Netflix releases in March feature Brazilian movies, Karate Kid and more

We are coming in March 2021 and Netflix has already released the news and catalog releases for the month. A series of new national films (Netflix originals and comedies) arrive in the Brazilian catalog. Also included in the update are more than ten new series and the Karate Kid trilogy. See the Netflix releases in March and add new titles to your list to see later and don’t miss the news.

Netflix (Image: Alexander Shatov / Unsplash)

Netflix (Image: Alexander Shatov / Unsplash)

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Netflix launches in March

It is worth noting that these titles and the originals are highlights of Netflix for the month. Films and series are included every day in the catalog. See also releases that arrive on Amazon Prime Video, at the GloboPlay, Crunchyroll and Apple TV + on Tecnoblog.

The list of Netflix releases for March is organized by date and title: series, films, documentaries, children’s and anime. Netflix originals are marked with “*“.

News in series

(09/3/2021) The Houseboat * – Musician friends Fynn Kliemann and Olli Schulz face two years of renovation to try to recover singer Gunter Gabriel’s houseboat.

The Boat House (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

The Boat House (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(10/3/2021) The Trafficker * – In this series filmed in the documentary style, tensions intensify when two filmmakers infiltrate a neighborhood dominated by gangs to record a video clip.

(10/3/2021) Who wants home * – A wedding planner and a real estate broker compete to win the hearts and budget of these couples. What will they prefer: a spectacular party or a dream home?

(12/3/2021) Paradise Police: Part 3 * – Paradise’s copious cops get involved in blackmail, sperm theft, intimidation in a confectionery shop and other unspeakable crimes.

Paradise Police - Part 3 The Boat House (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Paradise Police – Part 3 The Boat House (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(3/12/2021) The One * – Loves (and lies) get out of hand when it becomes possible to find the perfect person through a revolutionary service based on DNA analysis. Series based on the book by John Marrs.

(3/15/2021) The Lost Kingdom of the Pirates * – This documentary series shows how the true pirates of the Caribbean stole wealth with violence and formed a surprisingly egalitarian republic.

The Lost Kingdom of Pirates (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

The Lost Kingdom of Pirates (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(3/17/2021) Under Suspicion: The Wesphael Case * – Based on a real crime, this series features the famous case of Belgian politician Bernard Wesphael, accused of murdering his wife in 2013.

(3/19/2021) F1: Driving to Live: Season 3 * – Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and other great drivers pursue the checkered flag as the COVID-19 turns the world upside down and shortens the 2020 season.

F1 - Driving to Live - Season 3 The Lost Kingdom of Pirates (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

F1 – Driving to Live – Season 3 The Lost Kingdom of Pirates (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(3/19/2021) Sky Rojo * – To escape from a pimp and his henchmen, three women embark on a mind-boggling journey in search of freedom. From the creators of La Casa de Papel.

(3/22/2021) Navillera * – A 70 year old man who has a dream. A young man of 23 who has a gift. The two help each other to face the difficulties and face the challenges of the dance.

Navillera (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Navillera (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(3/24/2021) Sent well: Season 5 * – In the fifth season the challenges are in pairs: from best friends to brothers, these confectioners are all bad.

(3/24/2021) Who Killed Sara? * – After spending 18 years in jail, Álex seeks revenge on the Lazcano family, who framed him in the murder of his own sister.

Who Killed Sara Paradise Police - Part 3 The Boat House (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Who Killed Sara Paradise Police – Part 3 The Boat House (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(3/26/2021) The Baker Street Irregulars * – In 19th century London, a group of misfits young people are working to solve supernatural crimes under the command of Dr. Watson and his mysterious partner Sherlock Holmes.

(3/31/2021) I Saw: Latin America * – Real people tell their own ghost stories in this horror series that vividly recreates supernatural and paranormal events.

Eu Vi, Latin America (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Eu Vi, Latin America (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Movies (and Netflix Originals *)

(01/3/2021) Supernatural: The Last Key – Haunted by old memories, the medium Elise Rainier returns to the house where she grew up to face old demons – and opens the door to dark secrets.

Supernatural - The Last Key (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Supernatural – The Last Key (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(3/3/2021) Moxie: When the Girls Fight * – Inspired by her mother’s rebellious past and a new friendship, a shy teenager publishes an anonymous zine denouncing sexism at school. With Amy Poehler and Hadley Robinson.

(3/5/2021) The Watchtower * – Transferred home after a traumatizing mission, a French soldier uses her lethal skills to hunt down the man who injured her sister.

(08/3/2021) Halloween – 40 years ago, a murderer committed a carnage on Halloween night. Now he is on the loose again, and his target is the only person who managed to escape – and her family. With Jaime Lee Curtis, Nick Castle and Judy Greer.

Halloween (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Halloween (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(11/3/2021) Silenced * – Basque Country, 1609. To postpone his execution, a group of women accused of witchcraft offers to conduct a Sabbath for the inquisitor.

(12/3/2021) Day of the Sim * – Accustomed to always saying “no” to their children, a couple – played by Jennifer Garner and Édgar Ramirez – decides to fulfill the children’s craziest wishes in a day of few rules and a lot of family fun.

(12/3/2021) Children of Istanbul * – On the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, the anguished worker at a recyclable garbage dump Mehmet welcomes a boy and soon needs to confront his own traumatic childhood.

Istanbul Children (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

DSCF4406.JPGSons of Istanbul (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(3/18/2021) Plague Goats * – In the style of buddy cop films, but with a Brazilian twist, two police officers (Matheus Nachtergaele and Edmilson Filho) totally incompatible and from different regions of the country are forced to work together to unmask a gang that operates in Ceará and São Paulo.

(3/19/2021) No Children * – He fell in love with a woman who hates children. But he has a 9-year-old daughter who decides to pretend to be his sister. What could go wrong?

No Children (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

No Children (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(3/25/2021) On the Same Wave * – Two young people fall in love at a summer camp and, faced with a painful reality, learn from each other to make the most of life.

(3/26/2021) The Week of My Life * – In this inspiring musical, a troubled young man goes to summer camp for the first time and ends up finding love, friends and a purpose.

(3/26/2021) Bad Trip * – In this comedy by the same producer of Vovô Sem Vergonha, hidden cameras show two friends who fall on the road making pranks with real people.

BAD TRIP (Image: Press Release / Netflix)

BAD TRIP (Image: Press Release / Netflix)

(3/31/2021) Angels and demons – A Harvard symbologist (Tom Hanks) tries to prevent an attack on the Vatican planned by a secret society that wants to take revenge on the Church.

Angels and demons (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Angels and demons (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

More Brazilian films (Cinema Nacional)

(2/3/2021) The Invisible Girl – After divulging a loving confession, Ariana (Sophia Valverde) becomes super popular at school and even gets the crush’s attention. But his ex didn’t like the idea.

The Invisible Girl (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

The Invisible Girl (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(3/21/2021) Mouse Fever – “Fever of the rat”, in the Northeast, refers to something out of control. That’s how Zizo (Irandhir Santos) is, an anarchist poet who publishes the newspaper that gives the film its name. With Nanda Costa, Matheus Nachtergaele and Juliano Cazarré.

Mouse Fever (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Mouse Fever (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

(3/22/2021) Help, I became a girl! – The timid Júlio (Victor Lamoglia) sees a shooting star and wants to be the most popular person in the school. The next day, he is Júlia (Thati Lopes), the most popular girl in the school. Written by Paulo Cursino, it also has Manu Gavassi in the cast.

(3/25/2021) I travel because I need to, I come back because I love you – José Renato (Irandhir Santos) travels for work through the Brazilian hinterland. Along the way, he identifies himself with the feeling of abandonment and isolation from the places he passes. Directed by Karim Aïnouz and Marcelo Gomes.

Karate Kid Trilogy: The Classics (3/1/2021)

Karate Kid – The Moment of Truth – Pursued by school bullies, Daniel LaRusso meets a martial arts master and ends up learning much more than self-defense.

Karate Kid - The moment of truth (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Karate Kid – The moment of truth (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Karate Kid II – The moment of truth continues – Daniel LaRusso accompanies Mr. Miyagi on a trip to Okinawa, where the master visits his dying father and finds an old love.

Karate Kid II - The moment of truth continues (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Karate Kid II – The moment of truth continues (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Karate Kid III – The Final Challenge – Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi havem to defend against an old rival: the sinister master of the Cobra Kai, whom they defeated years before.

The Karate Kid - The Final Challenge Karate Kid II - The moment of truth continues (Image: Press Release / Netflix)

The Karate Kid – The Final Challenge Karate Kid II – The moment of truth continues (Image: Press Release / Netflix)

Documentaries and Specials

(3/3/2021) The Mormon Counterfeiter * – In this story, the risky blows of a meticulous mind cause an upheaval and shake a church about a real crime.

(03/01/2021) Notorious B.I.G. – The Legend of Hip Hop * – With rare footage and in-depth interviews, this documentary takes a fresh look at one of the greatest and most influential rappers of all time.

(10/3/2021) Last Chance U: Basketball * – The documentary series Last Chance U hits the basketball courts, where a Los Angeles coach motivates young people who dream of reaching their full potential at renowned colleges.

(3/15/2021) This is Personal: The March of Women – This documentary shows the mobilization of millions of people for the Women’s March shortly after Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017.

(3/16/2021) RebellComedy: Straight Outta the Zoo * – RebellComedy’s comedians take the stage and address topics such as exchanged identities, being “the funny guy” and the anatomy of the starfish.

(3/17/2021) American Education: Fraud and Privilege * – This documentary investigates the person responsible for a bribery scheme that guaranteed the heirs of wealthy and famous families to enter the best colleges in the United States.

(3/23/2021) Loyiso Collar: Unlearning * – South African comedian Loyiso Gola distills practical philosophy and unfiltered humor on topics such as race, identity and world politics.

(3/24/2021) Seaspiracy: Red Sea * – A filmmaker passionate about the oceans decides to document the damage that humanity does to marine species – and discovers a sinister global conspiracy.


(05/3/2021) Ghost Town * – Welcome to the Ghost Club! In her adventures in Los Angeles, this group interviews ghosts, solves problems and learns a little more about the city’s history.

(3/16/2021) Waffles + Mochi * – Starring Michelle Obama, the production features two curious dolls who travel the world exploring the wonders of the food and cultures they pass through, learning about ingredients from around the planet.

(3/19/2021) Alien TV: Season 2 * – Alien reporters Ixbee, Pixbee and Squee return to Earth and learn more about strange human customs and inventions like trains and fashion.

(3/19/2021) Family in Concert * – A young woman wants to be a country singer and finds the ideal band working as a nanny in a family full of musical talents.

(3/25/2021) Secret Magic Control Agency * – João and Maria, those from fairy tales, are now secret agents and need to use magic, cleverness and teamwork to find a missing king.

(3/29/2021) Luccas Neto in: Vacation Camp 3 – Luccas and Gi split up in a competition. Girls and boys face off at a talent show for a spot in a band. Who will prevail?

(3/31/2021) Pedro Coelho – In this combination of live action and computer graphics, Pedro Coelho faces a new and difficult rival in the battle for vegetables from the farmer’s garden!


(3/3/2021) Circle of Fire: The Black * – In a country full of monsters, two brothers seek out their parents and end up finding unknown creatures, strange figures and unexpected allies.

(3/18/2021) B: The Beginning: Season 2 * – When Keith is taken and someone from Koku’s past resurfaces, Assassin B and everyone else are dragged into a conspiracy involving the crown.

(3/25/2021) DOTA: Dragon’s Blood * – After encountering a dragon and a princess on his own mission, a Dragon Knight engages in events far greater than he could ever imagine.

So, what are you going to watch from Netflix’s March releases?

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