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A survey of the Techblog shows that Netflix costs the same as up to 3 rival streams in Brazil. There are a huge amount of competitors, ranging from the most well-known – Globoplay, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max – to the most niche ones like Funimation and Mubi. Choosing between them is becoming increasingly difficult; that’s why we’ve gathered the key details of each service, including video quality (resolution), maximum number of simultaneous screens, and monthly and yearly plan pricing in 2021.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+ and Globoplay on Samsung TV (Image: Paulo Higa/Tecnoblog)

To give you an idea of ​​how video streaming has multiplied in Brazil, we made a simple calculation: considering 14 different services, the monthly total reaches up to R$333.90. They entered the account:

  • Netflix Premium (4 telas, até 4K HDR): R$ 55,90
  • Amazon Prime Video: R$ 9,90
  • HBO Max multitelas: R$ 27,90
  • Disney Star +: 45.90
  • Globoplay + Telecine: R$ 49,90
  • Apple TV+: R$ 9,90
  • Crunchyroll Mega Fan: R$ 32
  • Funimation: R$ 24,90
  • Mubi: R $ 27,90
  • Paramount+: R$ 19,90
  • Starz Play: R$ 14,90
  • MGM: R$ 14,90

E, taking into account only the most popular services, the price is up to R$ 137.60 per month, something close to cable TV: this is the sum of Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max and Globoplay + Disney+ combo. (Only the latter costs R$ 43.90 monthly.)

Telecine, Funimation, Disney+, Globoplay and more streaming on Roku TV (Image: Paulo Higa/Tecnoblog)
Telecine, Funimation, Disney+, Globoplay and more streaming on Roku TV (Image: Paulo Higa/Tecnoblog)

Streaming can come out for free

Comparing streaming prices in Brazil is not exactly easy, because there are several factors to consider. In addition to monthly plans vs. annual, there are some services that offer special values for students (like Mubi) or Additional benefits – the case of Globoplay, which gives away a free year of Deezer Premium.

It is possible to pay less – or not pay at all! – thanks to promotional actions of partners. For example, Mercado Livre has the Mercado Points loyalty program that offered Disney+ and Star+ at no additional cost at Level 6 until the month of September.

Alguns streamings come included in plans post-paid or fixed internet, such as Paramount+ on Vivo Fibra. We also have DirecTV Go, an IPTV service, which gives HBO Max for two years for those who subscribe until October 30, 2021.

Some of these services are available at bundles: this is the case of Disney+ with Star+ or Globoplay with Telecine, for example. There are also streamings that come with a broader package: we have Prime Video, which is part of Amazon Prime; and Apple TV+, which comes with the Apple One. That’s what we discussed at Tecnocast 170:

Not to mention the consumer behavior: There are people sharing the same account, which reduces the cost – but may violate the terms of use. And we have the cheapskate people (like me) who cancel and re-sign when necessary.

Furthermore, it is important to point out that Prime Video can only be so cheap because it is part of a different business model. The subscription serves to encourage users to adopt the Amazon ecosystem, especially online store purchases; so much so that some people don’t even know that Prime Video is included with Amazon Prime.

Netflix pricing and streaming rivals in Brazil

O Techblog gathered the prices of Netflix and its main competitors in Brazil; check the table below:

streaming service monthly plan price Annual plan price Simultaneous Screens maximum resolution
Netflix • Basic: BRL 25.90 per month
• Standard: BRL 39.90 per month
• Premium: BRL 55.90 per month
(not available) • Basic: 1 fabric
• Standard: up to 2 screens
• Premium: up to 4 screens
• Básico: SD (480p)
• Standard: Full HD
• Premium: 4K
Amazon Prime Video R$9.90 per month BRL 89 per year up to 3 screens 4K
HBO Max • Mobile: BRL 19.90 per month
• Multiscreen: BRL 27.90 per month
• Mobile: $ 169.90 per year
• Multiscreen: BRL 239.90 per year
• Mobile: 1 screen
• Multiscreen: up to 3 screens
• Mobile: SD (480p)
• Multiscreen: HD, 4K on selected titles
Disney and Star + • Disney+: R$27.90 per month
• Star+: BRL 32.90 per month
• Combo+: BRL 45.90 per month
• Disney+: BRL 279.90 per year
• Star+: BRL 329.90 per year
• Combo+: BRL 495.90 per year
• Disney+: up to 4 screens
• Star+: up to 4 screens
Globoplay BRL 22.90 per month BRL 238.80 per year up to 5 screens HD, 4K on selected titles
Globoplay + Disney + BRL 43.90 per month BRL 454.80 per year • Globoplay: up to 5 screens
• Disney+: up to 4 screens
Globoplay + live channels BRL 49.90 per month BRL 514.80 per year up to 5 screens HD, 4K on selected titles
Globoplay + Telecine BRL 49.90 per month (not available) • Globoplay: up to 5 screens
• Telecine: up to 3 screens
• Globoplay: HD, 4K on selected titles
• Telecine: Full HD
Telecine BRL 37.90 per month (not available) up to 3 screens Full HD
Apple TV+ R$9.90 per month BRL 99.90 per year up to 6 screens 4K
Crunchyroll • Fan: BRL 25 per month
• Mega Fan: R$ 32 per month
Mega Fan: BRL 315 per year 1 screen Full HD
Funimation (Premium Plus) BRL 24.90 per month BRL 249 per year up to 5 screens Full HD
Mubi BRL 27.90 per month
(BRL 16.90 for students)
BRL 202.80 per year
(R$ 199,90 via gift card)
up to 2 screens HD
Paramount+ BRL 19.90 per month (not available) not specified HD
Starz Play BRL 14.90 per month (first six months for BRL 9.90 each for Vivo) (not available) up to 4 screens HD
DirecTV Go (2 years of HBO Max) BRL 69.90 per month BRL 699 per year • DirecTV Go: up to 2 screens
• HBO Max: up to 3 screens
• DirecTV Go: HD
• HBO Max: HD, 4K on selected titles
Prices consulted on October 4, 2021.

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