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December is coming and Disney+ has already booked a series of new features for the last month of the year. Among the highlights are the platform’s original series Boba Fett’s Book, a Star Wars adventure, and unimaginable foods, an international gastronomic competition. The streaming also prepared a special grid to celebrate Christmas and a movie dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort. Check out all the releases below:

The Most Magical Story on Earth: 50 Years of Walt Disney World (Imagem: Divulgação/Disney+)
The Most Magical Story on Earth: 50 Years of Walt Disney World (Imagem: Divulgação/Disney+)

Series that premiere in December

Boba Fett’s Book [29 de dezembro]

The Disney+ exclusive series, which is based on the Star Wars universe and was produced by Lucasfilm, features bounty hunter Boba Fett accompanied by Fennec Shand trying to fill Jabba’s former position on Tatooine.

See the full trailer below:

welcome to earth [8 de dezembro]

Produced by National Geographic for Disney+, the series stars Will Smith who will live several adventures around the world.

Accompanied by some explorers, the actor will have the privilege of observing natural spectacles passing by volcanoes and deserts, which promises breathtaking scenes.

unimaginable foods [15 de dezembro]

Who doesn’t like those series of gastronomic competitions, right? With that in mind, Disney+ prepared an exclusive production presented by the Emmy Award-winning actress Keke Palmer where the objective is to bring together art and food.

In each episode, participants are given a theme and, based on that, they must build real works of art using foods such as cheese, fruit and butter. Produced by Endemol Shine North America, unimaginable foods will be attended by Amirah Kassem, founder of Flour Shop, and Benny Rivera, chef and founder of City Cakes, as experts in food art.

New episodes in the area

Archer hawk

It’s Christmas and former avenger Clint Barton has a simple mission: to get together with his family to celebrate the date. However, someone from his past returns and, in order not to spoil the meeting, Barton was forced to team up with Kate Bishop, a 22-year-old archer who dreams of becoming a hero, to try to beat that person.

Marvel Studios Avante

The documentary analyzes new series and films from Marvel Studios such as WandaVision, Falcão and the Winter Soldier and Loki. The production also features exclusive scenes in the studio and features stars such as Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner telling about some facts from the films they starred in.

Films that premiere in December

Diary of a Wimpy Kid [3 de dezembro]

the animation Diary of a Wimpy Kid, based on a book of the same name, tells the story of Greg Heffley, a boy still in his teens who has many ambitions and dreams, but who, in real life, is in the most difficult phase of school life — elementary school — and is still very clumsy and “weak” compared to other boys of the same age. Including his best friend Rowley, who always gets away with everything.

During this phase, he records all the events in a diary and, little by little, he learns the importance of a true friendship and of fighting for the right. The series was written and produced by the same author of the book, Jeff Kinney, and directed by Swinton Scott.

The Most Magical Story on Earth: 50 Years of Walt Disney World [8 de dezembro]

This year, the iconic Walt Disney World park in Florida turned 50 years old. To celebrate the date, Disney+ produced an original film titled The Most Magical Story on Earth: 50 Years of Walt Disney World (or “The most magical story on earth: 50 years of Walt Disney World”, in Portuguese).

The production features interviews with iconic actors and athletes, who have been cast at Walt Disney World, as well as executives and creators who have been or are still with the company. To delight, there are also scenes of musical performances accompanied by the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra.

The rescue [31 de dezembro]

For those who remember the story (and for those who don’t too), Disney+ produced a documentary about the rescue of a youth soccer team and its coach from a flooded cave in Thailand.

The story took place in 2018 and touched many people who were apprehensive about the lives of the rescuers, the twelve boys and their leader during the three days of operation.

Natal special

Christmas Campaigns: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special [10 de dezembro]

The film shows the Christmas in which Donald gives up traveling on vacation to stay at home. To set the date and make it a special day for your friend, Mickey will do his best.

Again Christmas? [17 de dezembro]

Again Christmas? is an exclusive Disney+ production and tells the story of Rowena who, after making a wish to the good old man, ends up having to live Christmas Day over and over again.

Mickey and Minnie’s Christmas Wish [24 de dezembro]

The film shows a Christmas when Mickey, Minnie and company were in different parts of the world, but, like every year, they intended to meet. Time, however, is their enemy this time.

Ice Age: Christmas Special

The short will show Sid’s trip to the North Pole. Everything happens because the dear sloth ruins Manny’s Christmas traditions and goes on Santa’s list of those who didn’t behave during the year. The idea is to revert your image with the good old man.

They Forgot Me — Collection [3 de dezembro]

I don’t know about you, but it’s coming up to Christmas time and I remember a lot about the franchise. They forgot me. The four films will arrive on the platform to celebrate the date and, to kill even more, we will have the addition of the exclusive production of Disney+ They forgot Me at Lar Doce Lar.

In the fifth film, Max Mercer’s parents go to Japan and forget about their son at home. Behold, a couple appears who keep an eye on the family’s house and it is up to the boy to defend it.

Other Disney+ Premieres for December

On December 1st:

On December 10th:

  • The Craft family on an Arabian adventure (film)

On December 15:

  • Puppy Dog Pals (temporada 3)
  • Apollo: Rebuilding the Space Journey (season 1)

On December 22:

  • Spidey and his Spectacular Friends (season 1)
  • In search of snakes (season 1)
  • Primitive Survivor (season 5)
  • Zombies: Addison’s Moonstone Mystery (filme)

On December 29:

  • Disney Junior T.O.T.S (temporada 2)
  • Elena de Avalor (season 3)
  • Positive Energy (temporada 1)

On December 31:

And you, have you already chosen what to watch on Disney+ in December?

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