Netflix: 10 best streaming zombie movies and series

Zack Snyder’s new movie, Army of the Dead: Las Vegas Invasion, debuted recently on Netflix and made the fans of zombies and apocalypse stories happy.

But that’s not the only story about brain eaters the platform has to offer. With productions ranging from horror to comedy, streaming has options for all tastes.

Check out our list of the top 10 zombie series and movies on Netflix!

10. Black Summer

Source: Netflix/ReproductionSource:  Netflix/Reproduction

Black Summer explores, in an unusual way, the world after a zombie attack. In addition to the main stories, the series also focuses on specific challenges that can make the apocalypse even more difficult, such as language barriers and unstable alliances.

9. Sweet Home

Source: Netflix/DisclosureSource: Netflix/DisclosureSource:  Netflix/Disclosure

Based on a comic book series of the same name, sweet home follows a group of neighbors who must unite to fight the death and destruction that zombies are causing outside their condominium.

8. Ash vs. evil dead

Source: Starz/ReproductionSource: Starz/ReproductionSource:  Starz/Reproduction

Ash vs. evil dead is a spin-off from the movie franchise evil dead (in Portuguese, A crazy night).

It’s been 30 years since Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) and his chainsaw saved the world. However, when the Evil Dead is once again unleashed and threatens humanity, Ash reluctantly takes on the hero role again alongside new characters.

7. Kingdom

Source: Netflix/ReproductionSource: Netflix/ReproductionSource:  Netflix/Reproduction

The original Netflix series takes place during the Joseon Dynasty period. The plot follows Chang (Ju Ji-hoon), a Korean prince who embarks on a quest to uncover an outbreak that has mysteriously befallen his kingdom.

6. Position

Source: Netflix/DisclosureSource: Netflix/DisclosureSource:  Netflix/Disclosure

This is one of the scariest zombie movies available on Netflix. The film is set in an Australia decimated by a virus that turns people into brain eaters up to 48 hours after infection.

It’s in the midst of this scenario that Andy (Martin Freeman) desperately tries to find a way to protect his family.

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5. Z-Nation

Source: Syfy/ReproductionSource: Syfy/ReproductionSource:  Syfy/Reproduction

The action-horror series depicts a post-apocalyptic world in which humans struggle to survive. In it, a group is in charge of taking one of the survivors to California, where a laboratory will test his blood for a possible cure.

Despite tense moments during season 5, the production also finds room for comedy.

4. Army of the Dead: Las Vegas Invasion

Source: Netflix/ReproductionSource: Netflix/ReproductionSource:  Netflix/Reproduction

Another Netflix production, Army of the Dead: Las Vegas Invasion was directed and written by Zack Snyder.

After an outbreak of zombies in Las Vegas, the city is quarantined. A group of mercenaries takes this opportunity to try to carry out the biggest robbery of all time.

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3. Santa Clarita Diet

Source: Netflix/ReproductionSource: Netflix/ReproductionSource:  Netflix/Reproduction

Original Netflix, the show is relaxed and funny. In it, Sheila Hammond (Drew Barrymore) is an ordinary suburban mom who sees her life turn upside down when she becomes a zombie with a craving for human flesh.

Her husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) stands by her side and helps his wife with her newfound taste for “food”.

2. Zombieland

Source: Sony Pictures/ReproductionSource: Sony Pictures/ReproductionSource:  Sony Pictures/Reproduction

For those who want to laugh while watching the brain eaters, zombieland is a good option.

Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson and Abigail Breslin, the film tells the story of a totally disorganized group that forms an unlikely alliance to make it to Los Angeles safe and sound.

1. The Walking Dead

Source: AMC/ReproductionSource: AMC/ReproductionSource:  AMC/Reproduction

The main zombie series is reaching its 11th and final season with the promise of even more insane moments and many fights between the dead and the living.

The series follows a group of survivors who are looking for a safe place to live. During their journey, they soon discover that zombies are not the biggest threat to the apocalypse.

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