New SMS scam, Apple is back on the console market, this is the recap of the week

Hackers are trying to empty your bank account via a Chronopost SMS scam, a new widget on Google Maps will allow users to search for a destination more quickly, Apple could soon offer a console that will compete directly with the Nintendo Switch, this is the recap ‘of the week.

week summary

A brand new ultra-practical widget on Google Maps, the Google Home application that will soon allow you to control your television with your smartphone and a future Apple hybrid console, here is some delightful news that deserved to be shared with our readers. Phonandroid is also here to warn you and this week has not escaped the appearance of a new scam, this time via a fake Chronopost SMS. We take stock in the week’s recap, and we reveal to you why the Nintendo Switch OLED is an excellent console.


A victim of its own success and the production difficulties encountered by Sony, the PS5 is still out of stock. The shortage is also due to speculators who procure large quantities of PS5s to then resell them on second-hand sales sites at astronomical prices. Japanese store Nojima Denki may have found a solution to cool scalpers. Indeed, the latter decided to write the name of each buyer on the console box. According to YouTuber Monster Hunter who shared this information on Twitter, this is a solution that could prove effective, with resellers likely wishing to remain anonymous.

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One of our readers told us about an SMS received during the week which read ” Delivery of a package has been suspended due to additional charges “. This is obviously a phishing attempt and the hackers here pass themselves off as Chronopost. You receive a link to a perfectly imitated web page: the logo of the delivery service reproduced identically, the blue color associated with Chronopost, an FAQ and a press area, the pirates left nothing to chance. The objective is obviously to recover the bank details of the victim and to empty his bank account.

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According to information from 9To5Google, Google has started to deploy its new remote control in Google Home. The arrival of this feature will allow users to do without a third-party application dedicated to their television. The Google Home app’s Android TV and Google TV remote control will be compatible with iOS for the first time, giving iPhone and iPad owners the ability to control devices that run Android. Google hasn’t made any official announcements yet and it’s unclear when the US firm will roll out this feature to all users.

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An iDrop News report revealed that after pausing its console project due to COVID-19, the project would be back on the table and a ” high-end hybrid game console ”Of the American giant could soon see the light of day. According to information from iDrop News, the device would compete directly with the Nintendo Switch and be as powerful as an iPhone 12, powered by the Apple A14 Bionic. We also learn that the console should be compatible with the future mixed reality (AR / VR) headset from Apple. If rumors are to be believed, this Apple device could arrive within a few months at a price of between $ 449 and $ 549.

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A new super handy widget is currently being rolled out that will allow users of Android 11 or Android 12 beta smartphones to find a destination directly from their home screen. Our colleagues from XDA Developpers have shared screenshots of this new widget and the 8 navigation shortcuts that accompany it, intended to make it easier to use. Keep your Google Maps app up to date so you don’t miss out on this new feature.

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This week, we took a closer look at the Nintendo Switch OLED and were generally won over. The quality of its OLED screen, the internal storage capacity, the increased autonomy and the compatibility with all the accessories of the Switch are very good points for this hybrid console. We really like the new very practical stand that comes with it and the quality audio immersion thanks to the two new speakers. Unfortunately the joy-cons are still present and the sound quality is very average beyond 50%. The OLED Switch is an excellent console, especially in its two nomadic modes. It is a little less interesting for sedentary players who would connect their console to their TV.

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We have tested for you the new Radeon RX 6600, an AMD graphics card designed perfectly for Full HD gaming. Its graphics settings and RDNA2 architecture offer one of the best energy efficiencies on the market. On the other hand, the Radeon RXX 6600 offers very average performance in ray-tracing. The biggest downside is its price and availability: if it is theoretically recommended at a public price of 339 euros, it is unfortunately sold much more expensive in stores.

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