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Microsoft fired this Friday (16) the presenter Isadora Basile, responsible for the XboxBR channel on YouTube. In a statement, Basile said that, due to the attacks suffered on the internet, the company decided to resign her from office so as not to expose her to threats. The announcement generated reactions against the company on social media. Sought by Tecnoblog, Microsoft said the decision was the result of a “change in strategy”.

XboxBR presenter fired after threats (Image: Playback / Isadora Basile)

The news of the resignation was released by the presenter on Twitter. “At the beginning of September, when I announced my new job, I suffered attacks of all kinds, from people saying that I didn’t play X or Y games and that was why I wasn’t ‘worthy’ of my position, to threats of rape, death and trials for expose more tense situations ”, says Basile.

“Due to all these attacks, Microsoft found it a better option to shut me down as a presenter so that I am no longer exposed to situations like these. I respect the brand decision ”, comments the presenter in the tweet.

The message, which had more than 13,000 retweets until Friday night (16), generated reactions against Microsoft. “Too bad the solution the company took, I wish they would have supported you directly during the most difficult times,” said presenter Kika Martini. “Anyway, a company that fires a person who is being targeted for toxic behavior is not a good company,” commented actor Raony Phillips.

Microsoft says it made “change of strategy”

Sought by Tecnoblog, Microsoft said it had changed its “original content strategy,” reducing the number of channels and concentrating official information on the Xbox Wire news portal.

“We recently made some changes to our original Xbox content strategy in Brazil, resulting in fewer channels and more impactful content. We thank Isadora Basile and the talented agency team for their creativity and contribution. The Xbox Wire portal becomes our only source of news. The XboxBR channel will continue to experiment with new ways to entertain Brazilian gamers, ”says the company’s statement.

THE Tecnoblog asked Microsoft about the contract with GMD, the agency responsible for creating and producing Xbox audiovisual content in Brazil. The company said it would not comment on the matter.

Netizens remember Xbox One Thousand Grau case

It is not the first time that the Brazilian Xbox division has been accused of feeding the toxic community. In June of this year, a similar case involved the group of influencers Xbox Mil Grau, which posted messages classified as racist on social networks. Users denounced the messages on Twitter, marking those responsible for Microsoft’s gaming division in Brazil and worldwide.

At the time, the Xbox brand said that it had no connection with the Mil Grau group. “The content of the Mil Grau account does not reflect our fundamental values ​​of respect, diversity and inclusion. We already demand the immediate removal of our brand from its channels, through social media companies ”, said the company at the time. The channel ended up suspended from platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

At the same time, even international journalists specializing in games spoke up, like Jason Schreier, Bloomberg, who also commented again on Isadora’s case. Schreier recalled that the problem involving the former presenter occurred months after the case of the Xbox Mil Grau.

Collaborated: Felipe Vinha.

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