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Netflix released the news and releases that will enter the platform in June. Among them are the second part of Lupine, the fourth season of Elite and the premiere of the post-apocalyptic series Sweet Tooth.

Other features such as Infiltrates in the Klan, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie and My mother is a piece, by Paulo Gustavo, also reach the catalog. Check out Netflix’s June releases and add new titles to your list for later.

Sweet Tooth is one of Netflix’s releases in June (Image: Disclosure)

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Netflix releases for June

It is worth noting that these titles and the originals are highlights of Netflix for June. Films and series are included every day in the catalog. Also follow launches that arrive on Amazon Prime Video, GloboPlay, Crunchyroll and Apple TV + on Tecnoblog.

The list of Netflix releases for June is organized by date and title: series, films, documentaries, children’s and anime. Netflix originals are marked with “*“.

Series news *

All series below are Netflix Originals, check out the premiere dates for the month.

(3/6/2021) Three Meters Above Heaven: Season 2 * – Another year, another summer. Relationships have changed, but this group of friends will find that some attractions are impossible to resist.

(6/6/2021) Sweet Tooth * – In a post-apocalyptic world, an adorable boy half human, half deer seeks to restart life with the protection of a lonely man who becomes his friend. Executive production by Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey.

(6/6/2021) Feel Good: Season 2 * – Trying to reconnect with George and herself after the relapse, Mae realizes that the only option to move forward is to face the past. Starring Mae Martin and Lisa Kudrow.

(6/6/2021) The Masters of Frying * – Crazy about food and always looking for fun, the critic Daym Drops goes after the best fried foods in the United States.

(11/6/2021) Lupine: Part 2 * – Pursued by Hubert and his henchmen, Assane tries to find Raoul and receives unexpected help in order to unmask the villain. Starring Omar Sy.

(6/6/2021) Love, Marriage and Divorce: Season 2 * – In the new season, more secrets, twists and surprises threaten the marriages of three women who work on a radio program.

(6/15/2021) Supermothers: Season 5 * – In the fifth season of this comedy, four mothers try to balance separation, dating, work and raising their children.

(6/17/2021) Katla * – A year after the eruption of a subglacial volcano, mysterious elements from prehistory emerge from the melted glaciers. Get ready for unbelievable consequences in this Iceland series!

(6/17/2021) Black Summer: Season 2 * – Winter comes during the zombie apocalypse, bringing new bloody challenges and desperate battles.

(6/17/2021) The Secret of the Temple: Season 3 * – In search of Aden, Atiye goes through an agonizing dilemma, facing dark forces that try to control her daughter’s cosmic powers to cause destruction.

(6/18/2021) Rent a Paradise * – Discover the best places to stay and incredible travel tips, both for those who like to flaunt and for those who want to save money.

(6/19/2021) Despite Everything, Love * – She doesn’t believe in love, but she wants a relationship. He is a conqueror who thinks that dating is very boring. Will these two come to terms?

(6/23/2021) Playing with Fire: Season 2 * – The new season brings another group of single people in a paradise to see who can give up sex in exchange for the $ 100,000 prize.

(6/24/2021) The Naked Director: Season 2 * – Known as the “emperor of porn”, Toru Muranishi wants to go even further, but this whole ambition may end up accelerating the fall of the director.

(6/25/2021) The A List: Season 2 * – The bonds of friendship and the courage of a group of teenagers are put to the test on a mysterious island where the dead never die.

(6/25/2021) Sex / Life * – Mother of two, Billie (Sarah Shahi) embarks on memories and fantasies that put her married life on a collision course with her maiden past. With Adam Demos, Margaret Odette and Mike Vogel.

(6/29/2021) Black Lightning: Season 4 * – Guilty, Jefferson vows to stop being a hero. But the new threats in Freeland end up driving the Pierce family back into battle.

For Elite fans

In addition to the fourth season premiere on June 18, Elite fans will also be able to follow miniseries about the characters.

(6/14/2021) Elite Short Stories: Guzmán Caye Rebbe * – One of three mini-series set in the summer before going back to school in Las Encinas, Spain.

Elite Brief Stories - Guzmán Caye Rebe on Netflix in June (Image: Disclosure)

Elite Brief Stories – Guzmán Caye Rebe on Netflix in June (Image: Disclosure)

(6/15/2021) Elite Brief Stories: Nadia Guzmán * – One of three mini-series set in the summer before going back to school in Las Encinas, Spain.

(6/16/2021) Elite Short Stories: Omar Ander Alexis * – In remission, Ander decides to spend the summer helping Alexis with her chemotherapy.

(6/17/2021) Elite Brief Stories: Carla Samuel * – One of three mini-series set in the summer before going back to school in Las Encinas, Spain.

(6/18/2021) Elite: Season 4 * – A demanding principal and four new students arrive at the school. Prepare yourself for amorous confusions, scandalous rumors and yet another mystery.

Netflix * Movies & Originals in June

(2/6/2021) Carnival * – After breaking up, an influencer travels with her friends to the Carnival of Bahia and discovers that real life is much more vibrant than she imagined. Starring Giovana Cordeiro, GKay, Samya Pascotto, Bruna Inocencio, Micael Borges, Flavia Pavanelli.

(3/6/2021) Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie Part 1 / Part 2 * – A dark force dominates the Earth after a solar eclipse, and the Sailors need to get together to recover the light.

(3/6/2021) Infiltrated in the Klan – In this Spike Lee film, the first black Colorado Springs Police detective teams up with a Jewish colleague to infiltrate a group of white supremacists.

(3/6/2021) The Orphanage – The son of a couple begins to exhibit disturbing behavior shortly after the family retires and moves into an old orphanage.

(4/6/2021) Xtremo * – In this electrifying Spanish thriller, a retired hired killer enlists the help of his sister and a teenager to execute a plan of revenge.

(6/6/2021) The Watcher – After surviving her husband’s domestic violence and learning to fight, she wants to take revenge and protect other victims, whatever the cost. With Olivia Wilde, Morgan Spector and Tonye Patano.

(6/6/2021) My Mother is One Piece – Dona Hermínia (Paulo Gustavo) has always taken care of her children, but they have grown up and are only confronting her. Without a job or a companion, she vented to her elderly aunt.

(9/6/2021) Tragic Jungle * – To escape an arranged marriage, a woman flees to the depths of the Mayan jungle, where the wild nature unites the human world with the supernatural.

(6/9/2021) Awake – After a global incident that prevents humanity from sleeping, a former military man struggles to save his family, facing chaos in society and in his own mind. With Gina Rodriguez and Shamier Anderson.

(6/11/2021) A Radical Skateboarder * – In rural India, a teenager discovers a passion for skateboarding and follows a difficult path to fulfill her dream of competing.

(6/13/2021) Bumblebee – In 1987, to escape the Decepticons, Bumblebee hides on Earth. But, after making friends with a teenager, his enemies pursue him again.

(6/15/2021) Captain Phillips – Four Somali pirates hijack a cargo ship and hold the captain hostage, generating an explosive confrontation with the American navy. Starring Tom Hanks.

(6/15/2021) My first love – This fun and moving film tells a remarkable summer in the life of the precocious Vada (Anna Chlumsky), 11 years old, and her best friend Thomas J (Macaulay Culkin).

(6/16/2021) Ice City * – In cold St. Petersburg, Russia, a cheap little thief wins the heart of an aristocrat’s daughter, but this romance is not going to be easy.

(6/18/2021) Fatherhood * – After his wife’s sudden death, a father (Kevin Hart) faces the most difficult job in the world: paternity. Based on a real story of mourning and love.

(6/23/2021) Casa das Flores: The Movie * – The De La Mora brothers create a plan to enter the family’s old house and recover an important hidden treasure.

(6/30/2021) America: The Motion Picture * – Armed with a chainsaw, George Washington teams up with drunken Sam Adams to defeat the British in a big mess with the American Revolution. Starring Channing Tatum.

(6/30/2021) Jumanji – When two brothers discover a board game that is a portal to a magical world, they find a man who has been trapped in the game for years. Starring Robin Williams.

(6/30/2021) What Men Like – A sports agent discovers that she can hear men’s thoughts and uses her ability to win in a company dominated by them. Starring Taraji P. Henson.

Documentaries and specials *

(1/6/2021) Black Holes: At the Limit of Knowledge – Follow the journey of scientists to understand and capture the first image of a black hole and explore the limits of the knowledge of the universe.

(1/6/2021) Elvis Presley: The Searcher – This documentary series features archival footage and interviews to shed new light on the passions, life and pain of the legend Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley: The Searcher (Image: Disclosure)

Elvis Presley: The Searcher (Image: Disclosure)

(1/6/2021) Neojibá – Music that transforms – The documentary shows the trajectory of the State Centers of Youth and Children Orchestras of Bahia, a successful project of social inclusion.

(5/6/2021) For the Felines We Love * – Documentary filmmakers record the daily lives, routines and adventures of a group of cats, from the cutest to the most curious.

(6/13/2021) They in Science – This provocative documentary accompanies three female scientists in their struggle for respect in an environment marked by gender inequality.

They in Science (Image: Disclosure)

They in Science (Image: Disclosure)

(6/15/2021) Headspace – Guide to Relax * – The partnership with Headspace Studios brings meditations, relaxation exercises and bedtime stories.

(6/16/2021) City of Penguins * – In a picturesque city in South Africa, an eclectic group of endangered penguins get together to mate, form families and bond.

(6/24/2021) Sisters Sheppard: From the Streets to the Podium * – Three sisters who live on the streets of Brooklyn, in the United States, try to find their place in the world facing circumstances in search of hope and a better future.

(6/28/2021) Three identical strangers – Three teenagers meet by chance and discover that they are triplets separated at birth. They love the news, until the truth comes out.

Three identical strangers (Image: Disclosure)

Three identical strangers (Image: Disclosure)

(6/30/2021) Sophie: Murder in West Cork * – This series on real crimes is based on the murder of the French Sophie Toscan du Plantier, found dead near the house where she was on vacation.

Sophie: Murder in West Cork (Image: Disclosure)

Sophie: Murder in West Cork (Image: Disclosure)

Children and Family

(1/6/2021) CoComelon: A Sunny Day for Play – Kids will learn letters, numbers, animal sounds and more in this series full of children’s songs and fun for the whole family.

(1/6/2021) Super Monsters: Monster Tales * – From Goldilocks to João and Maria, the Super Monsters reinvent their favorite fairy tales with a magical and musical touch!

(6/6/2021) Din and the Great Dragon * – Trying to find his childhood friend again, the teenager Din meets a charming dragon who grants wishes and teaches the magic of possibilities.

(6/15/2021) Cirandinha City: Season 2 * – Guida and Brasa are back on new fun musical adventures with their classmates, always using creativity and teamwork to solve problems.

(6/21/2021) Luccas Neto: 2 Very Weird Nannies – Luccas and Gi are alone at home with two very weird nannies. When they reveal an evil plan, the two will have to set traps to save a diamond hidden by their parents, secret agents.

Anime *

(6/24/2021) Godzilla Single Point * – United by mysterious music, a student and an engineer lead the fight against an incredible force that can destroy the world.

(6/28/2021) The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgment * – Meliodas absorbs the commandments to become King of the Demons and save Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Ban goes to purgatory to save the captain’s soul.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon's Judgment * (Image: Disclosure)

The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgment * (Image: Disclosure)

(Coming Soon) Record of Ragnarok * – To help the gods decide the fate of humanity, a lone Valkyrie proposes a final battle of 13 gods against 13 mortal champions. Series based on the eponymous manga.

Are you going to watch what on Netflix in June?

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