Most anticipated sport and racing games of 2021

2021 promises to be a revolutionary year for racing and sport games. After all, it will be the first where new titles for the genres will reach the consoles of the current generation: PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. In addition, it is also the year to receive versions of old franchises that are returning after a long time without news.

Voxel made a list of the main sports and racing games that arrive in 2021. Check out:


The first FIFA of the new generation is one of the most anticipated games of 2021. Although it has already been released for PS5 and Xbox Series S / X, the version was just a port, that is, a game with graphic improvements, but nothing revolutionary.

FIFA 21 on PS5 was a port of the past generation with improved graphicsFIFA 21 on PS5 was a port of the past generation with improved graphicsSource: PlayStation Blog

However, EA Sports has already promised that FIFA 22 will be completely redesigned and made for the new consoles. With that, we must have drastic changes in the gameplay and also in the visual, with a game even more realistic than the current version.

PES 2022

What if the “rival” FIFA already entered the current generation of consoles, Konami decided to hold on to anxiety and leave it to PES 2022 be the first for PS5 and Xbox Series S / X. According to the company, the decision was made to have more time to produce a game that satisfies its millions of players.

PES 2021 was just an update from the previous versionPES 2021 was just an update from the previous versionSource: Steam

The decision may also have been a strategy to avoid the mistake of the past generation. In this ocasion, PES 2015 arrived for PS4 and Xbox One full of problems, which made many consider it the worst of the franchise.

NBA 2K22

Considered by many to be the best sports franchise today, NBA 2K22 promises to maintain the post in its new version. The series has already debuted with the right foot on the current generation consoles, bringing a game that impressed with its level of realism.

NBA 2K21 impressed with realism on PS5 and Xbox Series S / XNBA 2K21 impressed with realism on PS5 and Xbox Series S / XSource: YouTube

With that, the expectations only increase, since the new game will also be the first totally made for the current generation of consoles. That is, if the port has already left everyone jaw-dropping, imagine what we can expect with this new version.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Announced on Nintendo Direct last Wednesday (17), Mario Golf: Super Rush marks the return of Nintendo’s golf franchise. In its new version, the game will have a story mode and, of course, the presence of Mario and his gang.

In addition to very realistic graphics, the game promises arcade gameplay with a very fun twist. In addition to using the conventional Joy-Cons, the game also allows you to use movement control so that the player makes a shot as if he were playing real golf. Mario Golf: Super Rush will arrive on June 25 for Nintendo Switch.

F1 2021 (EA Sports)

Although it is released annually, in 2021 the new F1 game draws attention. The reason is the acquisition of the game’s producer, Codemasters, by the powerful Eletronic Arts. With that, the expectation arises of what will be the changes that the new game will have.

F1 2020 is the current game in the franchiseF1 2020 is the current game in the franchiseSource: F1

On the internet, many have even considered an Ultimate Team mode in the game. For those who do not know, the mode brings a card mechanics where it is necessary to organize a team to compete in competitions. And before you question how it can happen in F1 2021, remember that the company achieved the feat of inserting the mode in the MMA game: EA Sports UFC !

Gran Turismo 7

Although it was one of the first exclusive games announced for the PS5, Gran Turismo 7 it should only show up at the end of 2021. Since the announcement, we have never had another official news about the game, just rumors about a delay in the official launch.

Gran Turismo 7 should arrive in 2021Gran Turismo 7 should arrive in 2021Source: Wccftech

It is worth remembering that the franchise already has a history of postponements. Gran Turismo 5, the first game of the franchise for PS3, was five years in development and went through a series of delays, reaching stores only in 2010.

Forza Motorsport or Horizon

Since the Xbox 360, Microsoft has always launched a game from its racing franchise alongside a new console. However, that didn’t happen with the Xbox Series S / X, which at the moment doesn’t even have a title announced.

Forza Horizon 4 was the last title in the franchiseForza Horizon 4 was the last title in the franchiseSource: Disclosure

However, we are absolutely sure that the franchise returns this year. It remains to be seen whether it will keep the schedule that varies with each title released, or will change, launching another Forza Horizon before a new Forza Motorsport.

Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown

The series that was very successful in the 90s will have a new title this year. Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown will mark the return of the racing franchise that hasn’t received a new one in over ten years.

Few news has been revealed since its teaser was revealed in July 2020. However, rumors point to the launch of the game for PCs and the current consoles: PS5 and Xbox Series S / X.

Riders Republic

Ubisoft’s extreme sports game was due to be released this month, February 25th, but it was delayed until “sometime” in 2021. The postponement was made so that improvements could be applied to the game, which arrives for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

It will bring modalities such as Cycling, Snowboarding, Skiing and Gliding Suit Flight, in races with more than 50 players competing in the same event. The game will also feature a career and advanced customization mode.

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