Nice price drop on Google Nest devices, hurry up and take advantage of it!

If you were waiting for promotions on Google Nest devices to equip yourself with it, you have done well to take your trouble patiently. It is indeed the right time to fall for one of the many Nest references, such as the Nest Mini at € 29.99 instead of € 59.99 offered less expensive on the side of many online stores.

Google Nest Mini at € 29.99 – € 59.99 (-50%)

Usually offered at € 59.99, the Google Nest Mini is subject to a 50% reduction, thus increasing its price to € 29.99. Visually identical to the Google Home Mini launched in late 2017, the Nest Mini is essentially different from its predecessor thanks to its bass that is twice as powerful. The speaker seeks to correct the main flaw of the Home Mini: its deplorable audio quality at full volume.

Google Nest Hub at € 69.99 – € 129.99 (-46%)

The Google Nest Hub is also at a very attractive price from the Boulanger, Darty and Fnac brands which offer it at € 69.99 instead of € 129.99 on average, i.e. a reduction of 46%. This Smart Display integrates the Google Assistant and allows you to easily control your connected devices thanks to its 7-inch touch screen.

In addition, there are Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n / ac wireless connectivity and Bluetooth. you can also via it, view photos, listen to music or watch videos. More information in our full review of the Google Nest Hub.

Google Nest Wifi at € 139.99 – € 159.99 (-12%)

The Google Nest Wifi Router uses mesh network technology to deliver stable Wi-Fi over a wide area and delivers speeds of up to 2.2 Gbps. A total of 200 different devices can be connected to the same WiFi network. Google promises 25% more coverage compared to Google Wifi.

Good news, the Nest Wifi router is also compatible with the previous generation of Google Wifi to maximize the mesh of your home network. Unsurprisingly, all of your network settings and parameters can be accessed in the Google Home app. It is € 139.99 instead of € 159.99.

Google Nest Hub Max at € 199.99 – € 229.99 (-13%)

€ 30 off the Google Nest Hub Max which drops to € 199.99 instead of € 229.99. The latter has a 10-inch HD touchscreen (compared to 7 inches for the standard Nest Hub). There is a 6.5 megapixel camera for video calls with Google Duo. It allows you to leave a video message as a reminder on the speaker.

The speaker adjusts the camera frame so that you always stay on the picture, even if you move around during the call. This camera can also serve as a surveillance camera, assures Google. The speaker is thus able to notify you when movement has been detected during your absence. As with the Nest Mini, you can communicate with the device with simple gestures.

Nest Wifi router + access point pack at € 229.99 – € 259.99 (-11%)

This pack includes the Nest Wifi router and an access point, all at € 229.99 instead of € 259.99. We recommend that you opt for the pack if you live in a huge house or if things (such as thick walls) are currently disrupting your connection.

The hotspot also acts as Google Home. Thanks to a microphone and an integrated speaker, you will be able to communicate with Google Assistant as you would with your Android smartphone or your connected speaker.

Google Nest Hello at € 239.99 – € 279.99 (-14%)

4 € reduction on the connected Google Hello doorbell which drops to 239.99 € instead of 279.99 € in normal times. The latter gives you the opportunity to know everything that is happening in front of your door. Day or night, it keeps you informed by transmitting an HD video stream with a 160 ° viewing angle and a 4: 3 ratio so you can see your visitors from head to toe.

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