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Netflix increased its prices in Brazil in July, with an adjustment of up to 22% – the subscription started to cost between R$ 25.90 to R$ 55.90 monthly. This caused some controversy at the time, but the dust has settled since then: it gave everyone time to see if it really pays to cancel and migrate to Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Star+, Globoplay, among many others. And, according to a survey made by Techblog, you can purchase up to three subscription services for the price of Netflix.

Netflix on the iPad App Store (Image: Souvik Banerjee / Unsplash)

Netflix vs. competitors in Brazil

In our survey of streamings in Brazil, we gathered the prices of monthly subscriptions – and yearly, when available – and compared them with the values ​​that Netflix charges for Basic, Standard and Premium plans. As Netflix does not have an annual charge, we multiply the monthly amount by twelve for comparisons.

O Netflix Basic plan it costs R$ 25.90 per month: it allows streaming from just one device in standard resolution 480p – that is, lower than HD (720p). Globoplay and Disney+ are priced similarly, but with 4K support and use on up to 5 screens simultaneously.

O Netflix Standard plan it costs R$ 39.90 per month, with two simultaneous screens and streaming in up to Full HD. For less than that, you can subscribe to two different streaming services: it could be Prime Video with Globoplay; Prime Video with Disney+; or Prime Video with HBO Max (multiscreen).

And for R$ 55.90 monthly, price of plano Premium da Netflix, you can acquire three competitors: Prime Video, Globoplay and Disney+. This is largely because Amazon Prime – which includes Prime Video – is super cheap, charging only R$9.90 a month.

For an amount close to this plan… … you can purchase:
Netflix Standard
2 telas, Full HD
(BRL 39.90 per month)
Prime Video and Globoplay (BRL 32.80 per month)
or Prime Video and HBO Max multiscreen (BRL 37.80 per month)
or Prime Video and Disney+ (BRL 37.90 per month)
Netflix Premium
4 screens, 4K
(BRL 55.90 per month)
Prime Video, Globoplay e Disney+ (BRL 53.80 per month)
or Disney+ and HBO Max multitasking (BRL 55.80 per month)
Prices consulted on October 4, 2021.

Price comparison gets even more complicated for Netflix when we consider annual plans competitors, who give discounts of up to 28% in relation to the monthly charge. For example, for a fee similar to a year of Netflix Premium, you can get Globoplay, Disney+ and HBO Max multiscreen.

Check the main annual comparisons that the Techblog brought together:

For an amount close to this plan… … you can purchase:
Netflix Basic for 1 year
1 tela, 480p
(R$ 310,80)
Prime Video and Globoplay (BRL 327.80 per year)
or Prime Video and HBO Max multiscreen (BRL 328.90 per year)
Netflix Standard for 1 year
2 telas, Full HD
(R$ 478,80)
Globoplay e Disney+ (BRL 454.80 per year)
or Star+ and Disney+ (BRL 495.90 per year)
or Disney+ and HBO Max multitasking (BRL 519.80 per year)
Netflix Premium por 1 ano
4 screens, 4K
(R$ 670,80)
Prime Video, Globoplay e Disney+ (BRL 543.80 per year)
ou Globoplay, Disney+ e HBO Max multitelas (BRL 694.70 per year)
or DirecTV Go with 2 years of HBO Max included (BRL 699 per year)
Prices consulted on October 4, 2021.

Decoy Effect on Netflix

Netflix prices in 2021 (Image: Reproduction / Tecnoblog)
Netflix prices in 2021 (Image: Reproduction / Tecnoblog)

Note that Netflix has a different pricing strategy than the competition, with three different options; while Prime Video, Globoplay, Disney+, Star+ and others have only one plan.

This may be related to the “decoy effect”, a marketing tactic which involves offering three versions of the same product (Basic, Standard and Premium) to guide the consumer to choose the intermediate option (Standard).

“People don’t like to feel cheated and they don’t like to feel petty; so we gravitate towards intermediate prices because, within a context, they seem fair”, as summarizes the The Atlantic.

Is it worth canceling Netflix?

Even with the increase, Netflix has the inertia of customers who simply accepted the increase, without having the trouble of analyzing whether it’s really worth it to keep the subscription – even if it’s pretty easy to cancel. But, after all comparisons, the question remains: is it beneficial to leave Netflix and go to the competition?

Netflix na TV (Thibault Penin / Unsplash)
Netflix na TV (Thibault Penin / Unsplash)

Sim, a Netflix tem a user experience in its favor: it tends to be friendlier than the competition, with less choking on reproduction and easier navigation through the catalogue.

But, in the end, this is a decision that varies from person to person, because streaming services differ precisely because of the exclusive content. you won’t see The Witcher on Disney+, neither Stranger Things on Globoplay or The Money Heist on Prime Video – all these series are restricted to Netflix.

Streaming services are not perfect replacements. Because of that, there are many people who will not switch to the competition: instead, they will subscribe to Netflix and something else: HBO Max para reassistir Friends Where The Big Bang Theory, Disney + for The Mandalorian and the Marvel series, and so on. So rest assured that Netflix will continue to closely watch the behavior of customers in Brazil – as well as the competition.

Netflix pricing and streaming rivals in Brazil

In surveying the Techblog, the huge number of Netflix competitors in the country became clear: the number is only growing, and choosing between them is becoming increasingly difficult. That’s why we’ve gathered this link video streaming prices in Brazil in 2021. Together, these 14 services cost R$300 per month.

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