Microsoft launches October 2020 update, how to download it

Windows 10 October 2020 Update (20H2) is now available. New features include a more refined design and native support for higher refresh rates. You will be shown how to download the update to your computer.

Microsoft announces that Windows 10 October Update (20H2) is available – and that the compatible machines begin to receive it. This is a major update, in testing for several weeks. Microsoft took the opportunity to launch a series of novelties.

“We continue to believe that Windows is the most powerful, productive and secure place for each of us to do the best we can at work, have fun, learn and connect. We are happy to share the latest news that is part of the Windows 10 October 2020 Update. We also want to warmly thank our Windows Insiders community who provided much needed feedback throughout the development process of this update ”Microsoft explains on its blog.

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Windows 10 October 2020 Update: what’s new

Foremost among the new features is a new version of the new Microsoft Edge (Chromium). Microsoft seems by the way to really keep its promise to deliver new features in your browser “every six weeks”. There is in particular a new side menu called Collections : it’s about easily adding objects, or articles that interest you, in a simplified list to avoid unnecessary accumulation of tabs.

Microsoft explains that this functionality is “Perfect for shopping, researching at school, and even planning your next spring camping getaway”. Collections is synced whether you’re using Edge on your PC or mobile, making it easy to find your list. On top of that, and because of the novelty’s shopping orientation, Microsoft is adding a price comparison feature, dubbed Price Comparison.

windows 10 alt tab edge

But that’s not all, because Microsoft has decided todeepen browser integration with Windows 10. For example, the Alt + Tab command, which allows you to quickly switch between applications, now includes Edge tabs, as if they were apps. This should help boost your productivity.

Windows 10 October design

Microsoft also has refined Windows 10 design. In particular that of the themes of the Start menu and the taskbar. Tiles now adapt much better to the different accent colors that you can change in the Settings> Personalization> Color. Microsoft says accent colors have a more noticeable effect when dark mode is on.

By the way, Microsoft has also improved the control panel. With a novelty that should appeal to gamers. Windows 10 now supports the highest refresh rates. To choose the refresh rate of your screen, go to the Settings> System> Display> Advanced display option.

In addition, user experience on hybrid PCs and other 2-in-1 tablets improves. On these devices, tablet mode is activated without the annoying notification that offers to switch to tablet mode when the keyboard is detached. Notifications have a more visible app logo so you can see where they’re coming from at a glance. A cross makes it easy to delete them.

The taskbar has been refined, and is equipped with more customization options. Microsoft nevertheless specifies that to take advantage of this new functionality, you must create a new account. In addition, Microsoft also mentions functionalities aimed more at businesses and the education sector. The management of machine parks is simplified, for example. There is also something new in the security of Windows Hello with the arrival of security based on virtualization which allows you to better protect your biometric data.

There is also Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) which now also protects Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Edge via a new hardware isolation process. Questionable files are now opened in a virtualized container. You can check out the full list of what’s new in the official Microsoft video:

How to download Windows 10 October 2020 Update

The October Update will be available for most Windows 10 users through Windows Update. Microsoft says it has learned a lot from its latest deployments – which were often riddled with bugs. “We limit the availability [de la mise à jour] in the coming weeks to ensure a reliable download experience, so the update may not be offered immediately ”Microsoft explains.

Initially, it is also the users “Some machines running Windows 10, version 1903 or later” which will have priority. Microsoft adds that those under the May 2020 release will have a faster update experience because the update will install as a monthly update. To check the availability of the update, simply go to Windows Update and run a search.

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