MonVPN, a simple, powerful solution in French for € 2.49 / month

Through a promotional offer at 29.99 euros per year, or 2.49 euros per month, MonVPN offers a quality service which guarantees the security of your data and allows you in particular to access the international catalogs of the main platforms of Streaming.

Far from the aggressive marketing of some of its competitors, but with ten years of experience, MonVPN is a quality service that favors simplicity and efficiency. For a very reasonable price during the winter sales, this solution offers a secure connection that supports up to 10 terminals simultaneously, regardless of their operating system (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Android TV or Linux).


Access streaming catalogs from around the world

MonVPN meets the main expectations of Internet users by offering them the possibility of accessing all the catalogs of their favorite streaming services, those which cannot usually be accessed from French territory or when traveling abroad. . MonVPN works well with the main platforms like Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime or the British BBC and ITV and even, rarer, with RTLplay, portal which groups together live and replay broadcasts, geo-blocked outside Belgian territory. In short, the use of a virtual network such as MonVPN will make it possible to watch foreign channels and programs thanks to an appropriate identification through its network of servers made available. It is also the ultimate tool for expatriates who will be able to continue watching French TV channels abroad with Salto, 6play, Molotov, TF1, etc.

For P2P enthusiasts, note that MonVPN does not block BitTorrent clients on servers dedicated to downloading. It is therefore possible to use software such as Bittorrent, Vuze or Utorrent with this solution.

High-end servers all over the world

To guarantee an excellent quality of service, MonVPN has only selected high-end servers, hosted in reliable data centers. They offer very good speeds for connection anywhere in the world, including in countries subject to censorship, like China, and you can switch between them without limit. Many of these servers are located in Europe, but they can also be found in Japan, Hong Kong or the United States. MonVPN also guarantees fast servers, never overloaded. However, in the event of occasional instability of the network and an interruption, the software offers the Kill Switch option which immediately stops exchanges for security.

MonVPN belgium

A simple interface in French

Compatible with most popular VPN protocols, including IPv6 for increased protection and connection speed, MonVPN relies on flawless security. The service does not keep activity logs on its servers and does not monitor the connections of its clients. However, do you have to be an expert to use this solution? No, quite the contrary. MonVPN highlights its user-friendly interface and assistance in French. The service also provides its customers with numerous tutorials written in the language of Molière, accessible from its Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Better yet, MonVPN also offers a Remote Support with Teamviewer software which will allow its teams to connect remotely to a customer’s computer to resolve a problem. Unlike the competition that is imposed by strong advertising campaigns, MonVPN favors a reassuring proximity to its users. A live chat service allows you to contact the service at any time.

MyVPN teamviewer

But most of the time, this completely automated service – you just select your preferences and the location of your VPN – will satisfy neophytes. Under the heading entitled Blog, they will find many articles detailing all the content they can now access.

MyVPN blog

€ 29.99 / year during the weekends only

My VPN benefits from a promotional offer during the winter sales, ie 29.99 euros for a year of subscription to the service, with a guarantee ” satisfied or refunded “ for 7 days. The opportunity to test the service to verify its performance and user-friendliness. It is also possible to take out a monthly subscription at 7.99 euros per month or quarterly at 13.99 euros per month.

To ensure the confidentiality of its data and the security of its online transactions, more particularly from a public Wi-Fi hotspot, or quite simply to take full advantage of video platforms from France or abroad, MonVPN is a tool of choice which will satisfy both experts and beginners.

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