New radars tested in Spain, the price of graphics cards still falling, the Galaxy A53 is revealed, this is the recap ‘of the week

“Anti-braking” radars installed in Spain, the price of graphics cards continue to fall, Samsung lifts the veil on its new Galaxy A53, this is the recap of the week.

While 26 new “anti-braking” radars are currently being tested in Spain, the price of graphics cards is still plummeting and Samsung is unveiling the technical data sheet for its new mid-range smartphone, the Galaxy A53. This week, the Android 12L update has been rolled out and we’ve got an update on which devices are eligible. Finally, if you are looking for a high-performance and pleasant PC, discover the Huawei MateBook 16 test, the best 16-inch laptop currently on the market.

IPTV Nitro TV: 350 million euros fine and a stand-by trial

The Nitro TV IPTV platform, closed since 2020 and involved in two lawsuits, continues to be talked about. While its creators may have to pay a fine of nearly 350 million euros, the case is currently completely blocked. Indeed, Alejandra Galindo, one of the creators of the platform, seems to refuse to pay her lawyer, who can no longer reach her client. Without news from the accused, the trial could well remain at a standstill for an indefinite period.

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“Anti-braking” radars on Spanish roads

Currently absent from our French roads, “anti-braking” radars are multiplying in Spain. These new devices, which consist of preventing motorists from braking at the last moment to avoid being flashed, are indeed in the test phase. The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has already installed 26 of them on Spanish roads and it is not impossible that this practice will subsequently spread on our side of the border.

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Graphics card prices continue to fall

In January 2021, the shortage of components caused a considerable increase in the price of graphics cards. For a few weeks, the situation finally seems to be improving, and the price of the RTX 3000 and RX 6000 had not been so low since the beginning of last year. If some experts still fear that the shortage will drag on, these price cuts remain encouraging.

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Android 12L: what does the update offer and who is it aimed at?

It was on Tuesday that Google finally rolled out Android 12L, the new update focused on tablets from the American giant. The user interface has therefore been improved, as well as the taskbar. The full list of eligible devices has not yet been revealed, but we can already tell you that you can install Android 12L if you have one of the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, a Lenovo Tab P12 Pro or a recent Google Pixel.

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Samsung lifts the veil on the technical sheet of the Galaxy A53

We now know everything about the Galaxy A53 and its technical data sheet is impressive. With its Super AMOLED panel, its 120 Hz refresh rate, its Exynos 1280 processor and its 5000 mAh battery, this mid-range smartphone has everything it needs. This new model should also be a very good camera phone and will probably come with Android 12.

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Our test of the week

Huawei succeeds in its bet with the Matebook 16

Huawei’s mission was to compete with Apple’s MacBook Pro 16 and the challenge is met. The MateBook 16 is probably the best 16-inch laptop on the market. With its excellent screen, powerful processor, impeccable design and very good battery life, this new laptop from Huawei is targeting the premium market. We regret that the webcam is not up to par and that the pre-installed software is not really useful.

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