No Losing from KDrama, 7 Mandarin Romance Dramas This Can Make Baper

Before the famous Korean drama in Indonesia, dramas from China first succeeded in attracting the attention of the Indonesian people. Even these dramas have aired in Indonesia since the 1990s. For example, the phenomenal drama Kera Sakti has been airing in Indonesia since 1996.

When entering the 2000s, the mandarin drama did not necessarily lose its charm. This was proven by the success of the drama Meteor Garden which became a must-watch for young people of that era. Well, here are 7 recommendations for romantic drama mandarin that are worth watching. Besides being played by beautiful actors and actresses of Mandarin, the story in the following drama can also make you know!

1. Meteor Garden

This one drama is the result of a remake of the drama Meteor Garden that had aired in the early 2000s. Although the results of the remake, but this one drama is still fun to follow. Although it is still running, it turns out that the filming of this drama has been completed since the end of March 2018. Not much different from the previous version of Meteor Garden, but for the 2018 version it has a school setting. Whereas the Meteor Garden which aired in 2001 had a background at the university.

In this series, Shan Cai meets with F4 at his new school consisting of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo. It turned out that their meeting did not go well, instead Shan Cai became the F4 month.

2. With You

No Losing from KDrama, 7 Mandarin Romance Dramas This Can Make

With You is a Chinese web drama adapted from a best seller novel entitled The Best of Us by Ba Yue Chang An. Starring Liu Haoran and Tan Songyun, the drama aired on iQiyi from April 8 to May 14, 2016. With You has a total of 24 episodes with a duration of 45 minutes per episode. This drama tells about the life of Geng Geng, who just entered high school.

He felt he was not smart enough to be in the prestigious Zhen Hua High School. At the school he met with Yu Huai, a smart guy who later became his seatmate. Geng Geng falls in love with his seatmate.

But upon graduation, Yu Huai suddenly disappeared. On the other hand Lu Xing He liked the Gangs, but after a few years later the Geng Geng met Yu Hai again. Will he choose Yu Huai or Lu Xing He who has been chasing after him?

3. A Love so Beautiful

No Losing from KDrama, 7 Mandarin Romance Dramas This Can Make

The drama, which has a total of 23 episodes, tells the love story of high school kids, A love so beautiful is a web series that aired in 2017 on Tencent Video from November 9 to December 7. This drama stars Shen Yue and Hu Yitian. The series is based on a novel entitled To Our Pure Little Beauty written by Zhao Gangan.

During its broadcast, the drama was very popular and managed to get positive reviews for fresh characterizations and adorable storylines. Even this drama has been watched more than 2.5 billion times. Tells the story of Chen Xiaoxi and Jiang Chen who are classmates. Chen Xiaoxi, a cheerful girl who always gets bad grades. He had long liked Jiang Chen, a popular guy who was famous for being handsome and smart.

Chen Xiaoxi finally expressed his feelings for Jiang Chen, but the boy refused. When Xiaoxi surrendered, Jiang Chen’s heart sank and he began to like Xiaoxi.

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4. Prince of Wolf

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No Losing from KDrama, 7 Mandarin Romance Dramas This Can Make

The drama tells the story of little Du Ze Ming who suddenly disappears while on vacation. Ze Ming also grew up in the forest and thought if the wolf who had been guarding him since childhood was an old man. Even though he had left his life as a human for a long time, he did not forget his ability as a human. He is smart, agile, and knows how to hunt. One day he met a beautiful girl named Tian Mi, Ze Ming fell in love with Tian Mi.

Starring Derek Chang and Amber An, the drama was released in 2016 and has a total of 20 episodes. Prince of Wolf is Derek Chang’s first drama as the main character. Even though they received negative responses from some critics because they had stories that were too impossible, fans still fell in love with this drama. Prince of Wolf ended up as the number one drama during its broadcast.

5. Beyond The Light Years

No Losing from KDrama, 7 Mandarin Romance Dramas This Can Make

Released in early 2018, this drama tells the story of Li Yu Chen, a man who is very smart and has a high IQ. He uses reasoning and analysis to solve various problems both inside and outside life. But he was very ignorant of those around him and he became an anti-social figure. Li Yu Chen met with Xia Xiao Ci, an extraordinary and always cheerful girl who certainly had an upside down personality from Li Yu Chen.

Beyond the Light Years starring handsome actor Chen Ruo Xuan and young actress Xu Jiao with 38 episodes. The drama airs from late January to early March 2018.

6. Rush to the Dead Summer

No Losing from KDrama, 7 Mandarin Romance Dramas This Can Make

Rush to the Dead Source is a Chinese drama that aired in 2017 based on Guo Jingming’s novel of the same name. This drama stars Cheney Chen, Zheng Shuang and Bai Jingting. This drama aired on Hunan TV from June 11 to July 8, 2017.

This drama tells a complicated high school teenage love story. Tells about Li Xia, despite living in poverty, Li Xia managed to get a scholarship to continue his education at a well-known school. At the school he met Fu Xiaosi and Lu Zhiang, two popular boys who later became classmates. Unwittingly, the two boys put their hearts on Li Xia.

7. Operation Love

No Losing from KDrama, 7 Mandarin Romance Dramas This Can Make

Operation Love was first released on April 24, 2017 and has a total of 32 episodes. The drama, starring Lay EXO and Chen Duling as the main cast, won a fairly high rating of 8.1 percent during the screening.

Lifts the genre Romance Comedy, the drama airs on Dragon tv on Monday and Tuesday. This drama is actually the result of a remake of a Japanese drama of the same name. Besides being made the Chinese version, the drama was also remade in a Korean version and starring Yoo Seung Ho.

Nevertheless, this drama is still exciting to follow. The storyline is not much different from the original version. Tells about a man who tried to change his destiny. He returned to the past to improve relations with the woman he loved. He also risked his future so that the woman could marry him, not someone else.

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