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If Mark Zuckerberg’s goal was not to generate controversy with the transition of the holding company’s name from Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, it went down the drain: three companies from different countries complained about the company’s new title, Meta, and its logo, a Interlaced blue M. One of them, MileniumGroup, a regional marketing agency, decided to sue Facebook.

Logos da Meta, the new controller of Facebook, the Latin American marketing agency MileniumGroup and the German startup M-sense (Image: Reprocution)

Even before Facebook announced the name change to Meta in late October, the name and logo — an interlaced M in blue — could already be found on the market.

Two different companies informally challenged Facebook’s name change to Meta.

The first is the American firm that assembles custom PCs, Meta PC. That company filed for trademark registration on Aug. 23, more than two months before Zuckerberg’s marketing ploy.

The two founders of Meta PC, Joe Darger and Zack Shutt, told the site TMZ that the company had been operating for a year, but had only recently decided to apply to register the trademark. However, the registration has not been done, and both can withdraw the patent, under one condition: Facebook must pay the company US$20 million. The amount would cover the cost of rebranding Meta PC.

Despite the requirement, Facebook sources told the Apple Insider who are confident that Facebook will get the registration without difficulties. But if Meta’s name patent is approved earlier in favor of the PC maker, it could make life difficult for big tech.

Another issue in itself is the Meta logo. Facebook was inspired by the concept of the metaverse in the design: the M is a blue reminiscent of Facebook, but it is intertwined, and gives the impression that the virtual universe is always connected and changing.

But two companies have thought similar in the market: one of them, the startup M-sense, was made to treat migraines. In an interview with Business Insider The German company’s CEO, Marcus Dahlem, says he fears that the association with Meta will harm the application used to treat headaches.

“We are very honored that Facebook was inspired by the logo of our migraine app — they may also be inspired by our data privacy procedures” – @msense_app

Dahlem says Facebook’s abuse of privacy can lead people who use the M-Sense app to distrust data sharing, crucial to treating migraines. “At the same time, [informação] it is a sensitive asset. Therefore, we need to trust the user.” says the founder of the startup.

Marketing agency to sue Facebook

Finally, the one who felt most uncomfortable with Facebook’s name change was the MileniumGroup. The Latin American marketing and communications agency announced that it will sue Meta for the “improper use” of its logo.

According to Millenium, the group has been using an interlaced M-shaped logo since March 2020. The company intends to take appropriate action and file legal actions in US courts, with the aim of getting Facebook to give up the isotype as a logo .

The CEO of MileniumGroup, Alberto Arebalos, defended the opening of a lawsuit against Facebook alleging that the company would be defending intellectual property:

“We need to defend our intellectual property. Creativity is one of the characteristics of our agency and that’s why our lawyers will ask for a withdrawal of Facebook in court”

So far, M-sense and Meta PCs have not filed any legal action against Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg.

With information: El Comercio, Apple Insider and Business Insider

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