Metal Slug: from the worst to the best, according to critics

Running and shooting everything that appears is a very badass attitude that most cinema brucutus did in the 90s. Games have always liked this atmosphere and did their best to pass this experience on to the players. If there was a franchise that managed to pass exactly that feeling, this is what we are going to talk about today.

Even though SNK sank in the early 2000s, the memories created by its franchises are forever. You asked, voted and here’s the Worst to Best in the franchise Metal Slug. Here are our criteria, pay close attention:

  • The notes presented are based on the Metacritic and GameRankings note aggregators. If the title was released for more than one platform initially, we will take the notes for each version and do an arithmetic average.
  • We did not find notes for Metal Slug 6. As a result, we will talk about the game, but it was left unrated.
  • We didn’t find individual notes for Metal Slug 4 and 5, so we used the collection note with both titles, and Metal Slug 2, then we used Metal Slug X, which is a revision of the title.
  • We only considered the main games in the series, so spin offs didn’t make it.

X) Metal Slug 6 (2006) – NO NOTE (Arcade, PS2)

Metal Slug 6 was released in 2006 and is a month after the events of the third game, with the presence of General Donald Morden, antagonist of most games in the series, haunting the planet again. With that, Marco Rossi, Tarma Roving, Eri Kasamoto and Fio Germi get together again to end the villain’s plans.

There are two game modes: Easy, which decreases the game’s difficulty and changes the main weapon to the Heavy Machine Gun, and Difficult, which is how the game was programmed to be played, if I may say so. An interesting thing about the easy mode is that the game ends before the main mission, that is, you can only close the game even in the difficult mode. In addition, it introduces a mechanic called the “Weapon Stock System”, which allows the player to load two weapons of power-ups at the same time.

As mentioned, we did not find any analysis of the game, only from Metal Slug Anthology, which is part of all the games in the series before it. As a result, he was unclassified on our list.

5) Metal Slug 7 (2008) – 66 (Nintendo DS, PSP, Xbox 360)

Fifth, we have Metal Slug 7, launched in 2008 for the Nintendo DS. Set two years after the fourth game in the series, the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force warriors from SPARROWS and the Ikari Warriors come together once again to stop General Morden’s plans.

The title has seven levels and 3 difficulties, which are Beginner, Normal and Difficult. On the Nintendo handheld console, the touch screen serves as a map of the levels, which helps the player to know where the prisoners and powers are.

A year after its launch, it hit the market Metal Slug XX, which is a revised version of the title for PSP and, after another year, it landed on Xbox Live Arcade.

For the critics, the title is great for those who are fans of the franchise, but their campaign is very short, it has little replay factor and does not bring anything new to the series, getting 66 of note.

4) Metal Slug 4 (2002) – 70 (Arcade, Neo Geo AES, PS2, Xbox)

Who came in fourth was the fourth game in the franchise, Metal Slug 4, launched in 2002. Now, the world is in danger from a cyber virus that threatens to attack and destroy the nation’s military computer system after the events of the sixth game.

Much of the gameplay and visuals are the same as other titles in the franchise, including reusing some backgrounds, but it introduces a system of bonus points that reward the player according to how many enemies are killed in a specific time. Oh, and the characters Tarma and Eri were replaced by Trevor and Nadia.

As mentioned in our criteria, we only found notes for the collection that brings together the fourth and fifth games of the franchise. Thereby, Metal Slug 4 stayed with 70 of note.

4) Metal Slug 5 (2003) – 70 (Arcade, Neo Geo AES, PC, PS2, Xbox)

And also in fourth place we have Metal Slug 5, launched in 2003. One year after the events of Metal Slug 7, the protagonists must recover the special disc stolen by the group Ptolemaic Army that contains the secrets of the Metal Slug project.

It brings some minor changes to the gameplay, such as a slide-dash hitting the jump button while lowered and the ammo of the Two Machine Guns being increased by 100 bullets, but the rest is very similar to the games already presented.

As mentioned in our criteria and in the previous game, we only found notes for the collection that brings together the fourth and fifth games of the franchise. Thereby, Metal Slug 5 also got 70 of note.

3) Metal Slug 3 (2000) – 76.3 (Arcade, Neo Geo AES, PS2, Xbox)

Third was Metal Slug 3, launched in 2000. We accompany Marco Rossi, Tarma Roving, Eri Kasamoto and Fiolina Germi who come together to prevent another attack by the evil General Morden after years of their last meeting.

In some moments of the gameplay, there are paths that the player can choose. In the end, they will always lead to the same boss, but each will have their own challenges and obstacles. It still brings small improvements and some new vehicles, but nothing very significant.

The game was praised for the fun factor and for all the fundamentals of the game, but criticized for its extremely high difficulty, its short duration and its high price. Your grade is 76.3.

2) Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 (1996) – 84.5 (Neo Geo MVS)

The first game in the franchise, Metal Slug, hit the markets in 1996 for arcade. It takes place in 2028 and accompanies Marco Rossi and Tarma Roving on a mission to stop plans to create a New World Order of the Rebel Army, led by Donald Morden.

The gameplay consists of walking from the left side of the screen to the right and killing all opponents on the way. The player must still save some prisoners, who will give rewards, and can use some tanks that will facilitate the adventure.

The game was praised for its fun and smooth animations, the fun factor and its sound design. He ended up being criticized for the high difficulty, for some technical problems and for its short duration. Still, the positives stood out and he scored 84.5.

1) Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001 / II (1998) – 85 (Arcade, Neo Geo, Neo Geo CD, PlayStation)

And first and foremost we have the second game in the franchise, Metal Slug 2, released in 1998. Two years after defeating Morden, some small factions that sympathized with the villain started to emerge and came together. With that, Marco and Tarma receive assistance from operators Eri Kasamoto and Fiolina Germi to resolve the situation.

In addition to doubling the number of characters available, it also brings unique abilities to each of them that help a lot during battles. In addition, new powerful weapons and armor have been introduced, but their gameplay and visuals are the same as the game that hit the market two years earlier.

In 1999, SNK launched Metal Slug X, which is an improved version of Metal Slug 2, this because of several performance problems that the title presented. But the developer used this to expand the game even more, with new powers, different locations, remix music and even a new narrator.

The title was highly praised for expanding everything that was presented in the previous title, with a beautiful presentation, great characters, good humor and a beautiful fun factor. He was heavily criticized for his crashes and FPS drops, but he ended up doing well with criticism and took our first place with 85 of note. As we only find the X ratings, they are the ones that will count.

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