Microsoft gamers would be more hateful than at Sony

A study carried out in the United Kingdom claims that players express different aggressiveness depending on the medium they are playing on. The most aggressive are those who play on Xbox. Next come PlayStation players, PC players, smartphone players and finally Nintendo players. The game that makes the most aggressive would be Battlefield, followed by Call of Duty and FIFA.

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Does video games make you aggressive? ? Here is a question that has haunted many scientists since the Columbine high school massacre in 1999. More than twenty years after the fact, the scientific community is still divided on the question. But the subject still fascinates. All the more so since three recent killings in the United States (Virginia Tech in 2007, New Town in 2012, El Paso in 2019) were an opportunity for American politicians, Donald Trump included, to add fuel to the fire.

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So no scientific study has a ready-made answer. But some still shed some psychological light. The most recent comes from the United Kingdom. The Top 10 Casinos site published a study called “Angry Gamer”, or “angry gamer in good French. This study was carried out with 964 players to whom a questionnaire was submitted. It’s about ” Buss Perry Aggression Questionnaire Or Buss Perry Aggression Questionnaire (named after Arnold Buss and Mark Perry, the two professors at the University of Austin in Texas who created the questionnaire).

Xbox and PlayStation gamers are more aggressive

Thanks to 29 questions in which the respondent assesses whether each statement corresponds more or less to him, this test makes it possible to measure the degree of aggression of a person on four criteria: physical and verbal aggression, hostility towards others and anger. Questions include, for example, “I don’t trust a stranger to be too friendly” or “I openly tell my friends when I don’t agree with them”. The study crosses the results of this questionnaire with the practice of video games: medium used (console, PC or smartphone), favorite games and number of hours per week.

Here are a few numbers that we find interesting (but you can find the whole study in the source link). First, Xbox gamers are the most aggressive, physically or verbally. They also express more anger and hostility. Next come PlayStation gamers, PC gamers, smartphone gamers, and Nintendo gamers. One nuance, however: Nintendo players are positioned last on all points of comparison, except physical aggressiveness where they are third, ahead of PC players.

Battlefield, Call of Duty and FIFA make you angrier

The three games that cause the most aggression are Battlefield, Call of Duty Modern Warfare and FIFA. The fourth game is amazing: Animal Crossing. Be careful, Grandma Audie, not to get too excited about New Horizon! Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, Fortnite, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon, Mario Kart, The Sims, Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga follow. This is the general classification. But some games are ranked higher by item. Two examples: Minecraft is 1er in hostility and Pokemon is number 3 in verbal aggression.

Obviously, you find more aggression in men than in women, especially in physical aggressiveness where the difference is most pronounced between the two sexes. Finally, last figure to note: very casual players (less than 5 hours of play per week) are less aggressive than regular players (15 hours per week on average), but very regular players (more than 20 hours per week) are also less so. This is particularly the case with anger and physical aggression: they continue to drop after 20 hours and after 30 hours of practice per week.

500 controllers destroyed in one year

This study even goes a step further, since an additional question has been inserted: have you broken video game equipment (a controller, keyboard, screen, etc.) in the past 12 months? It is perhaps the one that links aggressiveness and the practice of video games. And the cost that it can have: nearly 500 gamepads were damaged or destroyed by players surveyed in one year.

A very important element is missing in this study: the average level of aggression of a representative sample of the population (with players and non-players). How do you know if players are generally more aggressive than other people? Answering this question was obviously not the purpose of this study.

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