Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: where are the famous twins?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the famous Hollywood twins, have been in the spotlight for many years. However, actresses have disappeared from the mainstream a few years ago, making many people question the direction the artists’ lives have taken.

That way, we went after the full story so you know everything firsthand. So, find out now #PorOndeAnda as the Olsen sisters.

Three is Too Much: The Beginning of Success

Three is too much (Full House, in the original) provided the Olsen sisters’ first acting role. They played Michelle Tanner in the production, taking turns during filming. The show, which ran between 1987 and 1995, was a huge success around the world, inserting little girls into the competitive media market.

When the famous sitcom came to an end, Mary-Kate and Ashley were involved in a series of productions. Between 1987 and 2004, the twins made a total of 36 films, the last of them being In the New York Pike, which debuted in 2004.

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The film marked the last work of the Olsen in cinemas, who decided to take a break from their careers to enter university. The two sisters spent their childhood and part of their adolescence in front of the cameras and at that time they only wanted to enjoy their youth away from the paparazzi.

However, even after a few years away from the filming studios, the actresses continued to look to the past as something dark and dark. In addition to their parents separating due to their careers, they felt that fame had taken away many important moments from their lives.

In 2010, during a conversation with the magazine Marie Claire, Mary-Kate said she doesn’t feel comfortable when looking at photos from that period. “I see old pictures of myself and I don’t feel connected to them in any way. I would never wish my education on anyone,” said the actress.

Thus, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen decided to end their work in film and television, focusing on the fashion world.

The Row: The Olsen Twins’ Brand

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Even though all these years of work made the Olsen sisters accumulate a great fortune, in 2007, they decided to use all their influence to add to the fashion world.

The two created The Row and Elizabeth and James brands. The first focuses on haute couture, while the second is a low-cost line that is sold at Walmart chains.

Since then, the twins have been seen at various fashion shows around the world, showcasing their modern and up-to-date designs. All this work has been rewarded with great success by the two brands, which have helped raise both their equity to $500 million.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: the lives of actresses today

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Today, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen continue to keep their personal lives out of the fans or the spotlight. In addition to rarely giving interviews, both do not have accounts on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Its fashion business continues at full steam, introducing new collections every new season.

In love life, major US tabloids indicated that Ashley was in a relationship with artist Louis Eisner in 2017. Apparently, they are still together, as no new information has been released.

Mary-Kate was married in 2015 to businessman Olivier Sarkozy in a ceremony held for family and friends in New York. However, the marriage came to an end last year, after Oliver took his ex-wife and children to live in the same apartment where he lived with the former actress.

According to American newspapers, this phase was troubled for Mary-Kate, who even claimed that her husband was trying to evict her from her own apartment.

Currently, Sister Olsen is single again, and continues to live her luxurious life in one of the biggest cities in the USA.

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