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A console as successful as Switch often turns out to be the perfect place to re-release games that are lesser known or that were originally made available on platforms that didn’t have a large user base. That’s why we always see ports, remakes or special editions of 3DS and Wii U games coming to Nintendo’s hybrid console, including mytopy.

Released in late 2016, mytopy it’s a pretty out-of-the-box RPG that even caught some attention when it came to the two-screen handheld, but fell far short of the impressive sales figures of other big titles developed by Big N. Riding on the wave of relaunches, Nintendo decided it was time to remaster mytopy for Switch, but will a title that has always been a bit peculiar can stand out among so many new games?

A different RPG

Following a style similar to tomodachi life, also an original 3DS title, mytopy focuses entirely on characters consisting of Miis that you can create yourself or get from other users. The difference between these two games is that if in tomodachi life you could only watch the Miis, mytopy allows you to have control of at least your main character.

In some ways, it works like a traditional RPG, with the protagonist Mii living like a normal person until he meets a big villain who starts stealing people’s faces from the realm of mytopy. A mysterious voice from the sky asks you to go on a journey to save the victims and defeat the “Dark Lord”.

Your great mission in Miitopia will be to rescue the faces of everyone in the kingdomSource:  Nintendo/Reproduction

Of course, you can’t do this alone, so the voice of heaven ensures that more adventurers will join your party, which happens at a very good pace while we still learn the basic mechanics of the title. The cool thing is that each of the characters in the game has the face chosen by you, whether your team members, the inhabitants of Miitopia or even the fearsome Dark Lord.

This is exactly a good part of the fun of the game, after all, the intention is to put familiar faces in bizarre and humorous situations. I can say that both in the 3DS and Switch versions I chose to put my friends in the main group of adventures and fictional characters and celebrities in place of the NPCs I met along the way.

You will have the chance to choose a special face for each Mii you encounter along the way.You will have the chance to choose a special face for each Mii you encounter along the way.Source:  Nintendo/Reproduction

Fortunately, you don’t need to create all of these Miis, as you can easily get popular creations from other users. The game offers options to make the Mii from scratch, get it from a friend, use a creator’s code, or view the most commonly used character options at the time. In this way, in my game Lula Mollusco took the place of great villain while I was in charge of saving a grandmother with the face of the D.VA of overwatch and bringing Jigglypuff back to her beloved Waluigi, for example.

If this factor was not enough to make the game funnier, you still have to choose the class and personality of each member of your party. Among the classes, there are very traditional RPG options, but the highlight is for the more original ones, such as Cook, Pop Star, Scientist, Devil and even Cat.

In my initial party, our copywriter Thomas Schulze was a great Pop StarIn my initial party, our copywriter Thomas Schulze was a great Pop StarSource:  Nintendo/Reproduction

Based on this, you learn different skills that are used in combat, being able to heal teammates, distract enemies, steal items from whoever is attacking, etc. The adventurers’ personalities serve to give a different touch to how each Mii behaves in battle, which is important since you don’t control any of your allies at any time.

Is it for playing or watching?

For those who have never played something like mytopy or tomodachi life rather, it may seem strange that you don’t control so many aspects of the game, that’s just what guarantees the chaos and bizarre events that unfold throughout the two titles.

The more time they spend together, the more friends Miis becomeThe more time they spend together, the more friends Miis becomeSource:  Nintendo/Reproduction

You can, for example, let adventurers rest at an inn after each short journey in a new area. That’s where you find many of the more interesting events we’ve mentioned, especially as it’s where characters can spend time together and raise the level of friendship with each other.

In fact, friendship is one of the most important factors in this great adventure, considering that it releases special interactions at the inn and in random encounters with enemies. As you only control the protagonist’s attacks, you have to wait (and hope) that your allies choose the best attacks or spells to deal with the situation. In between, personality and friendship level play a big role in the action and Miis can decide something to their advantage rather than their allies.

Some Miis on your team may make selfish decisions and even fight with friends over itSome Miis on your team may make selfish decisions and even fight with friends over itSource:  Nintendo/Reproduction

You can still suggest that they buy certain items, equipment or go on tours together, but the end result is totally up to the Miis and you can only watch. Most of the time it’s a lot of fun to see the absurd situations that occur because of your lack of control, but there’s nothing more infuriating than asking a team member to buy a better weapon and seeing him come back with a banana. And believe me, it will happen. Several times.

It is also very important to note that, due to the great focus on humor in these random situations among Miis, the combat system is not very expansive and will end up becoming repetitive after a few hours. There is a factor in the middle of the plot that tries to change the pace of the game a bit, but it doesn’t take long for you to get back to the repetitive aspect.

In other situations, characters will also act with affection, increasing the level of friendship with others.In other situations, characters will also act with affection, increasing the level of friendship with others.Source:  Nintendo/Reproduction

There’s even a button that advances actions quickly, which was also present on the 3DS, so it’s worth saying that mytopy is a game made with the awareness that you might want to go through combat and other parts more automatically to enjoy the funny moments.

From two screens to the hybrid experience

It’s natural to see a 3DS game port being released to Switch and worry about what has changed, what has been added, or whether the transition from two screens to a standard platform has worked. In case of mytopy, most of the use of the second screen was to control the protagonist’s menu and actions, which was now displayed discreetly and well-functionally on the Big N’s hybrid console’s single screen.

The game is much prettier and brought some interesting newsThe game is much prettier and brought some interesting newsSource:  Nintendo/Reproduction

Other than that, we have the obvious remastering of the game for HD, which turned out good and shows the Miis in more beautiful detail, their clothes, weapons and enemies, but which also shows how empty the scenarios in which we ventured are. That was never the main focus of the game, not even on the 3DS, so it’s not a big issue, but it’s still something you’ll notice a lot at the beginning.

Regarding new features, it’s not possible to say that Nintendo has added a lot of new things in this version, but there are some interesting surprises. For starters, there’s a new companion we love to find: a fully customizable horse. I made my mare look like Epona from The Legend of Zelda, but you can be even more creative if you want to make a unicorn or a demonic horse, for example.

I couldn't resist making a mare very similar to EponaI couldn’t resist making a mare very similar to EponaSource:  Nintendo/Reproduction

The coolest addition is the makeup and wigs system the game offers players. Once you’ve put your party’s Miis into the game, you can go to this menu to fully modify them, as there are far more options for hair, makeup, and facial elements than the normal Nintendo Switch Mii maker provides.

In a title so reliant on the appearance of the Miis, you can imagine how much this can improve the experience over the original. If you want to create more faithful copies of your friends or your favorite fictional characters, now it’s much easier.

The problems of saving the inhabitants of Miitopia

A game so focused on humor and character interaction ends up needing a lot of text to be effective, so it’s important to say that unfortunately there is no option to play mytopy in Portuguese. Although the dialogues aren’t too complicated, it’s still necessary to have a good grasp of English to enjoy the jokes and bizarre situations that happen with Miis.

Although it is possible to understand many of the situations by context, understanding the language is essential to enjoy the jokes.Although it is possible to understand many of the situations by context, understanding the language is essential to enjoy the jokes.Source:  Nintendo/Reproduction

This is a very important point and one that has been stressed by Nintendo fans for some time, so if this is a criterion that you take into account when buying games like this, it’s a warning to avoid any disappointment.

A matter that cannot be ignored is the price of the game, as on the 3DS it cost $39.99, which is the same as any other title on the two-screen notebook. But with the Switch’s HD remaster, now it is necessary to pay US$49.99 or R$249.00 in the Brazilian eShop.

This is a bit difficult price to justify, even more for those who have already tried the game in the original version, since it is not so interesting to pay more for a remaster of a relatively recent title and that doesn’t have so many changes or news. Of course if you’ve never played mytopy and want something totally different from the more common Nintendo games, that could end up becoming a minor negative point.

Even with some flaws, Myitopia is very captivatingEven with some flaws, Myitopia is very captivatingSource:  Nintendo/Reproduction

In the end, mytopy it’s still very charismatic and totally focused on providing a fun experience without many current equivalents on other platforms or even in the Switch library. You can still say that mytopy it’s as fun an experience to play as it is to watch, so it can be a perfect activity to do as a group. Of course, this style of gameplay isn’t for everyone, so it’s good to get a sense of what the game offers before you even think about buying it.

Myitopia takes you out of control and, in return, offers a chaotic and unique experience

Voxel Grade: 80


  • Very fun and funny throughout the campaign.
  • Gives the player a lot of freedom to have their own adventure with the Miis
  • Provides a way to skip through the more repetitive sections
  • Perfect for those who like to watch gameplay
  • Excellent options for customizing Miis

Negative points

  • becomes repetitive after a few hours
  • It’s more expensive than the original without offering many new features
  • Your mood depends a lot on your text and there is no Portuguese version

Myitopia has been kindly provided by Nintendo to carry out this analysis.

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