MU Grabs FA Cup Semifinal Ticket, Solskjaer: Important for Team Mental

Jakarta, IDN Times – Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said the FA Cup semifinal ticket that won his team after defeating Norwich City 2-1 on Saturday Saturday (27/6) night was important for players’ mentality.

“We are in the semifinals and we are happy with that. Last year we reached the quarter-finals and lost to Wolves. Now, at least, we are in the semifinals at Wembley,” Solskajer was quoted as saying by Sky Sport.

1. Manchester United’s victory is very important for Solskjaer

The dramatic victory made the Red Devils become the first team to ensure their place in the last four. They just need to finish the competition with just two wins at Wembley to secure the inaugural Solskjaer trophy with the players. And, that opportunity must be maximized properly by Marcus Rashford et al.

“It’s important for this team to win their first trophy or reach the first final together. That will help culture to win, because we have to start winning things,” the 47-year-old coach said.

2. The passage of Manchester United to the semifinal cannot be separated from Maguire’s brilliant performances

MU Grabs FA Cup Semifinal Ticket, Solskjaer: Important for Team

Solskjaer revealed that the victory was inseparable from the good performances of the players, one of whom was team captain Harry Maguire. After getting harsh criticism from Manchester United legend Roy Kane last week when his team were held to a Tottenham Hotspurs 1-1 draw, Maguire got up to be able to provide resistance to Norwich at Carrow Road.

That makes the Norwegian coach feel proud of the appearance of the player who filled the position as a central defender.

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“Harry (Maguire) has been incredible since he came to the club, his leadership skills were there to be seen, he helped us in building the team, including in the match earlier. I think he won every canopy and every challenge, so I’m very happy with Harry, “said Solskjaer.

3. Maguire presents the second goal for Manchester United

MU Grabs FA Cup Semifinal Ticket, Solskjaer: Important for Team

Maguire really became a hero of Manchester United in a duel against Norwitch. How not, when both teams played equally 1-1 until extra time, the England national team player managed to score a goal in the 118th minute to ensure his team qualified for the FA Cup semi-finals.

The goal was Maguire’s second with the club based at the Theater of Dream, Old Trafford. Previously he managed to offer the first goal through a long-distance kick when Manchester United met with Tranmere Rovers in January 2020.

“Those two goals are two different goals and maybe two goals that you didn’t expect from him, one from 30 yards in the top corner and then the hunter’s goal,” said the former Molde coach.

4. Ighalo also played very well for Manchester United

MU Grabs FA Cup Semifinal Ticket, Solskjaer: Important for Team MentalManchester United player, Odion Ighalo. (

Not only that, he also assessed that Odion Ighalo played very well every time he was given the confidence to appear on the field. According to Solskjaer, the loan player from Shanghai Shenhua knew that he was placed in the dressing room and valued.

“He is performing well and that also gives me the opportunity to rotate with Marcus [Rashford], Anthony [Martial] and Mason [Greenwood] so they can rest and be fresh for every game, “said Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who was optimistic Manchester United would soon win the inaugural title with him in the 2020 FA Cup.

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