Nela Sršen: The virus has definitely weakened, the positive ones do not necessarily have to be contagious

The situation with coronavirus in Italy and Croatia is not the same. In Croatia, thanks to the good work of the Headquarters, the number of infected and dead is much smaller, said Nela Sršen for Slobodna Dalmacija.

She herself was often in a situation of direct contact with the coronavirus in the operating room of the University Hospital of Padua, where she works as a surgeon, which ended up in two-week isolation.

The moment the “lockdown” is over, it doesn’t mean that the virus is gone. There are still small hotspots. But the situation is no longer the same as in February. If we have positive patients, there is no need for them to go to resuscitation. The virus has definitely weakened and its viral charge is not what it used to be.It changes over time, but not because it has mutated.There are fourteen minor mutations that would cover the vaccine.This new virus has a shell that does not mutate.And that’s exactly the difference compared to the vaccine against “Every year a new vaccine must be made because the flu virus changes, and with the corona it is not the case. In the end, the question remains whether a coronavirus vaccine is needed at all,” says Sršen.

He says the HQ and the epidemiological service need to change the testing parameters.

All those who are positive today do not necessarily have to be contagious to the environment, but this is a term that does not currently exist in Croatia. When data on new cases are presented, for example, they say that “we have three positives.” about three patients who are infectious and can infect other people.As is known, a high viral charge kills healthy cells very quickly, we have seen the consequences, thousands infected and die in Italy.However, if the viral charge is low, it cannot infect “the host cells. So the person is positive on testing and is no longer infectious. These are so-called asymptomatic cases of which there are more and more,” she said.

The possibility of a second wave?

According to her, during standard PCR testing today it is necessary to do several cycles of amplification to determine if there is any trace of the virus in the tested person, while at the beginning of the epidemic only one cycle was enough to show if the person was infected.

“This confirms to us that the virus is weak. We need to distinguish between cases of high viremia, when a person is positive and highly contagious, and cases when a person has a low charge of the virus in himself, without symptoms, let alone infects people around him,” she said.

She also talked about the possibility of a second wave.

“If in that second wave we mean a severe economic crisis and a difficult mental state of people, then the answer is yes – the second wave will come. Just because we have more positive people sometimes does not mean that the second wave is coming. The reason is that the lockdown is over. and people are moving more.But all epidemiological measures should be respected.In Italy the penalty for not wearing a mask is 400 euros.In Croatia no one wears a mask and the social distance is not respected, everyone hugs and kisses.And everyone talks about the second wave, and epidemiological measures are not respected, I am shocked.This situation has left a mark on me.In the Veneto region, where I live, there were two thousand positive and 800 dead people a day.That is why I am even more shocked by such behavior of people in Croatia, as if nothing happened. It didn’t happen in Croatia, but it did in Italy and that’s why we need to be careful. There won’t be a second wave if people behave responsibly, “Sršen concluded for Slobodna Dalmacija.

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