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You blinked and April is almost starting, which means that new productions are coming soon to the streaming catalog. Netflix has already announced the platform’s premieres for the month and, among its highlights, are the latest seasons of the acclaimed series. Better Call Saul e Ozarkand the LGBTQIA+ production Heartstopper, based on the comic of the same name. Check these and others titles that land in April on Netflix and get ready for an intense marathon!

Better Call Saul (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Series that premiere in April to keep an eye on 👀

Day 15 – Anatomy of a Scandal – Anthological series have gained more and more space on streaming platforms and, when it comes to productions focused on crimes – as is the case with American Crime Story e The Sinner, for example – expectations are even higher. Maybe for this, Anatomy of a Scandal It caught my attention as soon as it was announced.

Based on a book by Sarah Vaughan, the production mixes drama and psychological suspense and tells the story of a powerful British politician, who after being accused of rape faces an intense battle in the courts, while his wife’s life is turned upside down. .

Co-created by David E. Kelley, name behind Big Little Liesthe series will be focused on stories of political scandals and has everything to please fans of the genre.

Dia 19 – Better Call Saul: Temporada 6 – Who is a fan of Better Call Saul has an appointment on Netflix on the 19th. That’s because the sixth and final season of the series arrives on the platform, bringing an outcome to its story long awaited by fans.

Spin-off de Breaking Badproduction that is considered by many to be the best series of all time, Better Call Saul achieved the feat of not lagging behind its predecessor. The title, which shows the life of Saul Goodman before he became the crook we know, won over the audience of the original series, its own fans and the critics, who always evaluate its seasons very positively.

In this final season, its episodes will be divided into two parts, with the first seven of them premiering now in April and the last six in July.

Dia 22 – Heartstopper – Teen phenomenon in comics produced by author Alice Oseman, Heartstopper now gets an original series on Netflix to call his own. The LGBTQIA+ production, which initially emerged as a webcomic, was so successful that it ended up on paper and had four volumes released.

The Netflix plot, as well as the graphic novel, tells the story of Charlie, a shy, nerdy and openly gay boy, and Nick, a super popular boy and athlete of the school rugby team. Sitting side by side in the classroom, they begin an intense friendship, which sparks feelings in Charlie, even though he knows Nick is a straight boy.

Full plate for those who like teen romances, Heartstopper arrives on the 22nd on Netflix.

Day 29 – Ozark: Season 4 – Part 2 – Another series that will end in April on the platform is Ozark. After the first part of season 4 was released in January, it’s time for the public to watch the final episodes of the 2019 and 2020 Emmy-winning best supporting actress (Julia Garner) production.

The story follows in the footsteps of Marty, a man who at first appears to be a simple financial adviser, but who, in fact, launders money for a Mexican drug cartel. A “second job” that poses risks to the criminal and his family, and causes him to take them to live at a resort in the Ozarks.

The new episodes of the series arrive on the 29th on the platform and a teaser for part 2 has already been released.

Movies that premiere in April to keep an eye on 👀

Day 15 – Choose or Die – Among the movies that arrive in April in the Netflix catalog, Choose or Die has two characteristics that I like right away: being a horror movie, one of my favorite genres, and having elements directly from the 80s – a trend that we have seen a lot in cinema and TV, as shown in productions such as Stranger Things e The Curse of Bly Manor.

The feature film follows two friends who decide to restart a computer game from the 80s in search of an unredeemed prize money and soon find themselves immersed in a world of terror, in which they must fight for their own lives.

Netflix releases in April and what we recommend watching / Netflix / Disclosure
Choose or Die (Image: Disclosure / Netflix)

Other Series Coming in April on Netflix

  • Day 01 – The Home Edit – The Art of Organizing: Season 2
  • Day 08 – Elite: Season 5
  • Day 08 – Dial Pleasure
  • Day 12 – In Chess
  • Day 13 – The Mother-in-Law Who Gave You
  • Day 15 – Earth’s Heirs
  • Dia 15 – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Temporada 6
  • Day 20 – Russian Doll: Season 2
  • Day 20 – Marked Heart
  • Day 22 – Sunset – Golden Mile: Season 5
  • Coming Soon – Trust Me

Other Movies Coming in April on Netflix

  • Day 01 – Eternally Too Much for Me
  • Dia 08 – Metal Lords
  • Day 08 – I’m Still Here
  • Day 08 – The Crystal Girls
  • Day 20 – The Yakuza Princess
  • Day 22 – On the Way to Summer
  • Day 27 – Silverton: Closed Siege
  • Day 29 – Honeymoon with My Mother
  • Dia 30 – Bohemian Rhapsody

Documentaries and specials

  • Day 07 – Back to Space
  • Day 19 – Abercrombie & Fitch: Rise and Fall
  • Day 27 – The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: Unreleased Recordings

For kids and family

  • Day 01 – Captain Nova
  • Day 08 – Green Eggs and Ham: Season 2
  • Day 12 – Animal Mysteries
  • Dia 19 – Battle Kitty
  • Day 28 – The Usagi Chronicles: The Samurai Rabbit
  • Day 29 – Great Pokémon Journeys Series: Part 2


  • Day 14 – Pacific Rim: The Black – Season 2
  • Day 14 – Ultraman: Season 2
  • Dia 15 – One Piece: Z
  • Dia 28 – Bubble

Looking forward to watching the April premieres of the Netflix catalog? Share with us which ones are the most awaited by you!

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