time to meet his soul mate. This is experienced by a series of homeland celebrities who just met a match at the age of 30 years. Their waiting is sweet when they have an established and handsome partner.

For people who are still single might often get the question when to get married? Yes, that’s the reality that often happens in society. No doubt this has become a burden for each individual.

Getting married is indeed a choice about readiness and determination to continue to the aisle. But getting married is also about compatibility with a partner who sometimes needs time to find something suitable.

This is experienced by a series of celebrities who married at the age of 30 years. their waiting was paid when meeting with an established and handsome couple. The household life of this celebrity series is even very harmonious and often shows sweet moments.

Curious who they are? Let’s look at some of the reviews below KLovers.

1. Tara Basro

Beautiful celebrities Tara Basro recently trending into a hot topic when announced was married to Daniel Adnan. Because, previously there was no news about the marriage preparations exposed by the media.

At the age of 30 years Tara Basro was determined to accept the proposal of the handsome actor Daniel Adnan. No doubt this news surprised many parties. Even so the public was happy to hear the marriage of Tara Basro and Daniel Adnan with various greetings from fans and fellow artists. Although the age of two years adrift with her husband but this difference does not prevent the two of them toward the wedding altar. Congratulations to Tara Basro.

2. Sandra Dewi

Life Sandra Dewi nowadays it is often envious of some people. But before, Sandra Dewi had waited long enough to meet a match. As is known Sandra Dewi married Harvey Moeis in 2016 when she was 33 years old.

Before anchoring his love for Harvey Moeis, Sandra Dewi was troubled at a mature age and did not have a partner. Plus his colleagues one by one began to meet his match.

But the wait for Sandra Dewi paid off when she met Harvey Moeis who is a handsome and rich businessman. The lives of Sandra Dewi and Harvey Moeis today are arguably a romantic and harmonious couple. Moreover, the presence of two handsome hearts in the household complements the happiness of Sandra Dewi and her husband.

3. Paula Verhoeven

Paula Verhoeven married to Baim Wong in 2018 when he was 30 years old. Whereas when Baim entered the age of 37 years. In a vlog video on Ussy Andhika Official’s youtube channel, Paula had expressed doubts about accepting the handsome actor’s proposal.

Paula also tried to find out various information about Baim Wong to Baim’s close colleagues. Until finally he firmly accepted the proposal of Baim Wong and continued to the wedding altar. Until now, Baim Wong and Paula Verhoeven’s households look very harmonious and have succeeded in making the public baper. Especially the first baby often steal the attention of citizens with his funny behavior.

4. Yuanita Christiani

Sandra Dewi’s close friend also married when she was 32 years old. just like his partner, Yuanita Christiani also often get various questions about when to get married? From the closest person.

Until finally Yuanita Christiani’s waiting ended in 2019 when he received the proposal of Indra Wiguna Tjipto who turned out to be a colleague who had been known during school. This Yuanita marriage also made the emotion of Sandra Dewi who had been accompanied by herself when she was still alone. Yuanita Christiani’s happiness was further enhanced by the presence of a beautiful child named Ariella Lenora Wiguna a few months ago.

5. Nadine Chandrawinata

Sister from Marcel Chandrawinata and Mischa Chandrawinata this marriage took off his bachelor in 2018 ago. Where is that age Nadine Chandrawinata is 33 years old. Nadine Chandrawinata’s marriage had made a public uproar. Even so prayers and congratulations continue to flow from this celebrity couple.

Both also have a hobby of traveling to various places. Moments of togetherness Nadine Chandrawinata and Dimas Anggara often shared through each other’s personal accounts.

6. Marsha Timothy

Beautiful celebrities Marsha Timothy anchored his last love for a handsome actor Vino G Bastian 2012 at the age of 33 years. The meeting between Marsha Timothy and Vino G. Bastian started when both of them were often involved in one job together.

Until finally Marsha and Vino were determined to bring their love relationship to the marriage level. Until now this celebrity couple has been blessed with a beautiful baby named Jizzy Pearl Bastian in 2013.

7. Syahrini

Syahrini took off his bachelor at the age of 36 with a handsome and established man named Reino Barack. Held a wedding at the Tokyo Camii Mosque in Japan, both of them seemed to really enjoy the sacred moment using some Indonesian customs. Still enjoying the moments of being a new sweet and romantic couple who are often shown through personal Instagram accounts that make citizens baper.

8. Asty Ananta

Had obstructed the blessing of parents, did not make Asty Ananta and Hendra Suyanto discouraged from bringing their relationship to the marriage level. Their marriage was held in 2016 when he was 32 years old.

Life of the household until now looks always harmonious and romantic. various moments of being together with her husband are often uploaded via personal Instagram accounts.

9. Revalina S. Temat

Revalina S. Temat known to be married when he was 30 years old. he was edited by a handsome man named Rendy Aditya in 2015. Establishing a household for 5 years, both of whom have been blessed with two children named Rihga Sadiwasakti Rabbani and Rajendra Satya Razzani. Revalina S.Tamat and her husband also often show sweet and romantic moments in his personal account.

Now that’s 9 celebrity has a well-established and handsome couple at the age of 30 years, no word late to marriage is not KLovers?

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