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Netflix news for August 2021 is here. Check out the list with the release schedule and some trailers below, from series, movies, documentaries, specials, anime and children’s content that arrives in the catalog, with originals and licensees. Highlights for portraits of musicians Chorão and Chico Buarque.

TV with Netflix logo (Image: David Balev/Unsplash)

Original series arriving in August

08/03/2021 — Top Secret: UFOs “For many years, allegations of extraterrestrial contacts have been disproved. However, many believe that the existence of UFOs is not only likely, but real.

08/04/2021 — Control Z: Season 2 — It’s a new semester at the Escola Nacional and it seems that everyone has forgotten about Luís. Until a stranger takes over their social networks and starts threatening revenge on those who made his life hell.

08/04/2021 — Cooking with Paris Hilton — With aplomb, Paris Hilton adds her touch of style to every dish. Get ready for lots of fun and glitter in this unique cooking series.

08/06/2021 – The Nine Emotions – From fun to wonder, this anthology explores the nine human emotions proposed by Indian aesthetic theory.

08/06/2021 — Hit & Run — In search of the truth about his wife’s murder, a man becomes involved in a dangerous network of secrets that stretches from New York, in the United States, to Tel Aviv, in Israel.

Hit & Run arrives on Netflix in August (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

Hit & Run arrives on Netflix in August (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

12/08/2021 — AlRawabi School for Girls — At this prestigious all-girls school, a group comes up with risky plans to get back at their bullying.

08/13/2021 – Gone Forever – Ten years after losing the two people he loved most, Guillaume Lucchesi becomes involved in yet another mystery when his girlfriend disappears without a trace.

08/13/2021 – Valeria: Season 2 – Four friends find support and encouragement in each other when they need to make important decisions that will affect their professional and love lives.

Second season of Valeria arrives on Netflix in August (Image: Publicity/Netflix)

Second season of Valeria arrives on Netflix in August (Image: Publicity/Netflix)

08/13/2021 – Your Kingdom – After the murder of his fellow party, a pastor takes over the presidential candidacy of Argentina. Only, as a saint, he has nothing.

08/20/2021 – The Chair – The first non-white woman to become head of a major university tries to meet the high expectations of the English department, which goes from bad to worse. Starring Sandra Oh.

08/20/2021 – All will be good – The marriage broke up, but for the sake of the daughter, they created unconventional rules to keep the family together.

08/25/2021 – The Exit – After surviving a tragedy, a teenager ends up in a treatment center for memory problems and befriends other patients.

08/25/2021 – Clickbait – In this suspenseful series, eight different points of view provide clues to solving a crime fueled by social media.

8/25/2021 — Post Mortem: Nobody Dies in Skarnes — She came back from the dead with a thirst for blood. And the family funeral home is in need of money. Hmm… What if she gave a little help?

08/28/2021 — Titletown Hight — This sports reality show shows the lives of athletes from Colégio Valdosta’s football team on and off the field.

08/31/2021 — The Magic of Daily Life with Marie Kondo — Marie Kondo is back with a new series. This time, she wants to put an entire city in order.

More from Marie Kondo in August (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

More from Marie Kondo in August (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

08/31/2021 — Good Girls: Season 4 — Under the watchful eye of federal agents, Beth (Christina Hendricks), Ruby (Retta) and Annie (Mae Whitman) ponder the perks and pitfalls of the job.

Coming soon — D.P. Dog Day — A young Korean soldier has his principles put to the test in his pursuit of the army’s deserters.

Film releases in August (licensed and original*)

01/08/2021 — Chico: Brazilian Artist — This portrait of musician, playwright, writer and poet Chico Buarque celebrates the popular and provocative art that made him a cultural icon. Directed by Miguel Faria Jr.

01/08/2021 – Star Trek – On the first voyage aboard the Enterprise, rebel James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and logician Spock (Zachary Quinto) attempt to defeat a vengeful Romulan commander.

08/02/2021 — How to Hack Your Boss — Without meaning to, Victor sends a compromising email to the boss. Now, with the help of crush and a clueless friend, he has a few hours to save his job.

08/04/2021 — 1976: Between Love and Revolution* — When the husband is accused of participating in a military coup, his pregnant wife must help him prove his innocence. Inspired by real facts.

1976: Between Love and Revolution arrives in August (Image: Press Release/Netflix)

1976: Between Love and Revolution arrives in August (Image: Press Release/Netflix)

08/04/2021 – Jobs – Steve Jobs changes Silicon Valley and the world, but he distances himself from those close to him on his journey from failed college student to leader of Apple. Starring Ashton Kutcher.

08/04/2021 – Pompeii – On the eve of the eruption of Vesuvius, a slave is sent to Naples. But he is determined to return home to save the woman he loves.

08/06/2021 – The Cloud* – A woman raises locusts to sell as protein food but cannot get them to reproduce. Until she discovers the secret: they love blood.

08/06/2021 – The Journey of Vivo* – A talented jupará embarks on an exciting journey from Havana (Cuba) to Miami (United States) to deliver a song to the great love of its owner. The film is an animated musical adventure with new songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda (winner of Tony, Grammy and Pulitzer awards).

08/06/2021 – Two Queens – Young Queen Mary (Saoirse Ronan) takes charge of Scotland, her homeland, and disputes the throne of England with her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie).

08/08/2021 – Weeping: Wing Marginal – This documentary explores the life and legacy of the lead singer of Charlie Brown Jr. and features interviews with family, friends and musicians close to Chorão.

08/10/2021 – The Souvenir – In the early 1980s, a film student begins to find her own voice after she becomes involved with a sophisticated and mysterious man. Starring Neil Young as the protagonist.

11/08/2021 – The Barraca do Beijo 3* – Determined to make the most of the last summer before entering college, Elle (Joey King) prepares a list of things she wants to do and plans her next steps with Noah (Jacob Elordi) and Lee (Joel Courtney).

08/13/2021 – Beckett* – After a tragic car accident in Greece, Beckett (John David Washington), an American tourist, ends up at the center of a dangerous political conspiracy and becomes a fugitive to try to save his life.

08/18/2021 — Too Much for Me* — Tired of casual encounters, a young woman with a rare genetic disease decides she wants to live a great love.

08/18/2021 – Exchange Diaries* – Best friends Barbara (Larissa Manoela) and Thaila (Thati Lopes) decide to do an exchange abroad in hopes of solving all their problems. In the icy mountains of New York State in the United States, the two girls get into all sorts of absurd and hilarious situations and realize that there is more to their dreams than they ever imagined.

08/20/2021 – Family Justice* – A man (Jason Momoa) brings to justice the pharmaceutical company responsible for his wife’s death while trying to protect what is left of his family: his only daughter (Isabela Merced).

08/22/2021 – Indomitable Bravery – After her father’s murder, a 14-year-old girl hires drunken officer Reuben Cogburn to help her get revenge on the murderer. Directed by the Coen brothers.

08/27/2021 — He’s Awesome* — In this retelling of the 1990s teenage classic, an influencer accepts the challenge of transforming a lonely, weird boy into the king of the prom. Starring Rachael Leigh Cook and Tanner Buchanan with guest appearance by Kourtney Kardashian.

08/27/2021 – The Fifth Sept* – A tennis player who dropped in the rankings returns to the French Open to prove to everyone – including himself – that his career is not over.

August documentaries and specials (*Netflix originals)

08/03/2021 — Pray Away* — Survivors and former leaders of the “conversion therapy” movement talk about its harmful effects on the LGBTQIAP+ community and the appalling persistence of the practice.

Pray Away arrives in August (Image: Publicity/Netflix)

Pray Away arrives in August (Image: Publicity/Netflix)

08/03/2021 — Shiny_Flakes: Online Drugs* — In the true story behind How to Sell Drugs Online (Quick), Max S. tells how he created a drug empire at age eighteen, without leaving his room.

08/04/2021 — Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami* — This series shows the true story of two childhood friends who drop out of school and become the most powerful drug dealers in Miami, USA.

12/08/2021 — Lokillo: The New Normal* — Home office, lessons at home, washing hands all the time, not hugging anyone. In the post-pandemic world, comedian Lokillo Florez makes fun of the new normal.

08/25/2021 – João de Deus – Healing and Crime* – The idolized medium João de Deus reaches international fame, until survivors, prosecutors and the media begin to denounce his abuses. With exclusive footage and interviews with all parties involved, this series delves into scandal.

08/27/2021 — Ride on Time: Season 3 — The documentary series continues with new talent, revealing the secrets of Japan’s best boy bands.

08/31/2021 — John DeLorean: Visionary or Con artist? — From the rise of the auto industry to decay, John DeLorean’s legacy of power, fast cars and drugs comes alive in this documentary.

Original Untold Specials

From the creators of Wild Wild Country, the five-part documentary brings fresh looks at epic stories from the world of sports. From tennis to boxing to basketball, the plots aren’t what you’ve heard before (even if you think they are). With one premiere per week, each film begins at a crucial moment and then delves deeply into what happened beyond the headlines, as told by the very people who lived through the events. Underneath the sweat is courage, resilience, disgust, triumph, violence, joy and sadness.

Untold chapters will be released weekly in August (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

Untold chapters will be released weekly in August (Image: Disclosure/Netflix)

08/10/2021 – Untold: Fight in the NBA – Directed by Floyd Russ (Zion) and featuring new footage, the famous Pacers-Piston rivalry is unveiled by those who lived it.

08/17/2021 – Untold: Pact with the Devil – Directed by Laura Brownson (The Case Rachel Dolezal, Lemon), boxer Christy Martin talks about her battles in and out of the ring.

08/24/2021 – Untold: Caitlyn Jenner – Directed by Crystal Moselle (Betty, The Wolf Brothers) and featuring an extraordinary collection of never-before-seen archival footage, including reels of newly discovered Olympic footage and Jenner family home videos, Caitlyn Jenner traces her life with new reflections since winning medals golden in making the decision to transition to your relationship with your children.

08/31/2021 – Untold: Crime and Violations – Directed by Chapman Way and Maclain Way, the film reveals the story of a misfit group of hockey players known as the Trashers, who were taking orders from the teenage son of an alleged mob boss.

August news for kids (*Netflix originals)

01/08/2021 – Masha and the Bear: Season 4 – Masha’s songs are as creative and joyful as she is! Come have fun with the musical adventures of Urso and the whole gang.

01/08/2021 — Show Dogs: The Canine Agent — A police dog needs to disguise himself as a pet and accompany an FBI agent on a mission to save a baby panda.

08/08/2021 — Hotel Transilvânia 3: Monstrous Vacation — Mavis plans a family cruise, and when Dracula meets the mysterious Captain Ericka, it’s love at first sight.

Hotel Transilvânia 3 arrives in August (Image: Publicity/Netflix)

Hotel Transilvânia 3 arrives in August (Image: Publicity/Netflix)

08/10/2021 — Gabby’s Magic House: Season 2* — Fun is guaranteed when Gabby’s Magic House friends find new ways to learn, create and party in an incredible world of joy.

08/13/2021 – Fast & Furious – Asphalt Spies* – Tony is kidnapped by Russian arms dealers, and the Asphalt Spies go out of their way to rescue their friend and thwart a plan to conquer the world.

08/15/2021 – The Winx Club: Season 7 – Enchanted animals are under threat. Now the Winx must travel across the magical universe to save them and keep the world in balance.

07/17/2021 — Go! Go! Cory Carson: Season 5* — Cory is always ready to help friends and experience great adventures at full speed!

08/20/2021 — The Loud House: The Movie* — Middle-born and only boy in the huge Loud family, Lincoln never feels special. But everything changes on a trip to Scotland.

The Loud House opens in August (Image: Publicity/Netflix)

The Loud House opens in August (Image: Publicity/Netflix)

08/24/2021 — Baby Oggy* — In this colorful series made for the little ones, Oggy, a cute kitten, has fun adventures with all his friends.

08/26/2021 – Family Reunion – The McKellans continue to live together with a lot of humor, joy and family flavor.

08/27/2021 — Me ❤️ Arlo* — Arlo and his friends learn to live together in a community where everyone has fun in their own way.

News in anime for August (*originals)

01/08/2021 — Darwin’s Game — Kaname activates a mysterious app and ends up entering a game that pits players with supernatural abilities to compete.

08/09/2021 – Shaman King* – Medium Yoh Asakura enters a tournament that takes place every five hundred years to crown the king of shamans.

8/12/2021 — Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild* — In a world where humans and monsters live in a fragile balance, young hunter Aiden fights to save his village from a dragon.

08/15/2021 — Bunny Girl Senpai: Season 1 — After going through “puberty syndrome”, Sakuta meets girls who are still in this stage, including sister Mai.

08/23/2021 — The Witcher: Legend of the Wolf* — The Witcher’s world expands with this 2D anime that explores a new threat to the continent.

08/26/2021 – Edens Zero* – Aboard the spaceship Edens Zero, a boy capable of controlling gravity embarks on an adventure to find the legendary space goddess known as the Mother.

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