MIUI 13 is coming, Galaxy S8 dies, Tesla upgrades batteries for $ 3, recap

MIUI 13 will be available on June 25, 2021, the Galaxy S8 is officially obsolete, Tesla is making its batteries greener for nothing, here is the recap of the week.

This week, we told you about Tesla and its gold business which, for only $ 3, will be able to completely review the manufacturing process of its batteries. A page is also turning for Samsung, which is definitely abandoning support for the Galaxy S8. For its part, Xiaomi is also preparing for the future, preparing to deploy MIUI 13 as of June 25. Meanwhile, an inhabitant of Tarn had the misfortune of being taken in by a Sim Swap scam, while Microsoft is fixing a very annoying bug on Windows 10.

$ 3 patents to improve Tesla batteries

SpringPower is a small Canadian start-up specializing in batteries, which once saw Tesla knock on its door. Just before Battery Day, the manufacturer gave him bought several patents for a paltry total of 3 dollars. If the sum may seem insignificant, the benefits of this investment are much less. While the manufacture of cathodes contaminates up to 15,000 liters of water, SpringPower’s technology reduces the costs generated by 75%, precisely because there is no need to treat this water afterwards. The start-up teams would thus have joins the ranks of Tesla, a sign of the firm’s desire to review its production process.

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MIUI 13 arrives on June 25, 2021

Xiaomi is about to launch the beta of MIUI 13. According to several well-informed sources, the new version of the overlay will be available June 25, 2021. This date only applies to Chinese users. On our side of the globe, as usual, we will have to wait a few more months before seeing it land on our smartphones. By then, we’ve listed all the devices that will be able to receive the update. You can find them in our article below. These are just rumors at the moment, so it is best to wait for confirmation from Xiaomi to set it in stone.


Samsung leaves out the Galaxy S8

It was only a matter of time before Samsung stopped rolling out patches for the Galaxy S8. Last year, already, the manufacturer has passed from monthly to quarterly updates. Now, the smartphone, as well as the S8 +, no longer appears in the list of devices supported by the company, making them de facto officially obsolete. As such, they will therefore be much less secure and reliable than their peers, since they will no longer receive the usual patches. The Galaxy S8 Active and S8 Lite have a few more months of reprieve.

galaxy S8

Windows 10 regulates its CPU usage

In recent updates, some Windows 10 users have complained about abnormal CPU usage. This bug has the effect of seriously compromise PC performance, without the possibility of resolving the problem yourself. Fortunately, Microsoft intervened by deploying the version KB5001391 which corrects this problem. That’s not all, as a bug in the Start menu has also been fixed. Some app slots were left empty for no apparent reason. The last patch therefore puts all things in order, at least for these two inconveniences.

Windows 10

Victim of a Sim Swap scam, he has all his money stolen

“He spoke French perfectly, very calmly. He explains to me that if I was not at the origin of the termination request, I had to change my access codes “, tells this inhabitant of Tarn. When he receives a call from a local number, he does not hesitate to do whatever is necessary to secure his Orange account. Unfortunately it happened scammed by a fake advisor, who was then able to transfer the line to their own SIM card. The rest, we know it. The individual has logged in to all of the victim’s secure accounts, including his bank account which displays from suspicious samples. Neither the operator nor the bank in question has offered a real solution yet.

SIM swap scam
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Our tests of the week

This week we got to test the best Mi 11, Huawei’s latest smartband and the most anticipated horror game of the year. Successful design, decent battery life, quality AMOLED screen : The Mi 11 Ultra has it all, except for a tendency to heat up and its somewhat disproportionate size. Count € 1199. The Huawei Band 6 meanwhile has almost everything of a watch, with its activity monitoring and its complete set of sensors. It still lacks the built-in GPS and a store other than the APK Gallery. It will be yours for € 59. Finally, Resident Evil 8 did not disappoint with sa chilling atmosphere, its technical performance in the hair and its ability to be more general public. It nevertheless leans more and more towards the FPS and wants to be less destabilizing than the 7th opus.

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