Mortal Kombat trailer: 16 secrets and easters eggs that have been beaten

Yesterday, Warner Pictures took the gamer world by surprise with the trailer for the movie Mortal Kombat which, so far, looks extremely promising (something very rare when it comes to game feature films). But did you know that there are many secrets hidden between each frame of the video, including characters that can show up?

Voxel analyzed the trailer for Mortal Kombat frame by frame and brings all the news you may have missed, including a very curious theory about Cole Young, the protagonist of the film who is not in the games. Come with us!

Sub-Zero is Bi-Han

For fans of the franchise Mortal Kombat, certainly the fact that there are two Sub-Zeros in history is nothing new. However, the question remains: which of the two appears in the film? In an interview, director Simon McQuoid confirmed in an interview with IGN that the film’s icy killer is Bi-Han, the first Sub-Zero (the most perverse version).

THESub-Zero of the film is Bi-Han. Source: Warner / Reproduction.

Jax loses his arms for Sub-Zero (not Ermac)

In the sequence, we see Jax losing his arms, but not in the way we saw in the game reboot back in 2011, in which he loses his limbs in a fight against Ermac. The director explained again that, despite being a big fan of the games, he had to take some liberties with the script, which here brings Sub-Zero as the character who takes the major’s arms.

Probably, the change was made to avoid that the film has many characters (something that looks good, but that in a short time of screen there is no space for development of all of them and, in the end, the quality of the plot worsens).

Jax still with arms when he meets Cole

Here comes the first question about the trailer. At the beginning of the video, Sonya narrates that they found Sub-Zero in Brazil seven years ago, implying that Jax lost his arms a long time ago. However, in the part of the trailer that Jax talks to Cole, he still has both arms, implying that: the scene at the beginning was not seven years ago or Jax met the protagonist a long time ago, before he even lost his upper limbs.


Mileena at Exoterra (Outworld)

Despite being a simple scene, we see Mileena appearing for the first time, with her iconic hat on her back. In addition, director Simon McQuoid confirmed that the scene is set at Exoterra (Outworld in English).

Great Kung Lao defeating Shang Tsung in painting

For an instant, we see Sonya explaining to Cole about the tournament Mortal Kombat, which has been around for ages. In the old illustration, we see two characters battling, but there may be more than meets the eye. In the painting, we see a bald character defeating a man with long hair, something that could be a representation of Great Kung Lao defeating Shang Tsung 500 years ago and preventing the invasion of Earth by Exoterra, breaking the wizard’s winning streak.

THEWould it be Grande Kung Lao and Shang Tsung in the painting? Source: Warner / Reproduction.

Hasashi Hanzo losing his family to Lin Kuei and becoming Scorpion

It may not be surprising to anyone that the character on the screen is Hasashi Hanzo, the ninja of the Shirai Ryu clan who later becomes Scorpion. The film’s director has already confirmed that the scene is the beginning of the feature film and is probably the part of the plot that his clan is murdered by Lin Kuei, the Sub-Zero clan, beginning the birth of Scorpion (who is reborn as a spirit of revenge at the hands of Quan Chi, something that is not yet confirmed in the film).

Kano fighting for the earth plane

Although Kano is an inhabitant of the earth plane, in games he is the leader of the Black Dragon, a criminal faction. In the games, Kano serves Exoterra as a mercenary and fights against the “kombatentes” of the Earth. However, in the film he will be an ally, at least in the beginning. Will he have another guise in the feature film or will he betray his allies at some point?

In the first stretch in which he appears, Kano is fighting Sonya (who in the original story is chasing the mercenary along with Special Forces) and already has the scar on his right eye that he wins from Reptile (which you will see further down the list), which may indicate that Kano is going to betray the group.

Editing error or does Kano have two bionic eyes?

One of the most striking aspects of Kano is, without a doubt, his bionic right eye, capable of firing lasers. In the character’s poster and in the promotional images, the character remains faithful to the appearance of the games and it is his right eye that seems modified, but in the trailer Kano fires the laser with his left eye. Did the trailer edit mirror the character in an error or can he shoot lasers with both eyes?

Kitana fan appearing very soon

Where are Kitana and Johnny Cage, two essential characters from the first game? Although we don’t know anything about the Hollywood actor, Kitana has at least one easter egg in the trailer. In the scene in which Raiden appears with the fighters of the earth plane, in a fraction of a second it is possible to see Kitana’s fan standing on a pedestal, giving clues that the princess of Exoterra may appear in the feature film of the series.

THEKitana fan appears in milliseconds of this scene. Source: Warner / Reproduction

Shao Khan statue

It may seem silly to quote, but seeing the statue of Shao Khan briefly in the trailer is interesting. The plot of the first game has no involvement from the Exoterra emperor and the film could simply ignore the character’s existence. However, it does exist and its appearance seems to be extremely faithful to that of the games.

THEShao Khan statue. Source: Warner / Reproduction

Reptile appearing briefly (and he is a lizard)

For inattentive looks, an important detail can go unnoticed in this scene, which features a character coming out of camouflage. Pausing frame by frame, we see Reptile becoming visible and a brief look at its look, which is that of a giant lizard (which even has a knife between its teeth).

THEReptile becoming visible. Source: Warner / Reproduction

Kabal confirmed in the film

Without a doubt, the highlight of this trailer is Liu Kang using the classic fire dragon, one of his Fatality. However, if you look closely, there is a character next to it with some very famous characteristics: blades with very similar aspects to that of Kabal. In another section, we see more of the enemy’s look, which has several pipes and hoses (in addition to a better view of the blades, confirming that Kabal is in the feature film).

Sub-Zero uses Mortal Kombat 11 moves

In the fight against Scorpion, Sub-Zero uses his wall of ice, an iconic blow from Mortal Kombat 11. Although the frozen blood stake looks familiar, the blow is actually Skarlet’s (who does not use it frozen since he can manipulate the shape of the blood).

Mileena gets a Fatality and Cole has strange weapons

After the final screen scrolls, we see very fast scenes passing through the screen. One of them is Sonya fighting Mileena, who receives a blow of energy that destroys her abdomen and makes blood fly everywhere (is it Fatality?). In addition, we see Cole with strange weapons, which can be tonfas or even the famous tarkatênea blades (of the Baraka race).

Kano uses a classic Fatality and we see the entire appearance of Reptile (which has green blood)

In addition to saying “Kano Wins”, an iconic phrase from the end of the games’ fights, the character uses his classic Fatality in which he tears the opponent’s heart. In the scene, we can see Reptile with the whole body appearing and a curious detail: the blood on Kano’s hands is dark and greenish, faithfully following the color of the fighter’s blood in the games.

Cole Young Theory: Is he Sub-Zero’s brother or a tarkatan?

After all, who is Cole Young? Created to be the unique character of the film and with the purpose of acting as the viewer in the plot of Mortal Kombat, it may be that he is only the famous “game movie protagonist”. However, there may be more than meets the eye here.

As we mentioned, in one of the frames Cole uses weapons that look a lot like tarkataneous blades (but that can only be tonhas that the motion blur of the moment took away details). However, there is a second theory circulating that, if materialized, can be quite interesting: Cole Young is Kuai Liang, brother of Bi-Han (Sub-Zero).

The theory comes from the fact that, perhaps, Cole was separated from his still small clan (and therefore the Mortal Kombat in the chest it is not from birth, but that he is chosen, as Jax suggests) and the family that adopted him created a name similar to his original: phonetically, Cole Young could be an Americanization of Kuai Liang. After all, the character and the actor have oriental traits.

This could be corroborated with Cole seeing the image of Scorpion in the mirror in one of the scenes in the trailer: after all, why would the spirit of revenge be watching the protagonist? Of course it is just a theory and there could be several reasons for all of this, but if it were reality, things would be much more interesting. After all, the anonymous protagonist could become the next Sub-Zero in a twist of history.

In addition, there are many questions about the armor or power that Cole uses in the trailer. We know it’s Cole because of the black cause and the red band around his waist. What are your bets on that?

So, what did you think of the references we found in the trailer for Mortal Kombat? Did you see any more that we didn’t get? Leave it here in the comments!

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