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This week’s new technology opportunities include job openings and internships at companies in different segments — and include big names such as Motorola, which is opening a selection process for university students, even smaller startups, in full expansion. One of the companies hiring is the GetNinjas, with open positions for developers, Tech Lead, among other positions. Below, see more details about each vacancy and find out how to submit your resume.

Tech professionals (Image: Austin Diesel/Unsplash)

Motorola – 2022 Internship Program

Motorola has just opened the selection process for its 2022 Internship Program. According to the company, there are vacancies for several sectors, such as research and development teams, products, IT and more.

Interested in learning within the company can register until October 15th by email [email protected], with curriculum attached.

The vacancies are for the offices in São Paulo and Jaguariúna. You must have intermediate English and have a forecast to attend the penultimate or last year of college in 2022. The company provides scholarships and benefits compatible with the market.

GetNinjas – job for devs, tech leader and more

GetNinjas is another growing company, with 18 open positions across multiple industries, including technology positions such as information security analyst, Android (Kotlin) development, back-end and front-end development, Python development, Tech Lead and more .

The company offers food/meal vouchers, medical and dental insurance (SulAmérica), transport/parking vouchers, free psychotherapy, yoga and gymnastics, in addition to the possibility of remote work (home office).

To find out details about the requirements of each position and send your resume, just click on this link.

Zup – 100 jobs in technology

Zup claims to have an average of 150 to 200 hires a month, and now offers new opportunities in engineering, development, security and infrastructure. The company tripled its workforce from the beginning of 2020 to August 2021, reaching 3,000 employees — 80% in the technology area.

Among the various benefits offered by the company are the possibility of remote work, flexible hours, education assistance, health and dental plan, 180-day maternity leave, 20-day paternity leave + Post-paternity leave: extension of 70 days, among others.

You can check all the details about the company and the vacancies available through this website.

Invillia – 500 vacancies by the end of 2021

Invillia is a Brazilian multinational that expects to open 500 job openings by December 2021. The company is present in more than 200 cities and 7 countries, and has opportunities for remote work, under the CLT regime, for Python, Java, developer iOS, Mobile, in addition to positions for the sectors of Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, DevOps, among others.

The company also has talent recruitment and preparation programs, such as “[ insiders_º ]”, a popular internship program with applications open throughout the year, the “Hello, stranger”, a campaign aimed at people who feel “strange” in the jobs they occupy and want new challenges, and the “Reinvent”, a program that helps prepare technology professionals, who for some reason have paused their careers, to return to the labor market.

You can check out all Invillia opportunities at this link.

eNotes – opportunities in Belo Horizonte

eNotes is a company that offers a solution to automate 100% of the electronic invoice issuance flow, and has six vacancies open in different areas, including DevOps, Tech Lead and development.

Among the benefits offered by the company are flexible hours, health plan and flexible food card. Work is remote only during the pandemic, with a return to the office in Belo Horizonte (MG) in the future.

To apply, simply access the company’s website and select the desired vacancy. You can also send email to: [email protected].

Beep Health – registration until 09/01

healthtech Beep Saúde created the Beep Code program to hire early career technology professionals. With registration until September 1, 2021, the company is looking for candidates over 18 years old with availability to work full time in the following states: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Distrito Federal or Paraná.

The program has 12 weeks of immersion, remotely due to the pandemic. In total, 15 people will be hired to program real projects with the company’s IT team, under the CLT regime, with remuneration compatible with the market.

The company also offers medical and dental assistance, telecommuting allowance, meal and/or food stamps, discounts on laboratory tests and vaccines, Gympass and life insurance.

Among the requirements for the vacancies are basic knowledge in one of these programming languages: Ruby, Python, Java, JavaScript or PHP. It is not necessary to have a university degree or speak English. More details can be seen at this link.

Instituto Atlântico – 40 vacancies in home office

The Instituto de Ciências e Tecnologia (ICT) Instituto Atlântico has around 40 vacancies for technology professionals. Opportunities are in the areas of back-end, front-end, iOS, Java, Python, UI/UX, among others.

According to the company, the work is done remotely, under the CLT regime, and professionals from any part of Brazil can participate in the selection process.

Among the benefits are home office assistance, health and dental plans, meal/food vouchers, private pension plan, daycare assistance and much more. You can check out more details at this link.

Job vacancies on Tecnoblog

Remember: the Techblog is also hiring. If you want to be part of the largest independent technology vehicle in Brazil, check out the open positions in communication and technology (writing, social media, SEO analyst, web developer and more).

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