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A Netflix announced, this Friday (25), another price adjustment in the signature. On average, the three service plans were between $1 and $2 more expensive in the United States. Although it seems little, the rise has made Netflix the most expensive streaming platform in the countryas in Brazil.

Netflix on TV (Image: David Balev/Unsplash)
Netflix on TV (Image: David Balev/Unsplash)

The Netflix price readjustment is gradually being applied to the profiles of Americans, starting today. This increase was already scheduled to take place since January of this year, with cost changes for all three available plans: basic, standard and premium (4K).

After the price change, Netflix subscription starts to cost:

  • $9.99 non-basic flat — era US$ 8,99;
  • $15.49 on the standard plan — era US$ 13,99;
  • US$ 19,99 no plano premium — era US$ 17,99.

Thereby, Netflix has become the most expensive streaming service in the US, surpassing all rivals. It is worth noting that, despite HBO Max also costing $9.99 in the plan with ads, the platform offers content in 4Kwithout the need to pay more money for it.

On the other hand, Netflix’s basic plan is the most limited among all the streaming services in the world. In addition to only allowing playback on one screen at a time, the setting does not show content even in HD resolution, displaying movies and series only in 480p.

Meanwhile, other platforms like Disney+, Hulu, Star+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Paramount+ and Apple TV+ do not charge different prices to offer high quality content. When comparing Netflix’s standard and premium plans with subscriptions to other services, the price difference is even greater.

In the following table — prepared by the technoblog -, you can see the prices of the main streaming services in the US and Brazil. In both countries, Netflix is ​​the most expensive platform of all in the standard and premium plans:

Streaming US prices Prices in Brazil
Netflix • Basic: $9.99 per month
• Standard: $15.49 per month
• Premium: $19.99 per month
• Basic: BRL 25.90 per month
• Standard: BRL 39.90 per month
• Premium: BRL 55.90 per month
Disney+ $7.99 per month BRL 27.90 per month
Hulu / Star+ • Hulu with Ads: $6.99 per month
• Ad-free Hulu: $12.99 per month
• Star+: BRL 32.90 per month
Amazon Prime Video • Prime Video only: $8.99 per month
• Full Amazon Prime: $14.99 per month
• Amazon Prime with Prime Video: R$9.90 per month
HBO Max • with ads: $9.99 per month
• no ads: $14.99 per month
• Mobile: BRL 19.90 per month
• Multiscreen: BRL 27.90 per month
Paramount+ • with ads: $4.99 per month
• no ads: $9.99 per month
BRL 19.90 per month
Discovery+ • with ads: $4.99 per month
• no ads: $6.99 per month
BRL 21.90 per month
Apple TV+ $4.99 per month BRL 9.90 per month
Peacock • Premium (with ads): $4.99 per month
• Premium Plus (no ads): $9.99 per month

It is worth mentioning that Netflix’s basic plan hasn’t changed in the US since 2019. The other two categories — standard and premium — last became more expensive in October 2020.

Netflix to raise prices annually

These price adjustments should continue to take place annually, as the platform grows in content. In addition to producing increasingly expensive series and movies, Netflix is ​​investing in the development of streaming games with the purchase of game studios.

To further increase profits, the platform even wants to fight customers who share passwords. To this end, Netflix will test the application of an additional fee for sharing accounts with people who do not live at the same address.

For a while, there is no forecast for a possible price readjustment in Brazil. Netflix calculates the cost of subscriptions based on local market conditions. However, despite not being scheduled to happen now, a price increase may, indeed, reach Brazilians in the future.

With information: The Verge, 9to5Mac.

Collaborated: Felipe Ventura

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