Meet the Live Map! The web version of Waze

In addition to using Waze on your phone and tablet, you can also trace routes and check traffic information to escape traffic jams using the web version of the app, a good alternative for those who want to save time when planning before leaving.

Available free of charge for access in any browser, Waze Live Map, as it is called, brings many of the functions found in the application for mobile devices, appearing as an alternative to Google Maps, with the advantage of being more focused on traffic information.

Waze for desktop also has a very interesting feature, which allows you to synchronize the routes created on your computer or notebook with your mobile phone. That way, you can plan the fastest route to a given destination while at home or at work, and when you leave, just open the pre-programmed route on your smartphone and follow the GPS directions.

Plan your routes on the notebook before leaving home.Plan your routes on the notebook before leaving home.Source: Rawpixel

Still don’t know how to use the web version of Waze? We have prepared a tutorial that you can check out now.

1. Accessing Waze Live Map

Waze Live Map.Waze Live Map.Source: Waze / Reproduction

To use the tool in search of the best routes, whether to go to another point in the same city or to look for an alternative way to travel, the first step is to access the Live Map website.

2. Starting point

Indicating the place of departure.Indicating the place of departure.Source: Waze / Reproduction

If you already have the habit of using Waze on your cell phone, you will not be surprised when you open the page, since the design is similar to that of the mobile version. Start by informing the place of departure, typing the address in the field “Choose the starting point”.

To make it easier, enter the complete information (street name, number, neighborhood, city), remembering that you can also click on “Current location”, if it is the place of departure.

3. Point of arrival

Inform the destination.Inform the destination.Source: Waze / Reproduction

Now, it’s time to inform the location you want to go to. In the field “Choose destination”, enter the complete address, repeating the previous step, for greater precision of the tool. Note that when typing, suggestions for destinations appear and if you want to choose one of them, just click on the desired option.

4. Suggested routes

Choosing the best route.Choosing the best route.Source: Waze / Reproduction

Right after entering the information, Live Map will present the route suggestions immediately, showing the time spent, the time you will arrive at the destination, the main street of the route and the distance traveled.

By clicking on each of the routes, you can view the detailed route on the map, zooming in or out, as well as checking out all the details of what lies ahead, such as holes in the road, bottled traffic, on-site blitz and more information.

If you want to reverse the path, just click on the arrows icon next to the departure and destination fields, a useful function to plan the return route.

5. Alternative schedules

It is possible to plan routes for several other times.It is possible to plan routes for several other times.Source: Waze / Reproduction

When you search for routes, the results displayed are for the time when the search is performed. But there is a very simple way to check the traffic conditions for that route at other times.

To do so, click on the option “Leave now”, which is below the departure and destination fields, select the alternative “Arrive at”, set the desired date and time. The details made available are based on the flow of cars reported by users in previous days, at those same times.

6. Share route

Use the function to share the created route with friends.Use the function to share the created route with friends.Source: Waze / Reproduction

Did you like the route created by Waze for the web and want to share it with someone who will also travel the same way? In this case, click on the share icon, in the left corner of the screen, and then on “Copy link”.

The next step is to send the link to whoever you want, either by email, on social networks or messaging apps that can be used on the computer.

7. Synchronize routes with the app

Save the routes created on the PC to your phone.Save the routes created on the PC to your phone.Source: Waze / Reproduction

Recently made available in this modality of the navigation system, the function to synchronize routes between Waze for web and the mobile app is available right after you create a trip.

Just click on “Save to the app” to receive a notification on your smartphone advising you of the best time to leave, based on the real-time traffic conditions reported in the tool.

It is worth mentioning that it is necessary to be logged into the desktop version with the same account as the app to use this feature – click on “Sign in” in the top right corner of the map, and login.

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