Nintendo Switch Pro with SoC Ampère exists, Nvidia hack proves it

A few days ago, Nvidia was the victim of a hack which led to the publication of a lot of confidential data. Among these, multiple clues suggest that the firm has indeed worked with Nintendo for the design of a Switch Pro. Several rumors mentioned at the time have thus found confirmation.

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When Nintendo presented its Switch OLED, the disappointment was palpable. If the console improves many points of the standard version, months of leaks claiming the arrival ofa more powerful 4K model led to nothing. Nevertheless, all hope is not lost. Nvidia’s recent hack reveals a lot of confidential information, including several more clues that seem to point to the long-awaited Switch Pro.

Indeed, the hacker behind the data leak has, among other things, published the source code of DLSS. This is not trivial for Nintendo fans, since these documents repeatedly mention the NVN 2. However, this anagram is used to designate the APIs used in the development of the Switch. As you will have understood, NVN 2 strongly suggests the existence of a “Nintendo Switch 2“.

Nvidia did a good job on the Nintendo Switch Pro

Additionally, this machine is built around the architecture Ampere, the same as Nvidia’s latest RTX 3000 graphics cards. Unsurprisingly, it therefore offers DLSS, but also le ray tracing, which had not been mentioned until now. And it does not stop there. The documents also reveal that NVN 2 is equipped with T234 and T23 processors9, precisely the chips mentioned during the leaks about the Switch Pro, and whose design dates back to 2019.

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In short, all this information seems in line with those published by the leakers before the launch of the Switch OLED. Bloomberg, in particular, claimed at the time that Nvidia was working with Nintendo to bring DLSS to the console. Today, this partnership is confirmed. In addition, the chips that Nvidia worked on would be much more powerful than that of the last iteration of the console, thanks to its 8 nm engraving and its 2048 Cuda cores.

But if all this smells (very) good, it is better not to put the cart before the horse. Indeed, the documents do not say where the development of NVN 2 is, nor even if this one is still in progress. It’s entirely possible that the project was scrapped for a variety of reasons, ranging from component shortages to production cost. Recall that Nintendo likes to hammer that the Switch is only halfway through its life cycle and that no Switch Pro is planned at this stage.

Nvidia is the victim of a catastrophic hack

Today, Nvidia has therefore confirmed that it has been victim of a large-scale hack. A few days earlier, the firm had mentioned a “technical problem”. But, faced with the publication of her confidential documents, she had no choice but to admit the truth. “We are aware that the threat actor took employee credentials and some Nvidia proprietary information from our systems and began leaking it online “, she said in a press release.

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“Our team is working on analyzing this information. We do not anticipate any disruption to our business or our ability to serve our customers as a result of this incident. »Nvidia also states that it has been aware of the attack since February 23. The hacker allegedly stole the company’s data first, before making itfrom blackmail to ransom on Telegram. The person responsible is said to be part of the LAPSU$ group, a collective of hackers located in South America and Eastern Europe.

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