New World is a very promising MMO with some old-fashioned concepts

Analyzing an MMORPG is never an easy task. Not because they are more challenging games than usual, but because the sheer amount of content you have in front of you is really massive and it can be hard to absorb it all or get a concrete impression after spending dozens of hours in that new world. With New World, Amazon’s already famous MMO, this was no different. Even after participating in press pretests, closed and open beta, and continuing the adventure in the final version released in late September, it’s still tricky to make claims about a game that is bound to constantly change or offer different experiences depending on the player.

Still, I managed to get some good sense of what it’s like to explore the world of New World in this rare moment that is the very beginning of an all-new MMO, something many of us haven’t experienced in a few years. If you’re curious to find out more, just keep an eye out for our full review below!

The beginning of a new world

Like almost every MMO, New World It throws you into a world full of possibilities and in which you don’t have the resources, knowledge or head to learn everything you need in the first hours of the game. For those who have never tried a game like this before, don’t worry: this is totally normal and you’ll get the hang of it with time. The good thing is that the first missions are very simple and are there to teach you the most basic concepts you need to know to survive and progress on your journey.

This includes things like battling enemies, collecting materials, building tools and supplies, and much more. Fortunately, as it is fully localized in our language, which includes not only the texts, but also the lines that are dubbed in Portuguese, it ends up being much easier to understand everything you should do and where you should go, something that the fans Brazilians from MMOs will really appreciate it.

The cool thing is that it’s not just novices who will have a lot to learn, since New World has some concepts quite different from other conventional MMOs. We realize this right away, when we don’t need to choose a class in the character creation phase. Instead, there’s a weapon system that works like the traditional classes like tank, healer, and the ever-contested DPS (damage dealer).

Currently, there are eleven different weapons you can try out, and their effectiveness is directly linked to the points you distribute on five very traditional attributes: strength, dexterity, intelligence, focus and constitution. There are also points to be allocated to specific abilities of each weapon, which is what you will use in combat.

Amazon MMO managed to win many fans in a short timeSource: New World/Disclosure

It is worth mentioning that there are always two different styles of fighting for weapons, which means that you can invest in being a more murderous bow and arrow user or in someone who causes more debuffs on enemies in the area, for example. Since it is possible to use two weapons at the same time, the variety of what one is capable of doing is quite large. Other than that, you can always improve and combine some bonuses depending on the traits your armor and weapons have, a set that can result in pretty cool builds for both PvE and PvP content.

The loneliness in the crowd

If in the past there were many MMOs that had lots of activities that needed to be done in groups, there is a good strand of newer games that allow you to do pretty much everything yourself if you prefer. In New World, this is also the case, as you can venture out without companions and without major difficulties, but there is always a sense of community around you if you want to socialize at some point. This includes the fact that you can buy a house in the cities you visit or you can only sell or buy items from other players instead of NPCs, all via an in-house shop where people can list or search for what they want for the highest price. interesting.

From level 25 onwards, expeditions, or dungeons for five players, are open to anyone interested in more challenging group combats. Considering that the expeditions have more details of the plot of New World and unique reward gear, it’s worth giving them a chance even if you’re not such a fan of having to rely on a team to complete more difficult missions. There are currently six of these dungeons in the game, and they are made available to the player based on their level, which makes them more spaced out and therefore more interesting rather than tiring.

The concept of weapons in place of traditional classes is quite interestingThe concept of weapons in place of traditional classes is quite interestingSource: New World/Disclosure

One factor that will make you feel more part of a big group is the faction system, which plays a very important role in the game. In your first few hours of exploration, you’ll be introduced to the three factions: the Marauders, a powerful military force that wants to establish a free nation; the Alliance, which is a fanatical order and committed to cleansing the world from those they consider heretics; and the Union, a more intellectual organization that plans to use knowledge to usher in a new Enlightenment era.

Even if you’re not a fan of either faction’s ideas, you’ll have to choose one of them to proceed with your quests and you’ll see the effects of joining a party pretty quickly. Cities are controlled by guilds, which in turn belong to factions, so don’t be surprised to notice a palpable rivalry between players from different groups, especially in text chat. This is especially great for expanding the feeling of what it’s like to be part of an MMO, even more so for those planning to duel against other players in PvP modes.

Of course, you don’t need to do this, you can just choose a faction and hope it has great power over any of the regions or cities in which you spend more time. All this freedom to choose how to play and not have to worry so much about the classes will definitely appeal to those who have always been intimidated about starting to play an MMO, which may explain the great popularity of New World in so little time. But this already starts to remind us of some little problems we encountered along the way.

The future still repeats the past

It’s hard to think of an MMO that has been released in a really ideal state and it takes time for it to morph into a game that really offers something that will captivate players in just the right way. A very recent example of this was The Elder Scrolls Online, which was in development for seven years and yet had such a troubled release that developers had to rethink the entire game model within a few months of its arrival. Following fan feedback, they changed pretty much everything in less than a year and continued to listen to players when it came to making changes or offering new content for years to come, managing to ensure that the game made its mark as one of the best modern MMOs today.

Unfortunately, New World still uses old-fashioned concepts from other older MMOs.Unfortunately, New World still uses old-fashioned concepts from other older MMOs.Fonte:  New World

We use this example to give more context for what we think might happen with New World, which while not in a bad state at the moment, is clearly still far from offering a polished and solid experience. It’s still possible to find many bugs with ease, one of which stopped my movement regardless of camera movement and forced me to restart the game so that everything returned to normal. In a title that still has queues depending on the server and time you decide to play, this killed some of my excitement in some sessions, especially when this issue occurred three times in a row and required three game restarts.

There are also activities that can get tedious after a while, especially for those who have already ventured into other MMOs before. Unfortunately, having to go after so many materials to raise your level of collecting each of them so that you are able to get more valuable materials also becomes tiring, especially for those who are tired of grinding for so many years in so many games this type. This still holds true for quests, as many repeat the traditional “go here, kill so many enemies and take that item to that specific person in that distant town and then come back to me.”

Considering that New World it’s a fresh MMO and with some really cool new ideas, wouldn’t it be better to try revisiting some more of the old-fashioned concepts in this genre and reinventing them rather than just reproducing them this way? It’s this mix of the old and the new that leaves the title in a strange place and what prevents me from recommending it to everyone who just wants to experience a good RPG full of things to do.

The good thing is that all of this can be resolved if Amazon listens to its players and takes the feedback into account, as every MMO is really a work in progress anyway. Considering the great potential that the game already has, this extra post-release effort could be the little push that New World needs to become a real new world for next-gen MMOs.

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