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Another year has arrived for sports game lovers. Expectations are always low, but this time they managed to go beyond acceptable limits. Although NBA 2k22 show your excellence in several aspects, we have to take forward a very important factor.

PC gamers stayed in the old generation, unlike PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S holders. The only justification is not having one, as such a slight with the consumer is inexplicable.

More of the same

NBA 2k22 it is a copy of its predecessor. Nothing more, nothing less. Everything is present, like the modes MyTeam, MyLeague, MyGM, MyCareer e Neighbourhood. The menus have changed a little, they are easier to understand.

The arts follow the same ideology as the previous title, very well done and with a street design feel, which has everything to do with basketball. It bothers some internal menus a little, especially in the MyTeam, which are so exaggerated, create an intense visual pollution.

Among the teams, everyone is present. The season’s tops, the classics and the best of each franchise, taking into account the story. Now, for those who like women’s basketball, the WNBA remains present as in previous years.

Well, the game modes you’re probably tired of hearing, but I’ll do my best to summarize them as best I can. We will start with MyCareer. In it, you create your player and you can start your journey in college basketball.

The cool thing is that you already start at the stage of Playoffs, not having to go through a series of games. The counterpoint of this story is that you already need to show service right away to gain the attention of scouts at NBA.

NBA 2K22: is it worth it?

When starting your adventure you can buy VCs (game currency) to increase your skills, giving you a certain edge right from the start. You can start from scratch, but it will be quite an adventure.

I thought it was cool that we have minigames inside the draft combine. For those who don’t know, the match is an event made for team owners to get to know their future prospects, through physical and skill tests.

sports MMO

in the mode MyCareer is present the Neighbourhood. It is exactly an open world within the basketball universe, where you can have fun with other players online.

The entire adventure takes place inside an immense ship, which has many courts to play. In addition, there is the possibility of going to the gym, having fun with minigames and visiting stores to buy clothes and equipment.

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Again microtransactions come in heavily, as it is necessary to have many VCs to have everything imaginable in the digital universe. It even feels like our real life.

Another annoying point is that attributes purchased through VCs for your player get stuck in it. You cannot create another athlete with the VCs purchased. This is where the infamous microtransaction comes in.

grant 2k Sports!

As we said before, the modes MyTeam, MyLeague e MyGM are still present in the game. O MyGm comes with the same problem as the previous one, where you can’t change players or strategies during the game.

This is only possible after you evolve your friendship with the coach. Otherwise you play without these possibilities. Can you imagine having to play with athletes every minute of a match? Utopian!

Last year the community had already criticized this reward system. I understand that it is necessary, but there needed to be some common sense. There are certain items that need to be in since the beginning of your game adventure, right?

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O MyLeague remains the most attractive, as it allows a complete customization of your championship, leaving the way you see fit. For me it was like that in the past game and it remains the strong side of the game.

Me, Fr. MyTeam, remains the villain of those passionate about collecting cards. If you remember, last year I also wrote the review for NBA 2k21. I massively criticized the way he was always my darling.

There are so many things to be done, so many possibilities, that they get lost in the mode. Not to mention that this unconsciously generates mental fatigue, of so many VCs that the player needs to conquer to unlock special cards.

Problems and successes

As much as the game is from the older generation, it is possible to repair some improvements. I confess that in the graphics it is practically impossible to notice them. The optimization is much better and I can run smoothly at 4k and 60 fps.

The game mechanics are more fluid, although there is still a slight delay in the commands. Players flow better on the court and ball physics is nice.

It is also worth noting the movement of players. The traffic generated between them also flows better, making you even want to play. Yes, I say this, because in the previous version it was practically impossible to have fun with the game.

The bugs are still present. When playing online it’s impossible to enable vertical sync, and after the last update some bigger issues happened. As a picture is worth a thousand words, what happened is shown below.

It is worth it?

NBA 2k22 remains the only basketball option for PC players. There is no possibility of a worthy competitor, because he doesn’t exist. Unfortunately, what’s left is to wait for the company to have a little more affection and bid NBA 2k23 with current generation graphics engines.

Microtransactions continue with their importance and this is surreal in our market. There is only one solution for this to end and it starts from the player’s premise. It’s easy to tell us not to buy VCs, but it is the only solution for this mercenary market to end.

On the other hand, the game has many qualities, especially in the gameplay, which pleased me a lot and even made me want to play more than a full season.

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