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if you always had cellular network coverage at one location and the network is suddenly gone, the customer asks: what’s going on? It can happen that industrial sites are demolished and radio masts have to give way temporarily. But shouldn’t a network operator like o2 then think in advance about a replacement network supply? We will investigate this question in the mobile communications section of our newsletter.

Fired managers, legal investigations and arrest warrants: The scandal surrounding the financial service provider Wirecard has been holding Germany in suspense for days. Although Wirecard has recently hardly offered any direct products for private consumers, they could be affected by possible Wirecard insolvency more quickly than they would like: Because many smartphone banks rely on Wirecard’s infrastructure for their online current accounts, such as we report in the Internet section.

Apple, which by the way presented numerous innovations this week as part of the WWDC, is practically self-evident about the virtual SIM card in the Apple Watch. Anyone who previously used the tariff of a mobile phone discounter on the eSIM of the smart watch for communication might have had to discover that updates at Apple not only bring improvements, as we also explain in the mobile phone section of the newsletter.

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o2 without network location: industrial site demolished

o2 network location pl

O2 network location suddenly gone
Photo: o2, assembly:

Imagine an industrial area is being cleared. Then the mobile network operators, who may have operated a transmitter on the roofs of the former factory building, have to dismantle it. There are usually notice periods for this, and a network operator should then have enough time to look for a new location or, if necessary, to set up a “flying” provisional base station. But o2 has missed that: Customers in Vreden are currently difficult to reach.

Apple Watch: Many eSIMs can no longer be used

Magnificent update from Apple

Magnificent update from Apple
Photo: Apple, graphics / assembly:

Apple has not only distributed iOS and watchOS updates, but also new network operator settings to iPhone users. At first glance, these brought no visible innovations. It has now been shown that the changes do not take effect on the iPhone itself, but on the Apple Watch – and not always for the benefit of the user. Because Apple has restricted the use of eSIM with the Apple Watch with new network operator settings. Discounter customers are left behind.

5G from Telekom: That’s why it often doesn’t work

Problems with Telekom 5G

Problems with Telekom 5G
Photo: Image licensed by Ingram Image, Logo: Telekom, Montage:

As part of an online press conference, Telekom announced that it is now able to reach around 16 million people in Germany with its 5G network. But hardly anyone can already use the network expansion. This also applies to owners of 5G smartphones that are proven to be compatible. The 5G network at 2100 MHz cannot currently be used with almost all smartphones. The first 5G devices are already out of date less than a year after their market launch.

Roaming: When Swiss travel, it can be expensive

Expensive roaming f

Expensive roaming for Swiss people
Photos:, assembly:

Many borders in Europe are finally open again. Since mid-June there has been full freedom of travel between Switzerland and France, Austria and Germany again. Travel to many other European countries is also possible again. The Swiss online portal Moneyland has examined roaming tariffs for Swiss customers, e.g. go to Germany. What does this basically look like for customers with Swiss mobile phone contracts (postpaid / prepaid)? Abyss open up.

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Mobile phone use in an airplane is a cost trap: In our guide to aircraft networks, we explain why you should also switch off your cell phone in the EU in the airplane.


Smart Home: You can use this technology as a tenant

Smart home also for

Smart home for tenants too
Photos: Manufacturer, assembly:

According to the Federal Statistical Office, 46.5 percent live in Germany – more than half of Germans are tenants. Have you ever seen manufacturers, dealers or network operators advertise networked doorbells, roller shutters, heaters or garage doors? Maybe the next thought was: “Great thing – but I don’t own the house at all. I am only a tenant and may not install anything!” But smart technologies are not just reserved for owners. We show which smart home components you can safely use as a tenant in apartments.

Wirecard scandal: money at smartphone banks at risk?

Effects of the Wirecard scandal

Effects of the Wirecard scandal
Photo: Reuters

The payment service provider Wirecard is in the middle of a huge balance sheet scandal. It is about billions of euros and now there is even a bankruptcy. Google Pay or Apple Pay users often use virtual debit or prepaid cards, for which Wirecard acts as a payment processor. Should Wirecard actually go bankrupt, it would be a gigantic scandal. Now many smartphone account users fear for their money.

Instead of Alibaba: Kaufland takes over the online shop

Real's online shop changes hands

Real’s online shop changes hands
Photo: dpa / Oliver Berg

The Dsseldorfer Metro Group separates from the retail business. The previous online portal “” must also change owners. Now a new giant could emerge in German online retail: The Schwarz group from Neckarsulm (Kaufland, Lidl) is taking over the portal. An interested Chinese online giant was probably booted out. But Amazon may also have to adjust to new competition.

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Huawei equips 20 mobile devices with EMUI 10.1 / Magic UI 3.1

Updates at Huawei and Honor

Updates at Huawei and Honor
Picture: Huawei

Huawei would like to equip a total of 20 smartphones and tablets with a major update from the end of June. Depending on whether it is a Huawei or Honor model, the user interface is raised to EMUI 10.1 or Magic UI 3.1. There was a lot of work on multitasking and there is a new video chat app. We name all models that receive the update.

Galaxy Note 20: Big gap between ultra and standard?


Rumors for the next Galaxy Note
Photo: Ice universe

The launch of new luxury mobile devices from Samsung is expected in around a month and a half, and further details have now appeared on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and the Galaxy Note 20. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra should differ from the Note 20 much more than is the case with Note 10 and Note 10+. The Snapdragon 865+ chipset probably drives the phablet, the screen can convert 120 Hz at full resolution. In addition, new photos and a short video of the ultra version appeared.

iOS 14 and more: These are the innovations from Apple

Apple WWDC news

Apple WWDC news
Picture: picture alliance / Jeff Chiu / AP / dpa

Apple’s “Worldwide Developers Conference” (WWDC) had to take place this year without a live audience on the Internet due to Corona. Nevertheless, Apple has literally fireworks of news. iOS 14 and updates to other apps were expected, but a translator app is brand new. In addition, further operating system updates add new functions for the iPad and Apple Watch, and Apple HomeKit receives new routines for the networked home.

Interestingly, the biggest revolution takes place on the Mac: Apple replaces the Intel chips on Macs with its own processors based on the architecture of the chip designer ARM. With this step, Apple is no longer dependent on Intel, but the switch to ARM-based chips also offers the possibility that iOS and iPad applications can be run natively in macOS in the future. And the Mac system has also been completely renovated: macOS “Big Sur” comes with a new design in autumn.

Apple also made the iPhone the car key at WWDC 2020. The cell phone is held to the handle of a compatible BMW vehicle and opens it using NFC. BMW is the first car manufacturer to support the iPhone as a digital car key. We have more information on how the iPhone car key works.

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Extreme heat is dangerous – not only for people and pets, but also for smartphones! How to make your cell phone fit for summer.


VW: Car radios automatically choose the best reception route

Radio player at Audi

Radio player at Audi
Photo: Radioplayer Germany

Radioplayer Germany is expanding its cooperation with the Volkswagen Group: With Audi AG as the main developer within the VW Group, those responsible for Radioplayer have set the course for excellent radio hearing in the connected car of the future. Regardless of whether DAB +, FM or Internet radio: Future car radios automatically select the best available reception route.

New strategy: Free TV with fewer US productions

Fewer US films on German free TV

Fewer US films on German free TV
Photo: ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE

Even though streaming is becoming increasingly popular, many households in Germany are still saving themselves a paid Netflix or Amazon Prime Video subscription. Finally, many of the US series and films shown there are still free on free TV. This could soon be over, because the private sector wants to send more own productions in the fight against Netflix and Amazon. If you want to see US content, you will have to pay extra in the future.

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Overview of call-by-call tariffs

As every week, you will find our current call-by-call recommendations for calls from a Telekom landline connection here.
Around Cell phone numbers To make cheap calls from the Telekom landline connection, dial 01085, which has long been very price-stable.
A call currently costs 1.44 cents per minute. The provider guarantees a maximum price of 3.9 cents per minute until June 30, 2020.

Fr Long distance calls during peak and off-peak hours we still recommend 01094. Here are calls for only 0.7 cents each
Minute possible. The provider also guarantees a maximum price of 1.9 cents per minute until June 30, 2020.

Fr Local calls we still recommend the 01038. This area code costs from Monday to Friday a price of 1.69 cents per minute, which is open on weekends and public holidays
1.43 cents per minute drops.

When talking to a foreign number, you should have one before each call
Take a look at our tariff comparison
and pay close attention to the respective goal of the conversation – in particular,
as far as the division between landline and mobile connection abroad is concerned.

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