Meet the Opera GX browser

Launched in 2019, Opera GX is a browser aimed at enthusiastic audiences, being defined by its developer as a gamer browser. The browser of the well-known Opera natively brings several features that in other browsers need to be added through add-ons and extensions, thus promising to offer a complete experience for its users.

Opera is another browser based on Chromium, which is also the “API” behind browsers like Google Chrome and the new Microsoft Edge. This guarantees the browser great compatibility with several features and functionality of its competitors, thus favoring the migration of users.

Feature allows to limit browser bandwidth.Feature allows to limit browser bandwidth.Source: Disclosure / Opera

Opera GX features

One of the main features of Opera GX is to offer greater control over the resources that the browser uses from the user’s hardware. Opera’s browser allows you to monitor in real time the CPU and RAM consumption of each open tab, also allowing you to set limits on your PC’s memory usage.

Still on the features that give the user more control, the Opera GX browser makes it possible to set an upload or download limit, thus controlling the bandwidth that the browser can use. Which in turn, makes your system dedicate its connection to other applications such as games, which demand a shorter response time.

For those who like to play games, follow their Twitch streamers, Opera GX offers integration with Amazon’s streaming platform, allowing you to navigate directly from the browser sidebar through your favorite channels. The feature is still able to notify the user every time one of the streamers in a row initiates a broadcast.

In addition to integration with Twitch, Opera GX offers features from the social networks Twitter and Instagram, with native support for messengers such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and others.

Games and more games

Through GX Corner, Opera GX users can get free offers and games, as well as receive news about launches and the main news in the gaming world.

To create an even more gamer atmosphere for its users, Opera GX also features the GX Sound functionality, which provides sound effects developed by professionals who work on award-winning titles in the industry.


As you would expect from a Chromium-based browser, Opera GX also offers several customization features, allowing browser users to choose from a wide variety of themes and allowing specific colors to be defined to illustrate the browser’s look.

The personalization features also allow you to set a background for your tabs, as well as use the dark mode for those who prefer a more discreet layout for the browser or even for those who feel more comfortable in less light.

Safety and convenience

For those looking for safer browsing, Opera GX offers integrated VPN. The VPN feature allows you to browse the internet virtually anonymously, thus preventing tracking services from knowing your machine’s IP.

For those who use ad blockers, Opera GX also brings the feature that blocks Ads natively, which can make your browsing cleaner, leaving your screen free of the visual pollution provided by some sites. And if you currently use Google Chrome, it’s interesting to know that yes, Opera GX is compatible with Google’s browser extensions.

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