My Name: 7 series similar to the Netflix action title

The South Korean thriller series My Name, recently released on Netflix, is making a splash among the public, especially as it presents a dense narrative about action-packed revenge and big twists. Guided by protagonist Yoon Ji-woo, the plot follows a young woman who infiltrates the police to avenge her father’s death, joining the country’s largest drug cartel to investigate those responsible for the personal tragedy.

For those who liked the series and can’t wait to fall head over heels in productions of the genre, we’ve separated a list with some indications that have concepts, atmospheres and stories similar to those of My Name.

Check out 7 series similar to My Name!

7. Bomb Girls

(Source: Shaw Media / Reproduction)Source: Shaw Media

Bomb Girls is a Canadian drama series that dates back to World War II, more specifically to the backstage of the conflict. Her story presents a group of four women working in a Canadian munitions factory and reveals how people from various social classes come together to support each other in a world without prospects, where the fear of war and loss is enough to strengthen the bond. among the helpless.


(Source: KBS / Reproduction)(Source: KBS / Reproduction)Source: KBS

In this breathtaking police thriller, South Korea’s National Security Service (NSS) goes to great lengths to combat a new threat posed by the terrorist group IRIS. The series focuses on a pair of friends from the 707th Battalion who, as they leave their country to carry out classified missions in Hungary, Japan and China, find themselves in the midst of an unprecedented international conspiracy. Meanwhile, the pair must team up with the organization’s best-prepared agents to maintain anonymity and prevent assassins from compromising the nation’s interests.

5. O Mito de Sísifo

(Source: Netflix / Reproduction)(Source: Netflix / Reproduction)Fonte:  Netflix

Complex and immersive South Korean drama, O Mito de Sísifo follows Han Tae-sul (Cho Seung-woo), a vain man in love with fashion and computer technology. Ten years after witnessing the death of his brother and being the sole director of the corporation Quantum and Time Company, Tae-sul mysteriously receives information about the crime and sets off on a new journey in an attempt to discover the truth, while getting involved with a strange figure who seems to have come from another time and who may be your only hope of salvation.

4. Killing Eve: Double Obsession

(Source: BBC / Reproduction)(Source: BBC / Reproduction)Source: BBC

In Killing Eve: Double Obsession, Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy) is Eve Polastri, a British investigator promoted from the agency’s in-house guard to the main person responsible for hunting down and capturing psychopath Oksana Astankova (Jodie Comer). Involved in the case to the point of developing an obsession with the murderer, the protagonist participates in great moments of persecution, action and drama, rescuing plots about self-knowledge, determination and the search for professional perfection.

3. Orphan Black

(Source: Netflix / Reproduction)(Source: Netflix / Reproduction)Fonte:  Netflix

With elements of science fiction and suspense, Orphan Black revolves around Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany), an orphan with a mysterious past who witnesses a terrible death. Upon investigating the corpse, Sarah ends up discovering that the victim was identical to her, and the only option left was to cover up the fatality and assume the identity of the deceased. This starts a series of questions involving personal identity, and the protagonist finds herself involved in a kind of conspiracy that will forever change her world and her own personality.

2. Giri/Hajj

(Source: BBC / Reproduction)(Source: BBC / Reproduction)Source: BBC

Giri/Hajj, raised by Joe Barton (Half Bad), is a British television series presented in a bilingual format and set simultaneously in the UK and Japan. The story follows Kenzo Mori (Takehiro Hira), a police officer who travels from Tokyo to London in order to search for his missing brother, allegedly involved with ancient Yakuza known to the family. Upon discovering that his relative has become involved in a gang war, Mori’s only solution is to join dangerous elements of the criminal underworld and try to save his family’s honor.

1. City Hunter

(Source: SBS / Reproduction)(Source: SBS / Reproduction)Source: SBS

Broadcast on SBS channel in 2011, the South Korean series City Hunter is based on the popular manga by comic artist Tsukasa Hojo and tells the story of Lee Yoon-sung (Lee Min-ho), an information technology expert who spends part of his youth devising a plan to avenge his father’s murder. Undercover at the Blue House, executive office and official residence of the head of state, Yoon-sung will do anything to expose corruption and serious crimes committed by state officials, while risking death and getting involved beyond plan.

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