Midnight Mass: Understand Who’s Who in Netflix’s Horror Series


Created by Mike Flanagan, famous for productions like The Curse of the Hill Residence e The Curse of Bly Mansion, both from Netflix, last Friday (24), the streaming giant brought to its subscribers a big news: the series Midnight Mass (Midnight Mass, not genuine).

Composed of truly terrifying episodes and breathtaking situations, the project’s narrative was able to surprise the audience on several levels, especially for the good construction of its characters. That way, check out a little more about each of them to understand who’s who in the horror series!

Midnight Mass Main Characters

Meet the characters that move the most in the history of the Netflix series!

Padre Paul Hill (Hamish Linklater)

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This central and rather enigmatic figure is mainly known for being the priest responsible for the masses on Crockett Island. In a charismatic way, he does everything to get the residents’ attention, especially to win everyone’s trust. His intentions are quite clear: he wants to lead the faithful into a new spiritual age, which has many sinister elements.

Riley Flynn (Zach Gilford)

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After several years away from the region, Riley decided to return to Crockett Island. However, there are several issues that need to be worked through within your mind, taking into account all the guilt you feel for past problems. Although he is an almost convinced atheist, upon arriving in his hometown, he realizes that there are several mysteries linked to the growing religiosity of the place.

Erin Greene (Kate Siegel)

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Like Riley, this character also suffers from several events that occurred in his past. Despite this, she has become a dedicated teacher and teaches at the island’s only school. As the narrative progresses, viewers realize that Erin has her courage and also her faith tested at every moment, especially because of the mysteries that plague the region.

Beverly Keane (Samantha Sloyan)

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Presented with unshakeable faith, Beverly is one of the first people in the region to take into account all the teachings offered by Father Paul, welcoming him with open arms and also defending him when necessary. With the influence she exerts over others in the city, she uses this benefit to her advantage whenever possible.

Xerife Hassan (Rahul Kohli)

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From the moment the first mysteries surface on Crockett Island, the local sheriff has a mission to investigate. Although all of this takes place at a time when he seeks tranquility, Hassan doesn’t hesitate to help, but he realizes that most of the city’s inhabitants live by beliefs different from those he believes.

Midnight Mass Minor Characters

Understand the relationships between the main characters and the secondary characters in the plot!

Annie Flynn (Kristin Lehman)

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In a very friendly way, Annie, Riley’s mother, is seen as an optimistic and fraternal person, being able to always reach out to those in need. Her main mission is to get her son back to church and has the support of Ed Flynn (Henry Thomas), her husband, in this, despite the troubled relationship between father and son.

Warren Flynn (Igby Rigney)

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Despite having good intentions, Warren, Riley’s younger brother, had his conduct sidetracked at various times. In this way, he acts as an altar boy in the church on Crockett Island, thinking to avoid his brother’s mistakes.

Dolly Scarborough (Crystal Balint)

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More and more, this character has her routine involved in the mysterious events of the city, especially because her family is the one who ends up being most affected by what happens. Wade’s (Michael Trucco) wife, Dolly tries to find comfort in her faith to move forward.

Mildred Gunning (Alex Essoe)

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Suffering from Alzheimer’s, Mildred is the mother of Sarah (Annabeth Gish), one of the oldest residents of Crockett Island. For all these elements, Father Paul demonstrates a fascination about his life, considering that, according to him, the character deserves “spiritual attention”.

Sarah Gunning (Annabeth Gish)

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Somehow her greatest wish was that she could leave Crockett Island in her past. But residents still need her, considering her work as a local doctor. She cares for her mother with great hope, but she is still skeptical about many issues, especially when it comes to healing for Mildred.

Ali Hassan (Rahul Abburi)

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Closing the list of important characters is Ali, the son of Sheriff Hassan, who recently arrived on Crockett Island. Because of the recent mysteries of the place, the boy is driven by his curiosity, trying to find out everything about the church of Father Paul and the miraculous evidence that occurred there.

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