Netflix: All February 2022 Releases

Netflix released on Wednesday (19) the complete list of films, series, documentaries and anime that should arrive in the catalog in February 2022.

In the shortest month of the year, subscribers will be able to check out some highly anticipated productions. In the world of series, success dark desire returns for its second season and the teen thriller One of Us Is Lying arrives in the catalog.

Among reality shows, the highlight is the launch of new episodes of blind marriage United States and Japan.

between the movies, Through My Window, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre e parallel mothers, by renowned director Pedro Almodóvar, are the main releases.

Check out all releases (remembering that dates may change without prior notice from the company).

Netflix releases in February 2022

new series

February 2 nd

  • dark wish (2nd season)

Alma tries to rebuild her life, but an encounter with Darío rekindles their ill-fated affair. Darío’s worst side comes out.

february 3

In this improv comedy, eccentric detective Terry Seattle enlists the help of celebrities to investigate a series of murders.

February 4th

  • One of Us Is Lying

The detention brings together five extremely different students. But a murder and many secrets will keep this group together until the mystery is unraveled.

Together, the friends deal with new relationships, old wounds and the politics of the city. Sweet, salty and sour moments mix in their lives.

  • Blind Marriage: Japan

In this romantic reality show, Japanese singles eager to marry fall in love and get engaged without ever having seen each other.

february 9

Brazilian entrepreneurs sell their ideas to the public and famous judges. But to win 200 thousand reais, the challenges are great!

February 11

Entrepreneur or cheater? A journalist investigates how Anna Delvey convinced New York’s elite that she was a German heiress. Based on real facts.

  • blind marriage (2nd season)

It’s time for a new group of singles and bachelors to look for love… without meeting each other in person. Will they leave in love or disappointed?

February 18th

  • Space Force (2nd season)

Under new command, General Naird and his dysfunctional and endearing crew have four months to prove that the Space Force is worth keeping alive.

As Hugo investigates the bombing, he and his friends deal with new adversaries and challenges at work.

February 25th

Anita (Camila Queiroz) is 15 years old again (Maisa) and wants to fix everyone’s lives, until she realizes that the only person who needs to change is herself.

new movies

February 4th

Raquel’s crush on her neighbor turns into something more after he also starts to feel something for her, despite the family’s objections.

February 11

Love is a pleasant suffering for two co-workers who live a relationship full of games, pain and pleasure.

Jodi lands the dreamed-up starring role in a school musical, but the pressures end up undermining her confidence and derailing their relationship.

Under pressure to finish her book and move to Montreal for a relationship, a young queer woman tries to figure out what she wants out of life in Amsterdam.

February 17th

In this spooky short, monstrous creatures leap out of a magical book and turn the lives of Nina and her Aunt Opal into chaos.

February 18th

Two single mothers meet in a hospital room and give birth on the same day. Their connection transforms their lives.

  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Leatherface Returns

In this sequel, a group of young people decide to breathe new life into a ghost town in Texas, only to run into Leatherface, the famous chainsaw maniac.

  • Rabbids: The Invasion – Mission To Mars

An unusual group of Rabbids embarks on a mission to Mars. Now, they must unite to save the galaxy.

February 25th

Madea is back! And no patience to put up with the family dramas that threaten to spoil her grandson’s graduation party.

Documentaries and specials

February 2 nd

He pretended to be a diamond mogul, hooked up with women on the internet and stole millions of dollars from them. Now, some victims want revenge.

February 16th

The lives of an emerging star and a filmmaker intertwine in this intense and intimate three-part documentary about the career of rapper Kanye West.


february 8

A year after losing her mother, a girl discovers that she must cross Japan for the annual meeting of the gods in the sacred land of Izumo.

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