Nightmare Hour: see the right order to watch the movies

If you also love horror movies, you may have already asked yourself: what is the right order to watch horror movies. The nightmare time? Well, we’ve made a guide for you not to miss anything from the villain Freddy Krueger.

The nightmare time is one of the most popular and scary horror franchises in history. It was she who introduced the world to the iconic villain Freddy Krueger, who scares him from his appearance, with his melted face and a glove with knives, to the countless ways to eliminate his victims through dreams (or rather, nightmares).

Since 1984, when the first movie was released, the saga has received seven chapters. In addition to a remake in 2010 and a crossover with another successful franchise: Friday 13, in the long Freddy X Jason.

And in case you want to watch all the movies from The nightmare time with Freddy Krueger, we prepared a list with the chronological order of the movies in which the villain acts. Check out!

1. Nightmare Hour (1984)

The first film in the franchise tells the story of a group of teenagers from Elm Street who begin to be attacked and murdered by a deformed creature with a glove of steel knives. Gradually, they discover that she is Freddy Krueger, a man who was killed by the neighborhood for molesting children, and who has returned from the underworld to exact revenge on those responsible and their respective children.

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2. Nightmare Hour 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985)

Freddy’s attacks reoccur with a family that has just moved to Elm Street. This time, the villain wants to go further and seeks to take the body of one of the victims to continue taking revenge on the neighborhood in the real world.

Nightmare Hour 2Nightmare Hour 2.Fonte:  HBO Max

3. Nightmare Hour 3: The Dream Warriors (1987)

In the third film in the saga, a group of teenagers tormented by Freddy in their dreams undergo an experiment with a new drug. The intention is not to run away from the villain, but rather to face him and finish him off.

Nightmare Hour 3Nightmare Hour 3.Fonte:  HBO Max

4. Nightmare Hour 4: The Master of Dreams (1988)

After killing all the survivors on Elm Street, the villain now seeks to seize the power to attract others to his dreams. To do this, he goes after Alice, who ended up inheriting her friend Kristen’s gift before she was murdered.

Nightmare Hour 4Nightmare Hour 4.Fonte:  HBO Max

5. Nightmare Hour 5: Freddy’s Greatest Horror (1989)

When Alice thinks she has finally gotten rid of Freddy Krueger, the nightmares start to return. And to make matters worse, she discovers she is pregnant. Then begins a race, with her husband Dan, to save their baby from the villain’s revenge.

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6. The Hour of the Nightmare 6: Final Nightmare – The Death of Freddy (1991)

The villain continues relentless in his revenge, killing a number of children, now in a new city. However, one group promises to end it all, with the help of none other than Freddy Krueger’s own daughter.

Nightmare Hour 6Nightmare Hour 6.Fonte:  HBO Max

7. The New Nightmare: The Return of Freddy Krueger (1994)

In the plot, Wes Craven, the director of the original film, creates a sequel to his classic 10 years later. In the plot, actress Heather Langenkamp finds her husband dead with the marks of the villain’s claws. Now, she must return to playing Nancy Thomson, her character in the film, to face Freddy and save her son Dylan from the fearsome monster.

The New Nightmare: The Return of Freddy KruegerThe New Nightmare: The Return of Freddy Krueger.Fonte:  HBO Max

8. Freddy X Jason (2003)

After the residents of the town of Springwood have adopted a strategy of never talking about the villain again, Freddy is no longer able to attack his victims and is consequently getting weaker.

Freddy X JasonFreddy X Jason.Source: Telecine

To get back at them, Freddy goes to hell, resurrects Jason Voorhees and sends him to the city so everyone will think he’s returned. However, his plan does not work out and the masked man begins to murder the people who would be his victims, infuriating the villain to the point that he wants to eliminate his rival.

9. The nightmare time (2010)

In 2010 a remake of the franchise’s first movie was released. In it, history repeats itself and a group of teenagers begins to be attacked during their dreams. Gradually, they discover that they are victims of Freddy Krueger, a child abuser who was murdered by the residents of Elm Street. Now the villain returns to take revenge on everyone.

The nightmare timeThe nightmare time.Source: GloboPlay

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