Modern Love: Why Should You Watch Season 2 of the Show?

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The following text NOT contains spoilers from the second season of Modern Love!

Next Friday (13), the second season of the series opens modern love, the anthology produced by Amazon Prime Video. With eight episodes, the series covers narratives about “relationships, connections, betrayals and revelations in a unique way, showing  love in all its complicated and beautiful forms”, according to the official synopsis.

While the first season brought together big names like Anne Hathaway, Dev Patel, Tina Fey and Andy Garcia, the new episodes also bet on names already known to the public, such as Anna Paquin, Garrett Hedlund, Tobias Menzies and Kit Harington, the eternal Jon Snow.

O my series had access to the new episodes and we’ll tell you why it’s worth watching the second season of modern love. Check out:

1. Light narrative without losing depth

Anyone who expects ordinary stories of sugar water romance may be disappointed. That’s because the plot addresses unconventional subjects that are generally not part of romantic productions. This was already shown in the first season in Take Me as I Am, Whoever I Am. In the episode, Anne Hathaway gives life to a bipolar lawyer struggling to find a partner who understands her condition.

In the second season, the series follows the same path and introduces the viewer to a character called the Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder (DSPD). In the series, she lives “upside down”, that is, she sleeps during the day and wakes up at night. From there, we follow their trajectory in a new relationship and, of course, the dilemmas faced by the couple.


With just over thirty minutes for each episode, it’s a mistake to believe that the plots approach the issues superficially due to the short screen time. On the contrary, the most sensitive can already get the tissues, because the chances of getting emotional in more than one episode are high.

2. Romance with good doses of reality

The plot is based on real stories, submitted by readers and published in the newspaper The New York Times in the Modern Love column. And what does that mean? Well, like life, not all narratives are simple and, above all, not all endings are happy. So don’t expect every episode to follow the already famous cliché in romantic comedies. At the same time, it is worth reflecting: happy endings are not relative, right?

3. More representativeness

The second season features two episodes focused on LGBTQIA+ novels. In one of them, a pre-teen goes through the process of discovering her sexuality and the dilemmas faced during this period – if you are part of the community, it is very likely that you identify with some aspect of the episode – while the other follows two men who , when they meet again in the street, remember the first and only meeting they had.

Although the expansion of LGBTQIA+ narratives has expanded a few steps this season — is it worth the touch to ensure more diversity in the coming seasons, see, Amazon Prime Video? — the change already carries greater representation, going beyond the already well-explored heteronormative narratives.


Otherwise, modern love is the show you can watch when you want to see something light but deep. Furthermore, all the episodes make the viewer feel completely different emotions and, most importantly, reflect on the different manifestations of love. I already leave a warning: it will be impossible not to identify with some situation shown in the series.

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