Next: how Bradesco’s digital account works

Many digital banks have emerged in recent years, promising to revolutionize the market and facilitate access to financial services through the cell phone and without further bureaucracy, as is the case with Next.

Launched in 2017, Bradesco’s digital bank competes with Nubank, Inter and C6 Bank, among others, differentiating itself by offering some benefits to customers and having arisen from a conventional bank.

Initially, the bank Next did not offer free accounts, as its rivals have been offering since they were created, giving only a short period of tasting the services. But over time, the company launched the current account without fees and the international credit card without annual fees.

The bank Next belongs to Bradesco.The bank Next belongs to Bradesco.Source: Facebook / Next

Do you want to know more about this digital bank and get to know some of the services offered by it? Check out the information below!

How Next works

Bradesco’s digital bank works similarly to its competitors. That is, the customer controls his account by smartphone, using the app for Android or iOS, depending on the device system.

It offers a free account with a debit card, but it is possible to apply for a credit card, whose approval depends on a registration analysis made by the financial institution, as well as the overdraft. Unlimited and free transfers (TED, DOC and PIX), including to other banks, are also available.

The Next account is handled over the phone.The Next account is handled over the phone.Source: Next / Reproduction

There are no physical branches of the Next bank, but if the customer needs specific assistance, they can be referred to a Bradesco branch, a differential in relation to the main competitors, who generally only offer assistance via chat or telephone.

Bradesco cashiers can also be used to withdraw without fee and deposits, in addition to checking balance and statement, buying foreign currency and accessing other services. Withdrawals are still accepted on Banco24Horas network equipment.

Key features of Next

Next account holders have access to various services and functions in the app, in addition to those already mentioned. Some of them are:


These are discounts and benefits such as cashback, offered by partner companies when making payments with the Next card. Uber is one of the companies that provide treats for bank customers, as well as cinemas, Disney + and other services.


This function is designed to raise money for a specific group action, allowing you to invite friends to contribute.


It is a tool that assists the account holder in organizing the monthly budget. You inform how much you intend to spend in the next few days, separate the amount by categories and check the planning progress.


Do you want to buy a car, a new smartphone, a house or travel? The bank’s app tells you the best investment option to achieve that goal soon.

Next supports Apple Pay.Next supports Apple Pay.Source: YouTube / Next


Next users find several options to invest, being able to choose and track their income on their cell phones (savings are available in this menu).


Based on the analysis of the customer’s profile, the bank offers different loan options to use in times of tightening or to fulfill a dream.


Home and card insurance can also be hired in the application. The company also sells a dental plan to account holders.

Digital Portfolios and QR Code

Paying by proximity using your cell phone is another service available through Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay digital wallets, which can also be used for online purchases.

Another alternative to leaving the physical card at home is the payment by QR Code, available on Cielo machines.

Cell phone recharge

Buying credit for the cell phone is another option available in the Next account, keeping the line top-up up to date.

Account types

The bank offers free services such as cards, transfers, withdrawals and statements, but the user can choose, if he wishes, for one of the service baskets sold by the institution with other benefits, upon payment of a monthly fee.

NextJoy account.NextJoy account.Source: Next / Reproduction

In addition to the common account, there is the Next university account, with exclusive treats and other advantages for students, and NextJoy, aimed at children and teenagers.

How to open a free account

To open an account with the Next bank, you need to download the digital bank app from the Play Store (Android) or from the App Store (iOS) and inform the requested data.

It will be necessary to send photos of identification document and proof of address by cell phone. According to the bank, a cadastral analysis is carried out whose response can take up to seven working days.

The Next card has the Visa flag.The Next card has the Visa flag.Source: Next / Reproduction

After the approval of the registration, the user can start to move the account through the smartphone, while waiting for the card to be sent.

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