Nintendo Switch in Brazil: how much will the console cost?

Still in 2020, Nintendo fans in Brazil will be able to officially acquire a Nintendo Switch, launched three years ago. The company announced on Wednesday (19) that it will bring the video game “soon” to the country, but without giving many details.

Among the feelings that the news arouses, it also affects the consumer’s pocket. At the current exchange rate, the dollar is converted to R $ 5.50 and the official price of the console is US $ 300.

Nintendo left Brazil in 2015 and, at the time, the business model involved importing products. The company said, on the way out, that “challenges in the business environment made our current distribution model in the country unsustainable”.

“High import tariffs” were cited, as the company did not have local manufacturing. It was not confirmed, however, whether the return of the company could also mean the manufacture of the console in the country.

But before that, in November 2013, the Nintendo Wii U was launched in the country for R $ 1,899. And that leads us to speculate: how much will the Switch cost here?

Switch price in Brazil

The Nintendo Switch was announced in October 2016 and released in March 2017. The price of the console remained at $ 300, but the launch of Switch Lite in July 2019 for $ 200 made it more accessible. The Switch also won a second version with more battery in 2019 and with the same price.

Converting the values ​​of Switch and Switch Lite – directly and without taxes – we would have something close to R $ 1,100 and R $ 1,650.

Today, official resellers and the gray market have sold the models at around R $ 2,000 and R $ 4,000 since April. In the marketplace, there are ads for the Switch for R $ 5,000. On the other hand, Nintendo has not confirmed whether the cheapest version will be sold in Brazil.

On the Zoom price comparison site, with data from the beginning of April, the Nintendo Switch could be found for around R $ 1,750, and the Lite model for R $ 1,400. As of today, respectively, they are found for around R $ 3,900 and R $ 2,300.

Price comparison on the Zoom website. Nintendo Switch on the left, Switch Lite on the right.Source: Zoom / Reproduction

With the dollar at R $ 5.50, the scenario is not the most encouraging, although the return of the brand is positive for the market. Currently, for the amount that is sold in the country, Brazilians pay more than double the original price (above US $ 600) for the video game unit.

At the launch of Wii U in Brazil, the dollar exchange rate was R $ 2.30. Today, with the dollar costing almost double, it is to be expected values ​​very close to those already applied here.

Based on the official value of the Nintendo Switch, the current dollar, imports, taxes such as IPI (40% for desktop consoles and 16% for laptops), in addition to logistics and distribution, profit margin, it could officially cost around R $ 3,500. Considering a high profit margin (over 2x under the original value), the console could exceed R $ 4 thousand.

Nintendo is already in Brazil

The amount of R $ 3,500 is purely speculative and based on current variables. But the launch will make it an official parameter. As a result, fluctuations of more than R $ 2 thousand, as we have seen in recent months in the gray market, are expected to become more difficult.

Nintendo games online store in Brazil.Nintendo games online store in Brazil.Source: Nintendo eShop / Playback

In a year of launching PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, the brand return is not unusual. Nintendo is having a good time with the Switch, and earlier this year announced that it had already sold more than 50 million units.

And, in a way, Nintendo is “already” here in Brazil. In 2018, the company announced the launch of the Brazilian eShop digital store. A release like Paper Mario: The Origami King costs R $ 299. Others such as Pokémon Sword and Shield, Luigi’s Mansion 3, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening cost R $ 250.79.

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