meet on 27/11/2020 for good deals

Black Friday has become the meeting day between consumers eager for promotions and merchants wanting to sell their stocks. All the brands took this opportunity to stand out, attract customers and increase their sales. Boulanger is not left out by offering a multitude of good deals.

However, finding good deals and stocking up on inexpensive products is not easy, especially given the number of Black Friday followers. Through these lines, we will reveal everything you need to know about this exceptional day: the dates not to be missed, the secrets to finding good deals before others and the products not to be missed under any circumstances at Boulanger.

Baker, a pioneer in the sale of electronic devices

Boulanger refers to a French company whose business activities are focused on the sales of computer hardware, electronic entertainment devices and household equipment.

For the record, the company entered the market in 1954 in Lille thanks to the initiative of the brothers Gustave and Bernard Boulanger. The takeover of the Mulliez Group marked in 1986 and helped propel the brand’s activities nationwide.

In 2006, the brand launched into IT support and set up a subsidiary dedicated to home IT services called B-dom. At the same time, the company is starting to establish its presence on the Internet and create its sales site. 10 years later, it has more than 125 points of sale scattered across France and now belongs to the Mulliez Family Association.

In 2018, the group is celebrating its 64 candles and is now building 134 stores. It employs 8,000 people and has a turnover of 2 billion euros. For the occasion, the brand changes its logo. Today, Boulanger has become one of the benchmarks for high-tech products and household appliances.

The emergence of Black Friday

Boulanger is a strong supporter of Black Friday. Literally Black Friday, this event has become the day of broken prices. A little reminder is in order regarding these famous 24 hours. Black Friday refers to an event originating in the United States organized every 4th Friday in November, the day after Thanksgiving.

Discounts galore, promotions of all colors and exceptional offers make up this date. The practice is profitable for both consumers and traders. If customers save money while buying high-quality products, sellers boost their profits by racking up sales in record time.

Black Friday originated in the 1960s in the United States and it was not until 2014 that Black Friday fever spread across France. The principle remains the same, with a few details. French Black Friday takes place mainly on the internet rather than in physical stores and the discounts are much smaller. The edition of the Black Friday 2020 tips is officially held from Friday 27 to Sunday 29 November inclusive and then gives way to the tips of Cyber ​​Monday, on November 30 only.

Black Friday at Boulanger

The brands compete in ingenuity to come up with enticing and authentic formulas. There is no law governing the pricing formalities, so distributors are free to apply any discounts they wish.

Boulanger launched its first Black Friday in 2011 and although this year’s event is being held on Friday, November 27, the brand should take a slight lead by initiating promotions a few days before Black Friday (period called Black Friday Week), as with many other brands (example at the number 1 in e-commerce, see our article on Black Friday Amazon on this subject).

Take full advantage of Boulanger’s Black Friday deals

There are several solutions to take advantage of the good deals of Black Friday Boulanger. For example, you can subscribe to the brand’s newsletter to receive its offers on D-Day or go back and forth on the website (something quite time-consuming and redundant). To help you in your search for end of year gifts while doing good business, we suggest that you bookmark this article. On this one, just below we go listed only the best deals of Black Friday Boulanger 2020, that is to say those that we consider interesting (usefulness of the products, good value for money, etc.).

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