Microsoft expands ambitions in BR with xCloud: “Transport all your gambling”

That dream of transporting your gambling wherever you go, once unreachable or inconceivable, is a tangible reality with Project xCloud – in fact, it is (almost) concrete. Microsoft’s ambitious service officially arrives in Brazil on the 18th, with registration now open, as published here on Voxel.

To get more information and understand what mechanisms will be adopted in our territory, Voxel had the opportunity to speak with Catherine Gluckstein, general manager and product head of Cloud Gaming, and Kareem Choudhry, corporate vice president of Gaming Cloud.

Yes, it works all over Brazil!

A basic question that populates our perception is whether the service would operate throughout the country or only in specific regions. As we know, Microsoft uses datacenters to manage all cloud / server data movement. In fact, a new Azure region was recently opened in Rio de Janeiro.

Source: Disclosure / Microsoft

“The idea is for Project xCloud to work throughout Brazil. We will work from the feedback, listen to the experience of the players, take a humble approach, step by step, without rushing things. We want people to test and tell us about the experience, ”explained Catherine.

“All your saves, all your progress, everything goes with you. We save and take care of everything”

“Our study in Brazil has always existed, we have infrastructure with the Azure facilities here and we are keeping an eye on everything that is happening. We were waiting for the right time to bring [o xCloud] as safely as possible, ”added Kareem.

The experience “leaving home and taking gambling with you”

Asked what is the user’s exact trajectory in the process of starting a game on the console and continuing it on the phone, Catherine was emphatic: “We adapted the settings, the controls, we tried to create an environment from which you can play the way you want is thinking about several scenarios: using a bluetooth control, using the cell phone’s own screen … all your saves, all your progress, everything goes with you. We save and take care of everything, rest assured, ”he replied.

-Source: Disclosure / Microsoft

Cell phone does NOT have to be stout!

Sewing on top of what her colleague said, Kareem reiterated that Microsoft worked night and day to adapt xCloud to all possible mobile devices, in order to democratize access to technology.

“Yes, we think about it. The idea is that everyone can get access, not just those who have a high-end cell phone. We optimized the service so that it works minimally in a pleasant way ”, he stressed.

What about data usage?

As the project represents a new endeavor, internet data may vary, but Kareem drew an interesting comparison on this issue: “If you can watch Netflix, YouTube and listen to music, you can play [no xCloud]. We are paying attention to details. We want you to use what you have at your disposal, ”he said.

-Source: Disclosure / Microsoft

In addition to this, Catherine considered that, “if we take movies and music with us to other places, why not games? Do not rely on an HDMI and do it anywhere? We have the CCC pillars here: content, community and cloud, all powered by Azure. Transport all your gambling ”, he pointed out.

Titles available during this initial phase

More than 30 games will be available for testing on xCloud during the service preview phase in Brazil. Are they:

• ARK: Survival Evolved

• Batman: Arkham Knight

• Black Desert

• Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon


• Cricket 19

• Dead by Daylight: Special Edition

• Destiny 2

• Devil May Cry 5

• PES 2020 eFootball

• F1® 2019

• Forza Horizon 4

• Gears 5

• Halo Wars 2: Standard Edition

• Halo: The Master Chief Collection

• Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice


• Just Cause 4

• Minecraft Dungeons – Windows 10

• Ori and the Will of the Wisps


• Resident Evil 7

• Sea of ​​Thieves

• Shadow of the Tomb Raider

• Civilization VI

• Skyforge

• Smite

• Stellaris: Console edition

• Tekken 7

• WWE 2K20

• Yakuza 0

-Source: Disclosure / Microsoft

How to apply

To have the chance to participate in the Project xCloud Preview, to start on the 18th, just sign up on the dedicated Microsoft page. Anyone is eligible for this – even those new to the Xbox world.

The service is supported by Android phones and tablets through the Xbox Game Streaming (Preview) application, available for free on the Google Play Store and entirely in Portuguese.

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