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The long-awaited documentary Evandro case will arrive at Globoplay in May. Subscribers to the platform will be able to watch what professor, writer and podcaster Ivan Mizanzuk discovered about the mysteries that haunt one of the most shocking criminal cases in Brazil. Also included in the catalog are the series Admirable new world, How I Met Your Mother and Glee, in addition to the soap operas Women in Love and Sassaricando. See below all the launches of Brazilian streaming in the next month.

The nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother will be available on Globoplay in May (Image: Disclosure)

The nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother will be available on Globoplay in May (Image: Disclosure)

Evandro case

Evandro Ramos Caetano, 6, disappeared in the city of Guaratuba, on the coast of Paraná, on April 6, 1992. Over seven episodes, the documentary series portrays one of the most shocking criminal cases in the country’s history, the fruit of years of research by Ivan Mizanzuk, who gained even more strength during his production with unpublished tapes of the investigation received by the journalist.

Admirable new world

Inspired by the novel by Aldous Huxley, published in 1932, the series ‘Admirável Mundo Novo’ portrays a portrait of a utopian society that achieved peace and stability through the prohibition of monogamy, privacy, money and family. Bernard Marx (Harry Lloyd) and Lenina Crowne (Jessica Brown) travel to the Wild Lands, where they engage in a harrowing and violent rebellion.

Women in Love

After the replay on Canal Viva, Manoel Carlos’ soap opera reaches Globoplay. Passionate Women has women and love as central themes. The plot revolves around Helena (Christiane Torloni), director of a school in Rio de Janeiro, married to saxophonist Téo (Tony Ramos), but still in love with César (José Mayer), her great love from the past.

All Globoplay releases in May


Where’s My Heart – Season 1
Drama Series (10 episodes)
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: A resident doctor at a hospital in São Paulo, Amanda is addicted to crack. The addition dramatically shakes each member of his family, consisting of husband Miguel, mother Sofia, father David and sister Júlia.


Power – Seasons 1 to 6
Drama Series, Action, Police (63 episodes)
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: Owner of a luxurious New York nightclub, businessman James St. Patrick also acts as one of the drug kingpins, but lives in conflict over his double life.


Women in Love
Year of production: 2003

Cast: Christiane Torloni, José Mayer, Tony Ramos, Camila Pitanga, Rodrigo Santoro, Helena Ranaldi, Dan Stulbach, Carolina Dieckmann, Erik Marmo, Giulia Gam, Marcello Antony, Vanessa Gerbelli.

Author: Manoel Carlos
Direction: Ricardo Waddington, Rogério Gomes and José Luiz Villamarim


Evandro case
Documental Series – Season 1
Documentary (8 episodes published weekly)
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: The series tells the story of the disappearance of a boy in Paraná and the investigation of the case – with an original twist of chills.


Year of production: 1987 – 1988

Cast: Paulo Autran, Tônia Carrero, Eva Wilma, Irene Ravache, Cláudia Raia, Alexandre Frota, Marcos Frota, Edson Celulari, Maitê Proença, Cristina Pereira, Diogo Vilela, Lourival Pariz.

Author: Sílvio de Abreu
Direction: Cecil Thiré and Atílio Riccó

Other Globoplay releases in May

Departure – The Investigation – Season 1
Drama Series, Mystery (6 episodes)
Year of production: 2019 – in production

Synopsis: After the mysterious disappearance of Flight 716 in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, investigator Kendra Malley needs to find out what happened and locate possible survivors.

How I Met Your Mother – Seasons 1 to 9
Comedy Series (208 episodes)
Year of production: 2005 – 2014

Synopsis: In 2030, Ted Mosby tells how he met the mother of his children. With each episode, he goes back to the past, recalling amorous adventures and the search for the woman of his dreams.

Brave New World – Season 1
Drama Series, Science Fiction (9 episodes)
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: In a dystopian future, a society achieves peace and ideal development after the prohibition of individual freedoms, money and family structure.

Mothers: Love and Life – Season 1
Drama Series, Doctor (13 episodes)
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: The pediatric ward of a hospital brings together mothers and doctors, who share difficult experiences with their children and patients, in addition to family and emotional problems.

Future Man: The Time Traveler – Season 3
Adventure Series, Science Fiction (8 episodes)
Year of production: 2020

Synopsis: Video game addict janitor Josh Futturman becomes the salvation of the world after being recruited to prevent the extinction of humanity through time travel.

Glee – Seasons 1 to 6
Comedy Series, Drama (121 episodes)
Year of production: 2009 – 2015

Synopsis: The McKinley school choir is made up of unpopular young people. An optimistic teacher leads the group, which needs to overcome countless challenges to return to the glory days.

Discovery of Witches – Season 2
Drama Series, Supernatural (10 episodes)
Year of production: 2021

Synopsis: Diana Bishop, historian and witch, embarks on a magical journey after discovering a manuscript in Oxford. To protect the book, she enlists the help of a mysterious vampire.

Poldark – War Hero – Seasons 1 to 5
Drama Series, Season (43 episodes)
Year of production: 2015 – 2019

Synopsis: After three years of war, Ross Poldark returns to his city to take care of the family business, but is faced with a new reality. Based on the novels by Wiston Graham.

Launches for Globoplay subscribers + live channels


Survive, Case – Season 2

Four couples of lovers go through the most extreme relationship test you have ever seen: isolated in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, with basic items and completely naked. In the end, they decide whether to marry or not.

Daily screening, at 0h, live on Multishow



Viva re-exhibits the first season of Big Brother Brasil, which won Kleber Bambam, in addition to other iconic characters.

Daily screening, at 7:30 pm, live at VIVA


DPA – Season 15

Max, Flor and Zeca, the new green cape detective, will come across mysteries involving an uncontrolled heat brought by Amnaranta, the hot witch. Rúbia, Berenice’s mother, discovers that she is pregnant and moves to the building to await the birth of her daughter. Berenice, who is in her teens, ends up being jealous of her little sister who hasn’t even been born. Berê’s bad feelings make way for Amaranta, a witch from Vulcancan who arrives disguised as a nurse willing to steal the baby witch’s first tear so she can turn her coal husband into a wizard again.

New episodes every Monday to Friday, at 7 pm, live on Gloob


Mother Mode – Season 1

The series with Ingrid Guimarães makes a humorous investigation into the biggest challenge of motherhood: how to be a mother and have a professional life? At the same time! Ingrid talks to several mothers and closely follows her routines and – with each episode – delves into a theme.

New episodes every Thursday, at 10:30 pm, live on GNT

Are you going to watch what on Globoplay in May? 😉

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