Matters That Must Be Answered at a Session to Uncover the Jiwasraya Case

Jakarta, IDN Times – The Jiwasraya case will enter the hearing stage on Wednesday (1/7) tomorrow. The Public Prosecutor could have presented witnesses against the defendants Benny Tjokro namely Hexana Tri Sasongko, Setya Widodo, Agustin Widhiastuti, and Denny Sjahbani.

Legal practitioner, Ricky Vinando, assesses that there are several questions that must be answered by witnesses so that this case is bright. Anything?

1. Questions that Agustin Widhiastuti must answer

Matters That Must Be Answered at a Session to Uncover the Jiwasraya Case(Jiwasraya Life Insurance Building, Cikini, Jakarta) IDN Times / Irfan Fathurohman

First is the witness of the Head of the 2014-2017 Jiwasraya Finance and Investment Division, Agustin Widhiastuti. According to Ricky, Agustin deserves to be asked about the origin of the money that Jiwasraya has been using to pay the JS Saving Plan maturing interest that is due every year.

Ricky said if it was asked, it would be the entrance to find out or reveal the origin of the funds that Jiwasraya had been paying to customers whose claims were due.

“Because Hexana will certainly be presented sooner or later by prosecutors, previously often saying that new money was paid to old customers who were due, that’s what Agustin should ask. “The point is that in Jiwasraya there are dug holes in the Ponzi scheme or the Pyramid scheme and that is prohibited by the Trade Law,” he said.

“If for example there is an incompatibility of his statements, then just ask for a confrontation between Hexana Tri Sasongko and Agustin Widhiastuti,” he added.

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2. Is it true that Jiwasraya is digging a manhole cover?

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Matters That Must Be Answered at a Session to Uncover the Jiwasraya CasePT Asuransi Jiwasraya (Persero) President Director Hexana Tri Sasongko (IDN Times / Helmi Shemi)

Next is the question for President Director of Jiwasraya Hexana Tri Sasongko. Is it true that Jiwasraya has been practicing digging holes or alias applying Ponzi schemes or Pyramid schemes in paying any claims due due to high risk products, the JS Saving Plan?

“Because Hexana has often been in the media saying so and he must be consistent and accountable for his statements so far and Denny Sjahbani also said that new ones have come in to pay the old customer’s claims as in his BAP,” he said.

3. How is the management of customer insurance funds?

Matters That Must Be Answered at a Session to Uncover the Jiwasraya CaseJiwasraya Life Insurance Building, Cikini, Jakarta. (IDN Times / Irfan Fathurohman)

Ricky also demanded that witness Denny answer the question, was it true that he had told investigators when examined that there was an abuse of authority allegedly committed by Agustin Widhiastuti namely not compiling risk mitigation measures that impacted the company’s performance and reputation related to investment management. And also do not pay attention to the principle of prudence in the management of corporate investments in shares and mutual funds.

“It is important to ask to open up Jiwasraya’s reckless actions in managing the insurance funds of customers in Jiwasraya, principally Hexana and Denny Sjahbani must be scrutinized, because to be able to alleviate Benny Tjokro, yes we have to open the blackscreen of the origin of money to pay customers so far. now it has failed to pay, why is it that, say the two witnesses, they know everything, “he said.

Finally, witness Andri Yauhari Njauw, who according to him also had to be asked. Is it true that investigators have given information that they have offered mutual funds containing bluechip shares, but Agustin as a representative of Jiwasraya said that Jiwasraya was not yet interested. With that and what Jiwasraya needs is small-mid cap stocks that are high risk but have the potential to get large returns.

“That question must be asked to prove all of Jiwasraya’s mistakes as well because Agustin has an important role to make Jiwasraya lose, and also to prove Jiwasraya’s caution in managing customer funds, I am still consistent with Jiwasraya’s case of embezzlement and fraud with the ponzi mode,” he said.

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