Meet Mobile Legends, the free moba for Android and iOS

Since the emergence of DoTA in 2003, the MOBA universe is constantly growing, with several developers releasing their own games of the genre, such as Arena of Valor, Smiteand of course, the famous League of Legends.

And among all the titles available, we have Mobile Legends: Bang Bangcreated by Chinese developer Moonton Games, available for free for Android and iOS and with a format very similar to LoL. So, if you’re looking for a new game of this style to enjoy with friends, check out this article and find out if it’s a good option for you!

Many heroes to choose from

Mobile Legends It has 114 characters – called heroes – divided into six classes: Shooter, Assassin, Wizard, Soldier, Support e Tank. It’s certainly an interesting variety, allowing players to discover which ones best suit their gameplay style.

However, it is worth remembering that, at the beginning, few avatars will be available, but gradually it is possible to collect in-game currency to unlock others, and increase your range of options.

Plus, different heroes are available for free every week, a great way to find the ones you like best without having to spend your precious coins right away.

Mobile Legends game modes

MOBA has some permanent modes such as: Rank, Classic, brawl, versus I.A. e Personalizedin addition to Arcadewhich includes strategy-based games available at certain times and Magic Chess, available on an ongoing basis.


Source: Moonton

This mode is only unlocked when the player reaches level 8 and has more than five heroes available on their account.

In it, two teams of five people face each other, having to protect their towers from attacks while trying to destroy enemy buildings, advancing through the three available routes, in addition to the jungle of course, in matches that last up to 10 to 20 minutes.

Users are separated into the following rankings, which are called links: Warrior, Elite, Teacher, Grand Master, Epic, Legend e Mythical. Each link also has its internal division, and to improve the ranking, it is necessary to accumulate stars through victories.

Another interesting fact is that Mythic might not be the last tier for some people, as the top 50 players on each server end up getting a top title called Mythic Glory.


Source: Moonton

It has the same gameplay as the previous mode, but wins or losses in the Classic do not affect the ranking. In addition, it allows individuals from different links to participate in the same team.


Source: Moonton

Each player is given two random heroes to choose from, after which they must face the other team in a single lane, with only two turrets in each base. Unlike Rank and Classic, in Rixa, everyone starts at level three, and it’s only possible to return to base after your character is defeated.

VS. I.A.

Source: Moonton

As the name already makes clear, instead of facing other users, your opponents will be controlled by the computer, in Classic, Brawl or Selection style matches, with the latter only being available above the Epic link. In it, there is the option to call other players to your team, or let Artificial Intelligence take care of that too.

It is a great choice to test a hero that has just been unlocked and is still not very familiar with it, as it is possible to choose the level of difficulty of the opponents, which are divided between simple and normal, the first being very easy and good to learn more about the game. character and the second most complex, offering a challenge very similar to a real battle.


Source: Moonton

Having a format similar to vs. AI, this mode offers more freedom both to manage the number of players and to choose whether they will be real users, or characters controlled by the system.

Its objective is to allow a complete test of Mobile Legends, giving you the chance to try out all the heroes and their abilities available in the game, as well as items and builds. In other words, it’s a good way to get to know the characters that caught your eye before purchasing them in the store, or learn how to make them perfect for your style of play.


Source: Moonton

As mentioned above, Arcade mode features several strategic sub-games that are available during special events or holidays, in addition to Magic Chess, which puts eight players in a fierce battle on a chess board.

In the world of eSports

Being extremely popular in Southeast Asia, MOBA won its first championship there in 2017, called Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup, an event that has taken place annually since then and includes teams from various countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand. , Vietnam, among others.

Source: Moonton

In addition, in 2021, the game hosted a competitive event in Brazil, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Brazil (MPL BR), being the official inaugural tournament outside Asian lands, awarding the winning team with a value of almost R$ 150 thousand.

And late last year, Moonton, together with One Esports, announced their first women’s tournament, titled MLBB Women’s Invitational (MWI) and with a prize pool of $15,000.

So, were you curious to test the title? already play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? Let us know what you think of the game in the comments section!

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