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The Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ) announced the opening of an incubation program for startups linked to the legal area, called Impacta. The state public agency’s small business promotion program is looking for technological solutions to problems such as fighting militias and controlling police activity in Rio.

MPRJ opened a competition for startups that help identify and map Rio de Janeiro militias (Image: MPRJ/Disclosure)

Impacta was prepared by the Innovation Laboratory of MPRJ (Inova_MPRJ) and executed with the support of the company Semente Negócios. Despite being administered by the Public Ministry of Rio, the incubation program is open to startups from all over Brazil.

In a note publicizing the event, MPRJ states that it is necessary for participating startups to propose innovative solutions to solve nine challenges mapped by the institution.

Startup to help MPRJ identify militias

One of them is the fight against the Rio de Janeiro militias, organizations that gained evidence and became a challenge for Public Security in the state. Recently, the problem of the paramilitary factions in Rio affected the operator Oi, which mentioned the difficulty in installing network cables in areas controlled by the militias.

According to the prosecutor of the MPRJ, Vitor Micelli, investigations involving militias are more complex than inquiries of other types, because the Public Ministry cannot resort to conventional means of investigation.

“The militias are made by agents who are undercover and are part of the means of repression and criminal prosecution. So we always need to try to be ahead or innovating, looking for ways to find information that is unknown or, at least, little used.”

The MPRJ prosecutor hopes to find in the incubation program that companies provide solutions to process data efficiently and quickly to speed up police investigations into militias, which, according to Micelli, often end up “lengthening”.

Startup program is divided into two modules

Impacta is divided into two modules. In the first, of incubation, the selected startups must develop, within the established deadline, minimally viable products (PMV) for three main challenges, considered “shots in the moon” by the MPRJ. In addition to fighting militias, companies must address crimes related to financial assets and external control of police activity.

The second module is acceleration: startups must develop solutions for another six challenges proposed by the MPRJ in this stage of the program. Are they:

  • Data Integration for Investigations: connect the various MPRJ databases to streamline and make investigations more efficient.
  • Precedents system: solutions to automate the identification of criminal history in legal proceedings and investigative procedures to improve the precedent system.
  • Automation of simple steps: automate the adoption of measures in less complex cases addressed by the agency.
  • Arrest warrants: improving mechanisms for locating people with open arrest warrants for investigations and court decisions.
  • Legally linked resources: efficiency in monitoring the execution of legally linked resources to allow preventive and corrective control actions
  • Project management: create a standard for MPRJ strategic planning, going through collaborative forms of project management that avoid rework and overlaps.

12 companies will be selected; registration runs until 10/19

12 startups will be chosen in the development or commercialization phase at scale — even if the solutions presented require a phase of adaptation by the company. The chosen businesses will be able to advance to the second stage of Impacta, that of acceleration, at the discretion of the MPRJ.

“Open innovation programs have a promising differential. Through them, organizations can invest in the precise definition of the problems they intend to solve and create conditions for companies to build the best proposals”, comments Breno Gouvêa, Manager of Inova_MPRJ. “This differential can be even more promising when applied to the challenges of the public sector”, he adds.

Registration for Impacta is now open and runs until October 19th. Ten days later (29) the companies selected by the MPRJ, which must participate in the first incubation module, will be announced. On November 19th, the winners who will participate in the acceleration module will be announced.

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