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THE Multilaser had a very busy year. In addition to its debut on the stock exchange in July, the company reached strategic partnerships in recent months. This is the case for large brands, such as Toshiba and Sony, to sell televisions and headphones, respectively, in Brazil. But now the company wants to mark its presence in more countries in Latin America and is also in conversations to reach other regions.

Multilaser H (image: Emerson Alecrim/Tecnoblog)

Global expansion is one of the company’s new bets. This is what Multilaser’s vice president of products, André Poroger, tells us. In conversation with the Techblog this Tuesday (24), the executive explained that the company began crossing Brazilian borders to Uruguay and Argentina in 2019. But the idea, now, is to accelerate the entry into other countries in the region.

According to the VP of products, the plan is a “greater expansion to other countries in Latin America”, such as Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. “Latin America is the first focus,” he said. “But we are also looking at the Portuguese-speaking markets, such as Portugal, Angola and Mozambique.”

The initiative is a bet for the Brazilian company to reach new airs, but still keeping its focus on Brazil. For this, Multilaser is preparing a warehouse in Uruguay that will act as a logistical hub in the region. The company also has the support of the global sales director, Felipe Duarte, who is in charge of this new division.

Smart Lamp Multilaser Liv (Image: Darlan Helder/Tecnoblog)
Smart Lamp Multilaser Liv (Image: Darlan Helder/Tecnoblog)

Project will take Multilaser cell phones to other markets

Multilaser is known for its wide variety of products, including those from other brands. Last year, the Brazilian manufacturer began distributing Nokia cell phones in Brazil. The company also has other global partnerships, such as Sony, for headphones, and Toshiba, for screens. According to Poroger, the company currently has thirteen verticals, more than 5,000 products and two factories in Brazil.

But not all of this portfolio will be taken abroad at this time. To Techblog, the executive informs that around 500 products will be present in other countries initially. This is the case of smartphones, computers, tablets, audio equipment, among other categories. In addition, the manufacturer will focus on products that carry its signature.

“The idea is, initially, to focus on the Multilaser line”, he explained. “As we expand, we will evaluate the possibility of partnerships with these brands, also, in the international market”.

Ultra Notebooks 300 Series with Netflix Key (Image: Disclosure/Multilaser)
Ultra Notebooks 300 Series with Netflix Key (Image: Disclosure/Multilaser)

Diversified portfolio is key to expansion

Global expansion is another important element to leverage Multilaser’s growth outside Brazil. This is the assessment made by André Poroger, vice president of products at the Brazilian manufacturer. And, to achieve this new objective, the company intends to count on the help of its diversified portfolio.

“Multilaser, today, is an almost unique company in terms of portfolio size. Perhaps no consumer technology company has such a broad portfolio, which operates in so many product verticals in a strong way in retail”, he said.

But this is not the only front that will be used in this process. The executive explains that the company also has proprietary sales systems, channel inventory mapping and sales incentives. For him, the idea is not just to put the product on sale, but to replicate the brand’s differentials in other countries that sometimes do not have the same size as Brazil.

“We have several opportunities within the portfolio and the expansion is another pillar of the company’s growth”, he concluded.

The expansion gains traction right after Multilaser’s IPO. In July, the company raised around R$1.9 billion in its initial public offering on B3 and reached R$9 billion in market value. The company also had a net profit of BRL 395.9 million in the first half of 2021, an increase of 376.2% compared to 2020.

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